How To Activate Sprint Phone

How To Activate Sprint Phone, If you have a newer Sprint phone and want to activate it so that it is ready to use on the Sprint network, you will need to activate Sprint. You can activate a Sprint phone over the phone by calling Sprint customer service, using a desktop or laptop computer, or by visiting a Sprint store.

There is a separate process for activating phones from Boost Mobile, although those phones run on the Sprint network. Contact Sprint if you are having trouble trying to activate your phone.

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How To Activate Sprint Phone
How To Activate Sprint Phone

Preparing to activate the phone

Before proceeding to activate a phone, you should have all the information you may need. Such information includes any activation codes or other phone identifiers for your phone, as well as the phone model. The required codes can be available in the phone booth or by dialing “* 06 #” over the phone.

Also, if you need to pay for phone service, you will need your Social Security number, any Sprint account numbers, billing addresses, and phone numbers, as well as your credit card, debit card, or bank account information. Information will be required.

If you are already a customer of Sprint or another provider and need to change your phone number to Sprint, make sure you have your cell phone account information, including your phone number and the one you set up for security. The information provided is included. All lost PINs are included. Measure.

For those who are replacing another phone, make sure all the information from the old phone is backed up and ready to transfer if you want to upload it to a cloud service or transfer it to a new phone. Follow your phone vendor or manufacturer’s instructions for backing up your data and possibly uploading it to the cloud.

Also, make sure your phone is fully charged so you don’t lose power between activations. If you are a new Sprint customer, your phone may automatically activate when you turn it on.

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How To Activate Sprint Phone
How To Activate Sprint Phone

Activate sprint sim card in your phone

The moment you insert a new Sprint SIM into a phone, it will take you through the activation process. To activate the Sprint SIM card on your phone, you need to follow the steps below;

·       Insert your new SIM in your phone.

·       You will receive a prompt that your phone must reboot in order to update the new SIM card. Click OK.

·       Now your phone will reboot.

·       Now you will receive a message saying that the new SIM is not registered with any account and will ask whether you want to activate it or not. Click Yes.

·       You have the option to replace this device or add a new line.

·       Select Change this device if you want to use your old Sprint number. Select Add a new line if you want to receive a new Sprint number.

·       Now you need to enter your Sprint account number and PIN. Click on Login when done.

·       You can then grant access to the Carrier Hub application.

·       Now you have to choose where you want to receive the confirmation code. It can be sent to your old device.

·       Write down the code when you receive it.

·       Next, you have to choose the phone you want to replace.

·       Select the number you want to transfer to the new SIM.

·       Confirm your choice.

·       Choose whether you want to protect your phone with Sprint Complete.

·       Finally, click on Done.

·       Switch off the old device and wait for the new SIM to be activated. It may take a few minutes.

·       You may need to turn off WiFi for the process to complete.

·       Now your new sim will be activated.

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How To Activate Sprint Phone
How To Activate Sprint Phone

Activate a new phone

·       Find out the serial number of the phone. The phone’s serial number is usually found on the packaging or in the manual. If you bought it from a Sprint dealer you can find it on the serial number when you received your phone.

·       Make sure you know the MEID or IMEI number of the phone. You must already have an IMEI or MEID number. The number along with the phone’s serial number will help Sprint identify the phone.

·       Call Sprint customer service. Call Sprint at (888) 211-4727 using another phone.

·       Follow the verbal prompts to contact the service representative. Steps may vary depending on the Sprint menu when you call. Therefore, use the telephone dial pad to navigate through the steps until you reach the representative.

·       Ask the representative to activate the phone. They should request your account information at this time.

·       Provide the necessary information to the customer representative. The representative may request your account name, password, PIN, and/or the last four digits of your Social Security number. They will also ask for the phone’s serial number and IMEI number. When using a new Sprint SIM card, try to read the ICCID number from the SIM card as well.

·       Turn on and configure Active Phone. After a customer representative confirms the phone is active, you can turn it on to follow the onscreen instructions to add an account, configure Wi-Fi, and more. When using a new SIM card, please insert it into the phone before turning it on and setting it up.

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What is cell phone activation?

Cell phone activation is what basically turns on your service. The phone itself doesn’t do much unless it’s connected to a carrier, Wi-Fi carrier, or cell tower.

Like any other physical device like a tablet or computer, you’ll need to turn it on, register with whatever Wi-Fi provider or cell phone you have, and then sync it with your account. It will be with all your information so that it stays connected with you.

How To Activate Sprint Phone
How To Activate Sprint Phone

Why do I have to activate my phone?

How To Activate Sprint Phone, What you need to activate your phone depends on the type of phone you have. For example, if you have an iPhone, you may need to display the IMEI number on the phone before starting the activation process or finding it in the phone’s packaging.

Otherwise, you’ll need a SIM card and a wireless network to connect. Similarly, for Android devices, you will need the SIM card and the phone itself. We will cover this in more detail in the following sections.

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Pay attention:

·       Make sure your battery is fully charged.

·       If you are activating a new device, please have the box handy in case you need information. Do not get angry; We will tell you where to look.

·       Only the account owner or the person authorized to make the account change can complete the activation. If you are not authorized, please log in and we will help you request permission.

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