How To Find Dead Airpods

How To Find Dead Airpods, If an AirPod is dead, Apple’s tracking feature and Find My Network probably won’t help much in locating the earbuds again.

While Apple is constantly improving its ability to find lost items, it still relies on connecting to those devices. Because of this, when situations arise where a connection to a device cannot be established, users may have trouble working.

Over the years, Find My Network and Apple’s capabilities have grown significantly, resulting in a robust track and trace solution for everyone who invests in the company’s hardware products.

Most recently, Apple released its AirTag location-tracking beacon. With AirTag capable of connecting to anything, including the family dog, Apple’s tracking network can now be used to find many other items, even those that may not be connected to the internet.

How To Find Dead Airpods
How To Find Dead Airpods

What happens when you are out of reach or Dead?

Losing your AirPods in the charging case makes them much easier to find than in the case; It is still far from perfect.

Remember, AirPods can’t communicate with Find My on their own, so you’ll only see your location in the app if you’re within range of the AirPods. If you dropped your left AirPod at a restaurant, then go home, your AirPod won’t update its location.

Even if you lose your AirPods within range of your iPhone, you’re running against the clock for what’s known as “battery life.” Once your AirPods run out of battery, they’ll have no way to communicate with your Apple devices and won’t be able to update their location or play sound.

In any case, according to Apple, you can still check the last known location of your AirPods in the app. Like losing your AirPods in the charging case, you can still check the last time your Apple device was connected to an inactive or out-of-range AirPod.

How To Find Dead Airpods
How To Find Dead Airpods

So what happens when a lost AirPod battery dies?

Find My Network can help anyone track down lost, stolen, or misplaced AirPods and AirPods Pro earbuds and AirPods Max earbuds. But if the battery of the headphones is completely drained, you will not be able to make the necessary connection.

Therefore, it cannot help the user to find them. However, this is not the only limit! The situation of finding lost AirPods when they are in their case and charging will face the same problem.

Therefore, it can only be tracked and located when it is out of the box and the battery charge has not yet been depleted. So what do we do if we are within that range?

If both shots are destroyed and one still has some charge, it is possible to find the area of ​​one with some charge to find the other. Likewise, if you’ve been in charge for some time, your last known area will probably be provided to the user.

Sometimes this can be enough to locate the current location of the lost AirPods. However, if there is enough time and the user cannot find it manually, the only option left is to buy AirPods or a pair.

If Bluetooth is still within range

If your AirPods have died near your phone, for example inside your home, the Find My app will give you their last known location.

Unless you have naughty family members, there’s no reason your AirPods are gone since they died; They should still be in the same place.

Use the Find My app to pinpoint the most recent location of your AirPods, and you can have them in your hands in minutes.

How To Find Dead Airpods
How To Find Dead Airpods

If they are not within Bluetooth range

If You Know You Have Both AirPods

  • Dead and
  • More than 150 feet from you

Finding them will be a bit more difficult as the Find My app will not have the best data available.

The Find My app can still be useful, but it works best if the AirPods are relatively close to your phone when they die. That way, your Find My app still has semi-relevant data that you can work with.

So how do you find them?

Well, simply put, it’s time to guess. Dive deep into your brain and try to figure out where you might have lost them.

That, along with the data available in your Find My app, should be enough to get you closer to finding it.

I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but your options for finding dead AirPods are pretty limited. Finding dead AirPods is no easy task. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy to answer either.

How To Find Dead Airpods
How To Find Dead Airpods

How to prevent your AirPods from dead.

Knowing that there is a limit to locating your dead AirPods, it is up to you to be more cautious with using your AirPods and to make sure you store them properly.

The best way to avoid losing your AirPods is to carry the case with you at all times and store it when not in use. It may seem strange at first, but once you get used to it, you usually take it with you.

To further protect yourself, you can stick a locator board/chip to make it easier to find the case. With this additional safety step, you will be able to locate the earbuds and the case at all times.

There are some situations where Find My does not work

Finding a lost AirPod is easy as long as it’s out of the case, still charged, and close enough to your iPhone. You can get directions to your last known location, where hopefully your phone can find them and then play a sound.

If you’ve lost your AirPods while they were in the case, your chances of finding them are significantly reduced. However, there is still a chance that another Apple device user will find them, open the case, and the Find My app can tell you that they were found.

It’s a long shot, sure, but it’s better than nothing.

For those with AirPods Max, the caveat is a bit different. If your AirPods Max is in its case, your iPhone can find them for up to 18 hours.

After finding your AirPods, take a few minutes to make sure you never lose your iPhone.

How To Find Dead Airpods
How To Find Dead Airpods

Conclusion, Find dead AirPods

How To Find Dead Airpods, Finding AirPods with a dead battery is not easy or easy. This will depend on your memory, as well as the last known location of the Find My app for your AirPods to track.

If you are patient, willing to search carefully, and avoid panic, you can find them.

And if you can, get an AirTag and keep it close to your AirPods. That way, you never have to guess its location again.

What methods to find lost AirPods have worked for you? Leave your thoughts below to share with other readers!

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