How To Clean iPhone Charging Port

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port, If you’re having trouble charging your iPhone, it could be because your Lightning port is dirty, broken, and makes it difficult to connect your Lightning charger to the port. In this guide, we will show you how you can clean your charging port without damaging it.

Why You Should Clean Your Phone’s Charging Port

The opening at the bottom of your phone may seem small, but it can quickly become dusty. And when you charge it, the connector can carry this dust and dirt into the charging port until the phone is completely powered off.

The next time you connect your phone, consider the following: Does the connector fit properly? Are you having trouble charging the battery? If so, your USB-C or Lightning cable may no longer make a solid connection and it’s time to clean the port.

The first thing to do is inspect your device. Use a bright flashlight or lamp to take a closer look at the charging port. You’ll want to check it regularly for dust and debris.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port
How To Clean iPhone Charging Port

Why my iPhone is’s charging port dirty?

First, ask yourself how much dirt has accumulated in your charging port. It’s really not surprising when you consider that most of us carry our phones in our pockets and purses.

All kinds of flames and debris can be trapped in space. Every time you plug your charger in, this dust is also pushed further into the port and thus inevitably accumulates.

Things to do to clean your iPhone’s charging port


This will be your main cleaning tool. If you break one, you’ll need a pair. Some will ask you to use a paper clip or pin. A sudden or sudden movement of something in a loading port.

Remember, you have very few electronic pins. You don’t want to scratch or damage them. Toothpicks are more flexible and therefore less likely to be damaged. Ideally, use flat toothpicks with rounded tips, as they are not sharp.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port
How To Clean iPhone Charging Port


It’s not a bad idea to put some cotton wool on the tip of a toothpick to make the cleaning process easier.

However, keep in mind that you may need to actively scrape that port, and in that case, too much cotton will be unusable.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port
How To Clean iPhone Charging Port


You’ll need really good lighting to be able to see if you’ve cleaned the port well. The inside of that little hole is hard to see even with a flashlight, but it helps.

I used the flashlight feature on the second iPhone because the light is bright and focused narrowly. It worked great.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port
How To Clean iPhone Charging Port


If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to remove all the dirt, lint, and grime from your iPhone’s charging port with just a few quick swipes.

But, if you’re at the point where your iPhone no longer charges properly, that’s probably a shame and you’ll have to put in a little extra effort to clean it.

Compressed air method

An important consideration to consider is the potential risk of major damage to the port involving foreign cargo. This is the only method that does not have the potential to damage machinery inside.

“The port has delicate contact points, little metal lines that the charging cable will connect to. If the contact points are damaged, the charger will not work at all, no matter how hard you try to clean it. One can have compressed air as one of the best solutions.

Step 1: Locate the compressed air cans

Step 2: Hold the can upright.

Step 3: Press the nozzle and spray the air in “short, light bursts.”

Step 4: wait a few seconds after the final burst

Step 5: reinsert the charger cable into the port

Resist the urge to blow into the harbor – the warm, humid air from the human mouth will act as a harbor, and contact with it will be of no use.

Perhaps your first impulse to fly fast in the harbor is actually doing more harm than good. Any of these three options will help you clean your port and reload it.

Meet with a phone repair technician

Blowing compressed air into the port and using a toothpick are two reliable ways to clean the charging port of the phone. However, if your phone still won’t charge after cleaning the port but it won’t charge at home, there are several other things you can do. In that case, we recommend that you seek the help of a professional.

Carlcare is the official customer service provider. Your phone is not charging, it immediately shows the weird “OTG Connected” notification, or you don’t know why it could be more than just cleaning the charging port at home.


How To Clean iPhone Charging Port, When you think you’ve cleaned the inside of the charging port, take a cotton ball and add some rubbing alcohol to it.

Gently and gently, wipe the outside of the charging port to ensure cleanliness. Now, take dry cotton and clean the worrying areas again.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port
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