How To Connect Non-Smart TV To WiFi

How To Connect Non-Smart TV To WiFi

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To connect an old TV to the Internet, you can use a dedicated streaming device, HDMI cable, Blu-ray player, or game console.

We are in the era of live broadcasting, but not all of our televisions have reached the news. If you have a TV that doesn’t have the ability to connect to the internet, don’t despair now – there are many easy options for turning your old TV into a smart TV, and they don’t require an IT degree in order to set up. These are some of our favorite options.

What Features Make A TV Smart?

Nowadays, to connect to a smart TV, it needs to connect to the internet, seamlessly stream music and videos from the internet, play various types of audio, video, and photo files, and access. have an AI-based digital voice assistant. So, to turn a dumb TV into a Smart TV, you need a device that can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port and that has the following features:

  • Connect to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Enjoy features like screen mirroring from smartphones or tablets (also known as screencasting) and DLNA.
  • Preferably, you can access audio and video streaming apps like Disney + Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube.
  • You can access digital voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

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Option 1: Screen Mirroring

This is the easiest way to connect your stupid TV to Wi-Fi. You do not need to invest in any device for this. However, the TV must support the screen mirroring function. And you must have a mobile or tablet with Android 4.4.2 or later.

It works by mirroring your phone and TV. When you connect to Wi-Fi with your phone, your TV will also be able to access it.

Steps to connect

  • Open Screen Mirroring option on your TV. The page will open and your TV will be visible to nearby devices.
  • From your Android device, go to the Screen Mirroring option in the Settings menu. The specific way to access, the option varies from device to device.
  • Once you open the page, you will see paired devices nearby.
  • Select the name of your TV. Password may be required. The password will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • Enter the password and your phone will appear on the TV.

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Option 2: Buy a media streaming device

One of the easiest ways to connect to the internet is to use media streaming devices like Apple TV, Android TV box, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Vidal U.

Most of these devices connect to the TV via the HDMI port and instantly stream the app to the dumb TV. Note that each device has different apps and features, and subscriptions to other streaming apps like Netflix aren’t covered.

Option 3: Connect via HDMI cable

Do you want to project your PC or laptop monitor onto a bigger screen? With an HDMI cable, you can use the TV as a secondary monitor. Even better, use it as a secondary display for a dual monitor setup! This method will allow you to present anything on your PC to your TV for a better viewing experience.

Are you worried if your TV has an HDMI port? TVs started including an HDMI port in 2004, so you most likely have one. The only thing you will have to worry about is access to the cable itself. HDMI cables are really cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money

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Option 4: Connect your smartphone to the TV via HDMI

This is where you need to be sure of compatibility, and in some cases, support is limited to older Android devices. You can rely on your TV’s HDMI port to connect your smartphone, but you’ll need to check if your phone supports HDMI output and you’ll need a compatible cable, which is also supported by the device. . . . Some older Android devices had a micro-HDMI port, but now most phones have a single USB Type-C port on the bottom.

So if you want to connect the TV to the phone via HDMI port then you have to rely on converters or adapters. However, this method will ensure that the charging port of the phone is busy. You’ll be able to access videos shot on your phone on the TV through this, but copyrighted content won’t work with this method.

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If possible, use an Ethernet cable

Although wireless connections have improved dramatically in recent years, Ethernet cables still provide a more reliable connection in most homes. But since they connect to a wireless router, the TV needs to be relatively close to the router in order to use the wired connection. Of the four main streaming devices, only the Apple TV has an Ethernet port on all models.

For the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast, you’ll need to purchase an adapter separately, while Roku only includes a more expensive model. You can learn more about choosing the right Ethernet cable in our guide.

Make sure you get enough download speed

Most streaming services recommend download speeds of around 5 Mbps for smooth, unbuffered HD streaming, which is a readily available target for most homes.

That said, the more devices that use your connection at the same time, the more speed you’ll need. If you’re not sure what speed you’re currently getting, you can use our speed test below to find out.

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Game console and smart player

It was probably the latest generation of gaming consoles that started the media streaming revolution. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 can stream online programs directly to the TV. Consoles work much like streaming players, with built-in apps and channels configured for each manufacturer. Connect them via HDMI for best results.

Smart DVD and Blu-ray players often use the same display format as their counterparts, smart TVs, so this may be a cheaper option than buying a new smart TV. It is also worth noting that sometimes these players can be three devices in one: Smart TV, DVD / Blu-ray, and Media player.


As you can see, there are several options for connecting your stupid TV to Wi-Fi. However, it would be wise to invest in a smart TV as it has become very affordable. However, if you want to keep up with your TV and have internet access, you can do so using one of the above options.
Have you connected your non-smart TV to a Wi-Fi network? Have you faced specific challenges in establishing a relationship?

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