How To Find Out What Roomba I Have

The Roomba has undergone many transformations over the years in terms of what it can do on the inside, but its outer appearance has remained the same. This can make it hard to tell Roomba models apart and leaves us with a mystery question as to how we would go about identifying which model of Roomba I have.

The Roomba model number is located by the left wheel of the unit on all models, including newer ones that have more advanced features and premium price tags. The serial number is also located on the bottom side of the unit where you’d find the dust bin.

If you registered your Roomba, with iRobot, you can find additional information about your vacuum on the iRobot website. It’s easy to determine which model you have based on the serial number and model number information located on the vacuum itself. When it’s time for Roomba troubleshooting, knowing your Roomba’s serial number is a must.

How many Roomba models are there?

Since 2002, iRobot has consistently released new Roomba models. When you look at the many new models and their variations available for purchase one can imagine that it might be a bit confusing to determine which model is right for your specific needs.

iRobot has made 11 generations of the Roomba and still produces 6 different models as of 2021. Though it provides a manual for all models, iRobot continues to sell replacement parts for all Roomba robots. Most models within a series use the same parts (e.g., brushes, batteries, filters).

The Roomba 600 Series is one of the most popular because it’s affordable and features nearly two dozen models! This may seem overwhelming for a new user but don’t worry about becoming overwhelmed by trying to find the model or serial number.

Roomba Serial

How to find out the Serial number on Roomba?

Locating the model number of a Roomba is easy. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Turn off your Roomba
  2. Turn the vacuum cleaner over so that the wheels are facing up. The front of the vacuum should be facing away from you.
  3. The vacuum has a three-digit number printed directly above the left wheel (on the right when the vacuum is positioned in the way described in #2).

The serial number on an iRobot Roomba can be used for registration purposes. This serial number is found on a small sticker that should have black text against a white background – it’s the same color pattern as a barcode. This number is comprised of 3 letters followed by some numbers.

Many older models have a serial number located on the battery hatch near the bottom of the unit. If your vacuum model is any other, it will have a serial number sticker either on the bin or also in a battery compartment.

Why is it important to know which model of Roomba you have?

iRobot has released several robot vacuums. For example, they have specific models for different needs and purposes such as scheduling, filtering, and battery life. If you’re having trouble with your iRobot vacuum, it’s important to know the model you own in order to find an easy solution online or elsewhere. For example, the steps involved in resetting a Roomba 300 series vs a 900 series are significantly different.

An important thing to remember when buying accessories is to look out for their model number. The model number indicates what pieces of cleaning supplies you need in order to replace existing items. It’s essential that you grab new filters and side brushes.

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