How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number

How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number, Technology has made it easy for us to track and trace our personal belongings, making it possible to track a stolen MacBook, smartphone, or laptop using serial numbers and other programs. However, sometimes we don’t even know the most important thing: the serial number.

Laptops are valuable devices that can be used in many different ways. If someone steals your laptop, he must make sure that he cannot use or resell it.

You will need to know the serial number so that you can report it as stolen and find out where it is currently located. At some point in your life, you will probably need to track down a stolen MacBook laptop.

Whether it’s yours or someone else’s, there are several things that can be done to locate and secure a MacBook laptop.

Here’s how to track a stolen laptop using its serial number, along with additional ways to track a stolen MacBook.

How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number
How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number

How to know if mac has been stolen?

You can tell if a MacBook has been stolen by checking that the serial number on the back cover is the same as this Mac’s. Or contact Apple with your serial number to find out if it has been stolen.

Also, try entering your serial number at lock and check if Activation Lock is disabled. If the serial number matches and the cloud opens in a new tab. Activation Lock is disabled, which means the MacBook hasn’t been stolen.

If you buy a MacBook from a pawnshop, a random seller, or from websites like eBay or Craigslist, it opens in a new tab. You are likely to buy a stolen product, especially if the cost is very low.

These sellers attract buyers by selling stolen MacBooks at a lower price. Of course, not all of them are stolen. But most likely they are stolen devices.

How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number
How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number

How do I find “my” trace of a lost Mac?

Find My Mac allows you to find lost Apple devices.

The Find My Mac service will require that you have registered that device and you will need to activate it. The service won’t be able to detect a locked Mac or if it has a dead battery, although you can set it to alert you as soon as the Mac restarts.

Find My shows the location of all your devices on a map not only on Mac but also on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. However, once again, when Find My launches, it will be able to detect devices that are not connected to the web, even if they are inactive.

When Find My starts, the service will use a Bluetooth low energy signal to detect inactive and offline MACs. With Find Me, you will be able to track a lost Mac, as it will send little data, which can be picked up by another device and transmitted to you. Apple insists that your privacy is protected because only you can identify your Mac and all Signal is highly encrypted.

Currently, you can log into the Find My iPhone service by visiting the iCloud website, and from an iPhone or iPad using a Mac or PC, we will explain how to use those services below.

It is not yet clear whether users will be able to access the service via the web as they currently can, which is useful if you only have one PC available to track your lost device.

How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number
How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number

How to Track a Stolen MacBook on Your iPhone

  • Launch the Search for iPhone application.
  • Sign in with your iCloud username and password.
  • Touch your MacBook in the Devices list.
  • If a place is shown on the map, it is on your computer.
  • Touch the MacBook in the center of the screen.
  • Tap Play Sound, Lock, or Erase Mac.

Enable Find My Mac on Mac Computer

  • On a Mac, go to the Apple logo from the top menu > System Preferences.
  • Then click on Apple ID in System Preferences.
  • Now, tap on iCloud from the side panel of the window.
  • Scroll down the list of iCloud services and find the “Find My” option. Also, let Find My Mac use this Mac’s location.
  • enable-find-my-mac-to-mac-system-preferences
  • Select the check box to enable it. Once you enable it, you will get another option to deactivate the Find My Mac Online or Offline Finding Mac option for further customization. I recommend activating both options.
  • Allow from validation popup.
How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number
How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number

How to Find Your Mac’s Serial Number

The easiest way to find the serial number for a Mac is to click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and then click About This Mac. You will find the serial number under the “Overview” tab. “.” The window opens.

If your computer is turned off or won’t turn on, you can turn on your Mac and find the serial number that is physically printed on the hardware. Look for text that begins with “Designed by Apple in California” and then look for the bottom line of writing where you’ll find the serial number.

If you don’t have your Mac, but the computer is linked to your Apple ID account, use a different device to go to

There you can log in and then scroll down to the Devices section and click on the name of your Mac to get its serial number.

If you don’t have a Mac,

If you don’t have access to your Mac, you can still find the serial number in many places.

If you signed in to your Mac with an Apple ID account, the serial number is linked to your Apple ID account online. Visit the Apple ID Accounts website and sign in with the Apple ID account used on your Mac. Click your Mac’s name under “Devices” on the page that appears and you’ll see Mac’s serial number.

If you have enabled Find My Mac on a Mac and it is lost or stolen, you can track or lock it using the Find My Mac feature in iCloud.

If you still have the box your Mac originally came in, check the box. The serial number is printed on the barcode label of your Mac’s original packaging.

How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number
How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number


How To Find Stolen MacBook With Serial Number, That dreadful moment when you find out that your laptop has been stolen can be devastating.

You may feel helpless, but there are several ways to locate a lost device with a serial number or IP address so that you can find and recover it. So prepare for the worst and try all the above methods.

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