How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels, Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is an optimal product for home cleaning processes. It is a fact that cleaning equipment also requires timely maintenance and cleaning to last a long time.

The Roomba cleaning robot has three wheels, one of which is a rotating wheel, while the other two are side wheels. It is necessary to clean the components, especially the wheels, to ensure the maintenance of the entire machine.

Also, this automation machine can keep your carpets and floors clean. And in doing so, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates on the wheels.

How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels
How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

Why should I clean the Roomba’s wheels?

Every time a Roomba is cleaned, dust, hair, and other harmful contaminants adhere to the wheels and the parts around them. Therefore, Roomba wheels should be cleaned regularly to avoid unnecessary wear. In fact, the manufacturer, iRobot, recommends cleaning the wheels once every two weeks.

While it is true that most robotic vacuums can last five to eight years, you can maximize their usefulness by cleaning the parts regularly. You may be surprised at how quickly dust and dirt accumulate on Roomba parts. Taking care of your Roomba will take care of you too!

How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels
How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

How to Clean Roomba’s Side Wheels

If your Roomba is a little dirty or leaves some fingerprints, it may need a quick clean-up. It is not necessary to take it apart to clean the wheels. If the wheels are very dirty or full of hair, you can skip this guide and move on to complete cleaning of the side wheel section.

To get started, all you need is one or two baby wipes. Any fine cleaning cloth will work, but it should be just as good as baby wipes. This is what needs to be done:

  • Start the filling in one corner of the baby and clean it thoroughly on the wheel. You should not put in too much effort at this time.
  • Rotate the wheel slowly and smoothly by hand. You want the wheel to start with baby wipes and have a good time at the wheel.
  • As you continue to turn the wheel by hand, the rim should pull the fabric through the wheel. Keep rotating until the wipe is completely removed from the wheel two or three times.
  • When you’re ready, slowly remove the wipes while turning the steering wheel. Don’t try to remove it, it will just break. Turn the wheel slowly and remove the wipe when the wheel is off.
  • Four simple steps will get the job done. You’ll have clean wheels and clean floors in less than five minutes!
How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels
How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

Tone Dead Battery Sound

“Charge the Roomba.”

  • How to fix: Fully charge Roomba. Also, follow these steps to extend the life of your Roomba’s battery:
  • Recharge Roomba as soon as possible after each use. If your Roomba has automatic docking, this will happen automatically. Try not to leave the Roomba unattended after vacuuming.
  • Use Roomba regularly. Batteries are designed to be discharged and recharged frequently, so use them frequently.
  • Keep the docking station plugged in and Roomba docked when not in use.
  • Lastly, if you won’t be using Roomba for more than a few weeks, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.

How to clean Roomba’s side wheels?

You can’t remove the side wheels from the Roomba as easily as you can remove the front wheels; In fact, we’re not even going to try. Instead, we’re going to clean up unnecessary dust or hair while keeping the side wheels in place.

First, push down one of the side wheels; It should sink directly into the Roomba’s chassis and then snap back into place once released. Push the wheel and then look. Do you see any clumps of debris? Go ahead and take them out. Pushing the wheels in and out frequently can help remove dust, dirt, or hair.

If you’re having trouble getting the trash out of the Roomba’s side wheel bins, try spraying them with a can of compressed air.

How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels
How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

Gentle cleaning of the motor and the bottom

Here’s how to clean the Roomba 690 and other versions of the Roomba. Let’s learn about this below.

1. Remove the base cover.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the dark base cover. Those screws can be a bit difficult to remove. While sliding the base cover, carefully set it aside.

2. Drive the rear wheels

It is not necessary to remove the last two wheels for cleaning. Instead, use the corner tool to push the left wheel down before vacuuming. Do the same on the other side of the machine.

3. Remove the motor unit.

Locate the small screws that hold the motor unit in place and carefully remove them. Take the motor unit out of the robot vacuum cleaner. Once you have successfully removed the engine compartment, run the vacuum corner tool inside the robot vacuum cleaner.

4. Clean the motor with compressed air.

Using compressed air may require careful effort to remove any debris or waste from the motor unit. Pay attention to openings and cracks.

5. Reassemble the iRobot Roomba

Put the motor compartment back on the robot vacuum and use the small screws to secure it. Continue to put the base cover back on and use the screws to secure it. Then replace the front wheel.

Next, insert Roomba’s bearings back into the brush and rubber roller and place them back in the corresponding compartment. Then close the flap. At this time, return the side sweeper and use the screws to secure it.

How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels
How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

Are robotic vacuums worth all the fuss?

Robotic vacuums are a great example of how life moves toward full automation. With a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Roomba, people don’t need to manually vacuum their homes or specific rooms.

These vacuums are incredibly efficient and easy to use! In fact, a robot vacuum cleaner will save you a lot of time in the process of keeping your home clean.


How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels, And there you have it, the complete guide on how to clean Roomba wheels, including the front wheel and side wheel. By taking the time to clean dust and hair off the wheels, you’re doing your part to ensure the longevity of your robot vacuum, especially if your Roomba is already part of your family.

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