How To Change Roomba Home Base Location – The Right Way

Choosing the Roomba home base location is tricky the first time and the question which comes in our minds is, “Can I Change Roomba Home Base Location?” and if you can then how to do it. 

If you’re not into smart home automation for quite a while then it can be a bit overwhelming to understand how a robot vacuum system works. A Roomba comes with a home base also known as the charging base or the docking station.

Can I Move Roomba Home Base?

How To Change Roomba Home Base Location - The Right Way 1

The answer is YES, you can move the Roomba home base if you feel it’s not the appropriate spot for docking your robot vacuum for charging and resting. Just move the Roomba to the new location you wish to keep the home base and start a normal cleaning job. While you move the home base to a new location, make sure you’re following the basic rules as suggested by iRobot for seamless cleaning and charging activities.

A non wifi connected Roomba communicates via the infrared signals emitted by the home base from the new location too.

In our tests we have observed that a Roomba finds the new home base on its own. This is for a wifi connected model which we tested. If in a rare scenario your wifi connected model does not return to the new home base then follow the steps below. 

  • On your iRobot home app browse to history section and click on clean map report
  • Once you have shifted the home base to a new location, click on the upper right corner and click on update smart maps

Once updated, just ensure the map is updated with all previous edits too. The home base icon on the map will appear at the new location.

How To Change Roomba Home Base Location?

To make it simple you can start a normal cleaning job by selecting any of the rooms on your iRobot smart map. Once the Roomba is done cleaning the designated room, it will return to the new home base location which you have setup. The new location gets auto updated on the smart map on your phone.

Where To Put The Home Base In Your Home? – A Checklist For Current and New Location

  1. Open and Uncluttered Space: Always keep the Roomba in an open space which is uncluttered and receives a strong wifi signal. A strong wifi signal ensures that the Roomba keeps good contact with the iRobot app for cleaning instructions and also can return to the home base for charging and to empty the bin if it’s full.
  2. Plain and Leveled Surface: Always keep your home base on a leveled surface as this ensures that the Roomba is able to dock itself properly and in perfect contact with the charging points.

    Also when the home base is on a flat surface against the wall, the Roomba is more efficient in cleaning. On the contrary, if the home base is slightly on an angle then your robot vacuum may move diagonally in motion against the wall.

    Home Base On Leveled Surface

  3. Open space around home base: Keep the home base in a spot where you have a
  • Minimum of 1.5 ft open space on each side.
  • A minimum of 4 ft space in front of the home base with absolutely no obstruction of chairs or tables.
  • Minimum 4 ft distance from the nearest staircase, and
  • A minimum of 8 ft distance from the nearest virtual wall barriers.
How To Change Roomba Home Base Location - The Right Way 2
Distance Of Home Base On The Sides and Front. Source:
  1. Home Base Should Always Be Plugged In: The home base should always be plugged into the power socket. This ensures that the Roomba gets charged when docked. When home is plugged into the power socket a green light is ON momentarily and goes OFF after a few seconds.

    When the Roomba returns to the home base for charging, the green light on the home base will turn solid green if the Roomba is able to dock successfully.
  2. Take proper care of the home base: When Roomba has completed the cleaning activity and is fully charged then once a week you should unplug the home base from the power source, and clean the charging contacts with a melamine foam pad.

Should You Move Roomba To a New Location

A robot vacuum like a Roomba is meant to make our lives easier by reducing human intervention of daily vacuuming. What’s the point if the Roomba is unable to find the home base on its own and you have to put it for charge manually. Why does this happen?

Why Can’t a Roomba Find Its Home Base?

There are many reason why a Roomba can’t find its home base and the most common ones are listed below:

  1. Wifi Signal Strength: After every successful cleaning activity the Roomba will return to its home base. To guide the Roomba back, the home base emits infrared signals. If there is obstruction in between like the dual mode virtual wall barriers then the robot vacuum may find it difficult to find its way back.

    Maintaining a distance of minimum 8 feet is suggested between the home base and the spot where you place the virtual wall device.
  2. Manual Intervention While Roomba Is In Action: A Roomba is a programmed device controlled by the inputs you give through the iRobot app. It follows the instruction which it receives through the wifi internet network. If you manually pick it up and place it somewhere else, then it can confuse the Roomba.

    Before starting any cleaning run, ensure that the Roomba is docked at the home base. This is more important if you have a Roomba which is a non wifi model.
  3. Faulty Power Source: – If the home base isn’t plugged in or the power outlet is faulty then the communication between the Roomba and the home base will be broken and the robot will have a hard time returning to its base. This happens as the infrared signal aren’t there to reach the Roomba.

Can a Roomba Have Two Home Bases?

Yes, one Roomba can have two home bases. This is the ideal scenario when you have a large house with multiple floors. You don’t need to buy two or more Roombas. You can just use one Roomba and two home bases. One home base on one floor. The important point to note here is that a Roomba should always start the cleaning activity from the home base. This will make sure that once the cleaning is completed it will return back to the docking station.

Home bases are sold separately so you can buy one for each floor.


So, we have seen how to change roomba base location for both kind of robot vacuums. To summarize, a wifi connected robot needs minimum intervention and it updates the new location automatically most of the times.

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