How To Find Laptop Screen Size

How To Find Laptop Screen Size, Laptop screens come in a wide range of sizes. These screens can measure up to 30 inches, rivaling television screens in the 11-inch range. However, most manufacturers stick to the 11.6 to the 17-inch range when making laptops.

Generally, a larger screen translates to a hefty price tag. While we can afford the most important screen, we should have a fuller field of view and have a more immersive experience as we consume different content; there are a few factors to consider, such as portability and weight.

Most of the time, consumers buy their laptops without determining the size of the screen. Although this is not a big problem, in some cases, it is necessary to know the size of the laptop screen. We hear of many cases where consumers bought the wrong size screen when they tried to put it inside their laptop bag – they are too heavy or too large.

With this, we will teach you to find the screen of your laptop without measuring it. Apart from this, we will also highlight some factors that you need to consider in addition to the screen size.

One of the most natural ways to find out the size of your screen is to manually measure it with a tape measure or ruler. To do this, you must have a measuring device, preferably a tape measure.

Measure the screen diagonally starting from the left side of the screen to the lower right corner. When measuring the screen, you should not include only the bezel or the black area of ​​the screen. When you don’t have a tape measure or ruler, you’ll need to look into other options, which we’ll cover in this article.

How To Find Laptop Screen Size
How To Find Laptop Screen Size

How big is my unmind monitor?

Without measuring tools, you can still determine the size of your computer monitor using the following simple methods.

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Set model number

Check the model number of your laptop or desktop. You will usually find your monitor size embedded in your computer’s model number. For example, you may have a VIOTEK GFV24CB monitor. The first two numbers after the letters mean that your screen size is in inches, that is, this VIOTEK monitor is a 24-inch machine.

Manual computer check

You can also read your computer monitor manual for sizing information. Other specifications include, one of the main features is the size of the monitor.

Look at the back of your laptop

On the back of your laptop, you will find a label with information about the screen size. Laptops may also include an engraved number indicating the size.

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Check your packaging

Do you have the original packaging for your monitor? It should be the size of the screen.

Online search

Another easy way to determine the size of your monitor is to test it online. Search engines like Google will provide you with a number of online tools that you can use to determine your monitor screen size.

Another way to set your monitor size online is to access your computer brand website.

Please visit the official website of the monitor brand you are using as it contains accurate information about the model. Enter your monitor’s model number in the search bar or browse the website for information on monitor size.

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Adjust my laptop screen size

Phase 1

Go to your Windows desktop. Right-click on the background and select “Properties”.

Phase 2

Click on the “Settings” tab and find the “Screen resolution” section.

Step 3

Drag the bar left or right and click “Apply” to see if that solves the screen size problem. Otherwise, you will need to use advanced settings.

Step 4

Click the “Advanced” button and select the “Monitor” tab. Press “Properties” to bring up the “Default Monitor Properties” dialog box.

Step 5

Select the “Driver” tab and then click “Update Driver”. If you have a laptop, insert the accompanying Windows installation disc. You can also download the monitor driver files from the Support section of your laptop manufacturer’s website and store them in a folder on your computer.

Step 6

Select the “Install software automatically” option. The wizard will find the correct driver for your unit or on your computer. If you had to download the driver to your computer manually, click “Install from a list or specific location” and browse to the folder where you placed the driver.

Step 7

Click “OK” at the end of the wizard to confirm the new monitor driver.

Step 8

Click on the “Adapters” tab and then select “Update Driver”. To install the correct video card adapter, repeat the same process, beginning with the driver selection. The correct monitor and video card drivers will automatically adjust your screen to the correct width and height.

Step 9

Restart your computer to save the settings.

How To Find Laptop Screen Size
How To Find Laptop Screen Size

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What is the typical screen size of a laptop?

Screen sizes, on the other hand, are a bit more permanent and most laptops have 15- and 17-inch screens. Compact laptops range from 11 to 14 inches. That said, screen size can still be tricky.

How do I find my laptop screen size?

You can measure your screen with a tape measure from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right corner. Alternatively, you can check your device’s specifications on the web or in your device’s settings panel to determine your laptop’s screen size.

How is laptop screen privacy measured?

You must measure your monitor screen correctly to ensure the proper fit of your computer filter. To set the filter size:

1) Randomly measure from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner.

2) Measure the visible area of ​​the screen only.

3) Please do not include the display frame or template dimensions.

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Conclusion of How To Find Laptop Screen Size

The size of your laptop screen is something that is always good to know. You can measure this directly using a tape measure in a diagonal direction, or you can also find this information on your laptop by searching the web or your device’s specifications. There is no reason why you cannot easily determine this fact about your device.

How To Find Laptop Screen Size
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