How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify

How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify, Spotify has introduced a new feature on its mobile app that allows users to add custom cover images and descriptions to their playlists.

This feature can be used by Spotify’s free and premium users. The Android and iOS versions of the Spotify app have been expanded to include the ability to add custom covers and descriptions.

The feature that allowed users to select an image from their photos and set it as the cover image of their custom playlist was previously only available in the desktop app.

Spotify said in a press release that this was “a very popular feature”. For the feature to work, users need to ensure that they are using the listed version of Android or iOS. Since Spotify just announced the update, it might not be available to everyone right now.

Let’s see how a user can customize the Spotify playlist cover photo and description for their playlists on Android and iOS.

How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify
How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify

1. First, open the playlist you just created and click on the three dots option to open the menu and choose Edit Playlist.

2. Click the default album cover picture or tap Change picture.

3. The user can then click a new picture with the smartphone camera or select an existing picture from the phone gallery and tap Use Photo to select an image.

4. Enter a description in the Add Description field below the picture

5. Click Save to set the image as the cover photo.

Spotify added new functions to the collaborative playlist function in September. The update included an Add New User button in the playlist header; A list of user avatars in the playlist header to see who contributed to the playlist and who new user avatars contributed to the playlist before each track or episode.

How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify
How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify

How to change the playlist cover

For those who want to keep it simple, you can change your playlist cover in the Spotify iPhone app.

1. Open Spotify.

2. Go to the Playlists tab in your library.

3. Open the playlist whose cover you want to change.

4. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

5. Tap on “Edit”.

6. In the “Edit Playlist” window that opens, you can now rearrange songs by pressing three times to the right of the song and dragging to the desired position in the playlist.

How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify
How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify

The first four songs at the top of the playlist get cover spots. Rearrange the songs until you find the cover that you like.

If instead, you want to convert the playlist to a custom picture of your choice, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the iPhone app.

To add a custom playlist cover, you’ll need to be using the desktop version. In the Spotify desktop app, you can select a playlist, hover over the currently visible image in the playlist, click the pencil icon that appears, and click “Image of Image” to add a custom image to the playlist. Click on “Select”. Click on “. or “Select change picture”.

If you change the cover art on your desktop, the custom cover will appear in the iPhone app.

How To Change A Playlist Cover On Spotify
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