How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use. These days, laptops and ultrabooks use less power than desktops, which is because laptops are specifically designed to run on batteries and be more energy-efficient. Much of the power consumption of a laptop depends on the size of the screen.

In laptops, you will typically find at least 16-20 watts of power consumption. Charging the laptop will automatically increase the power consumption from 20% to 25%. There are many factors that we are considering when deciding to buy a laptop, such as portability, screen size, storage space, ease of upgrade, and network power consumption.

Most people use desktop, laptop, or ultrabook computers without knowing how much power they consume. If you are looking for the best laptop or desktop with a high-end configuration, you don’t need to think about power consumption when buying a laptop or desktop as it is low-configuration for all kinds of high-end machines. A computer is required. spectrum. Consume more energy.

For example, you have a simple laptop with a low-configuration Intel Atom processor; So it will only consume a few watts. If you have a high-end configuration gaming laptop, it will consume more power than a normal laptop, so you can also say that the power consumption depends entirely on the configuration of the machine.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use
How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

How many watts does the laptop use?

Let’s say I compare a gaming laptop to a regular laptop. I find a lot of interesting facts about him. A typical laptop typically consumes 55 to 65 watts of power. At the same time, a gaming laptop consumes 160-185 watts of power.

It also depends on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). If I talk about the kWh consumption per year of gaming laptops, then the average energy of gaming PCs is about 1450 kWh per year.

Also, taking into account other components of the laptop like screen, RAM, SSD/HDD, WiFi, keyboard, the overall consumption will be higher.

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Apple MacBooks: How Many Watts Do They Consume?

A typical 13-inch MacBook Pro consumes 61 watts of power, as you can see from the supplied charger, while a 15-inch MacBook consumes 87 watts per hour, MacBook users know.

Based on the above data, we can easily calculate the cost of electricity that your Apple MacBook can consume each day and week.

Since we already know that a MacBook consumes an average of 61 watts per hour, or 0.061 kWh, and runs for 10 hours a day, it costs about 11 cents a day and a total of $3.3 per month. it is estimated.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use
How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

How do I check the power consumption of my laptop?

Another way to find out how many watts a laptop uses while charging is through Microsoft hardware or tools. The name of the device is Joule Meter. You do not need to trust the description provided by your CPU. This process is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is connect it to your laptop. You will get instant results in the consumption of your laptop.

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Laptop power consumption factor

Laptop model

The second factor is to see whether it is a normal laptop or as normal as a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops consume more power than regular laptops. The power consumption of gaming laptops depends on their model. Some gaming laptops use 180W per hour and around 135W per hour depending on the model, but the important thing is that gaming laptops use more power than standard laptops.

Screen size

The first major factor in laptop power consumption is the size of the laptop screen. There are different sizes of laptop screens. When it comes to how many watts a laptop uses, you need to consider the size of your laptop’s screen. Laptops with screen sizes of 12-15 inches consume an average of 60 watts, while screens 17 inches or larger use an average of 70 watts or more.


The power of the laptop used also depends on the CPU of the laptop. If your laptop has a good, powerful CPU, it won’t use as many watts and it will use more power if your laptop has a lower quality CPU in the house.


The graphics card also has a significant impact on a laptop’s power usage. Most laptops have an integrated graphics card. But if you are a professional gamer and you want your laptop to be perfect for gaming, then you need to use a powerful video card that uses more power.


Adapters also have a significant impact on laptop power consumption. Different laptop adapters come in different capacities. Laptops with 15-inch displays typically come with a 65-watt adapter, while laptops with 17-inch displays use a 90-watt adapter. Therefore, the power consumption depends on the size of the laptop adapter.

How can I reduce the power consumption of my laptop?

If, after receiving an answer about how many watts a laptop consumes, the user begins to understand why he received a large amount on the payment receipt, then there is no need to despair. There are many options for saving energy with a demanding appliance.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use
How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

Some practical guidelines:

The Windows 10 operating system (also in older versions) has a special power-saving mode. To enable it, you need to look for the “Control Panel” in the start menu, where we look for the “Power supply” section. Here, click on “Power Scheme Settings”. Next, you need to specify the soft parameters. Also, if possible, you should reduce the brightness of the screen, turn off Wi-Fi, reduce the working PM of the central processor.

To reduce your electricity bill, it is recommended that you do not leave the device running when you do not need it. That is why “sleep mode” was invented. In this mode, the device consumes 7 times less energy than in the state.

Make sure to unplug the laptop when you turn it off, as the battery remains active when turned off and needs to be recharged.

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How to calculate watts consumed by a laptop?

It all comes down to knowing how to calculate your laptop’s actual power. You can determine the exact wattage by knowing your laptop charger’s power consumption and other factors. You can also use the Power Usage Monitor to determine how much power your laptop uses.

Manual calculation

For each laptop, you can easily calculate the laptop user’s estimated power consumption level and consider the power (adapter power) used to charge the laptop.

If you need a more precise number, you may need to include others.

As mentioned for the Acer Predator laptop, there are charging adapters that can deliver up to 180 watts of power per hour to consumers.

In addition, some of the major components that increase the overall power consumption are the CPU and GPU of the computer.

In most systems, Intel, NVIDIA, and even AMD graphics cards are easy to find.

You can search the official website for the power consumed by these components or open the rear panel to make sure it is 100% safe.

Generally, CPU power consumption ranges from 45W to 50W, while GPU power consumption ranges from 75W to 80W.

The combination of the two usually increases the power consumption of the notebook.

Over 10-15%, this is just an average and can be much higher depending on the type of material used.

Also, talking about the screen brightness, the maximum brightness is 0.5W to 15W per hour.

There are other components like SSD/HDD RAM, but these are some of the components that need attention. please wait.

You may not be able to get the exact number manually, but you will get a rough price for the basic idea.

And, as you know, it consumes about 60 watts of power. This is equal to 0.06 kWh.

This means that if you use your laptop for about 8 hours a day,

It would take 6.76 cents per day to run your laptop (taking into account the average unit energy cost of 12 cents/kWh).

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use
How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

Electricity use: calculation

For a more accurate calculation, you can use the Energy Usage Monitor. This device can be used on an electrical outlet and can tell you how many watts your laptop is using while charging. This includes everything because all the power consumed comes from a single socket and the result is on the monitor in seconds.

In fact, you can even use the device for other devices in your home. It may not be necessary, but curiosity forces you to do the unimaginable.

To use it, simply plug the device into a power outlet and connect the charger to the device. It will begin to read the amount of power your charger is drawing from the outlet. It will normally show around 60W, which is the power produced by the charger.

Also once the laptop is charged and the battery is full. Now you can determine how much power the laptop consumes from the battery to its components. In addition, this device is useful to calculate the total energy consumed by the laptop in the time that you have used it.

You can easily get this accessory on e-commerce sites and learn more about your laptop and other devices.

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Make your battery last longer

Knowing how much power your laptop uses is helpful information, but knowing how to reduce your power use is just as important.

With a few small changes, you can increase battery life and the amount of power a laptop consumes.

The power of your laptop is not only affected by the size of its screen. The brighter the screen, the more power it will consume. Check your laptop settings to learn how to reduce laptop glare.

Buy a cooling pad – Your laptop’s CPU and graphics card run more efficiently at lower temperatures and therefore use less battery power.

Use the right laptop for the job; Buying a high-end gaming laptop can be tempting, but it will be a waste of watts and money if you only need it for writing essays.

Invest in the right hardware. Electricity costs money – Using higher quality, more efficient hardware will save you money in the long run.

Tips for saving electricity when using your computer

Want to go green and lower your energy bill at the same time? Here are two tips to help you save energy while using your computer.

  1. Enable sleep mode

Have you ever gone to your computer in the morning and felt like it was on all night?

To avoid wasting power unnecessarily, be sure to enable sleep mode. Once you enable this setting, your computer will automatically shut down after an extended period of inactivity.

  1. Wear a bandage

To make it easier for you to turn off your computer and related accessories, consolidate all your devices and connect them to the power strip.

That way, when you want to stop using your computer, you can hit a single switch and turn everything off at once.

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As mentioned above, now is the time to finish the topic. If you ask how many watts a laptop has and how many watts a laptop uses, it all depends on the screen size and hardware configuration.

If you ask about power consumption, it also depends on your usage time. Therefore, we recommend that you use a simple and inexpensive watt-hour meter to measure energy consumption.

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