How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone

How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone, Whether you’re new to wearables or a seasoned user, you probably already know that the Apple Watch comes with a built-in dial. You probably don’t know how easy it is to replace them.

Unlike Google’s Wear OS, Apple doesn’t allow third-party developers to create faces for the Apple Watch. However, the Apple Watch comes with natural faces in a variety of styles and color combinations, with more being added each calendar year. With watchOS 6, which Apple plans to release this fall, for example, the company adds six new dials with a focus on two numbers, a solar dial, a modular compact, and more. ,

To use a face on your Apple Watch, you need to select it from the Face Gallery using the Watch app for iPhone or Watch. In my experience, creating new dials with the iPhone app is easy, although fixing existing faces is faster than correcting clocks.

How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone
How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone

Instructions and Information

In this post, you will learn how to:

·   Change watch face

·   Change dial from the paired device

·   Edit dialing order

·   Dial to delete

The dials of watches are now more personal, powerful, and recognizable than ever before. The Chronograph Pro has a custom layout tachometer. X – Larger leads to more complex complications. Photos give you color filters to add to each photo.

Portrait Watch Face uses photography to create a dynamic, layered dial. Share the dial you’ve created by text, email, or by posting a link online. Additional dials for watches found in the App Store.

How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone
How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone

Changing the Watch Face

There are currently 10 different dials on the Apple Watch, but Apple has indicated that additional dials will be released in the future. For now, switching between the 10 dials is easy.

·   Press hard on the screen that shows the time.

·   Swipe left or right to see dial options.

·   Tap “Customize” to see the complications and other options available to each person.

·   Touch the face you want to use.

How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone
How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone

How to replace it with your iPhone

You can also control the options on your Dial using the Watch app on your iPhone.

You will find all your saved dials in the “My Watch” section. When you tap “Edit” in the right corner, you get a screen where you can rearrange the sequence of dials you see on your Apple Watch. Just long-press the hamburger button on the right and take it wherever you want.

You can tap on a specific dial to edit its color, complications, and more. When you’re done, tap Set as Current Dial. Here you can also remove dials from your library.

Finally, there is the “Face Gallery” section. Here you’ll find several different options for the dial, which are divided into categories such as “Activity”, “Gradient”, “Modular Infographics”, “Movement” and more. Like other dials, you can tap on any option to edit it to your liking.

After making the design change, tap “Add” in the upper right corner and it will be automatically saved to both the Watch app and your Apple Watch.

·   Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

·   Tap on the Face Gallery tab.

·   Tap the watch face to select it from the list. They are organized by type.

·   Tap Add.

The new watch face will automatically be added to your Apple Watch as the current display.

How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone
How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone

Make clock faces with photos

How To Change Apple Watch Face From iPhone, You can make a clock from your own photos. Select an entire photo album, and each time you touch your watch, the next photo appears in that album. In the My Clock section, tap Photos. Your favorite album is the default, but you can change it.

With Album Sync, all photo albums you’ve already synced with your iPhone will be automatically used on the watch’s dial. The Photos option allows you to manually select photos to display. The Dynamic option uses new photos you have taken and photos from recent memories. Choose your favorite option and customize.

Alternatively, drag down the My Clock section and tap Photos. From here you can create a photo album to sync with your watch. You can capture an existing album from your iPhone or create a custom album for your watch. You can also limit the number of photos in the album to 25, 100, 250, or 500.

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