How To Find Top Songs On Spotify

How To Find Top Songs On Spotify, It’s the most wonderful time of year – the day we get to know about our Spotify Wrapped results for 2020. Social media is already full of people sharing their most listened to songs, albums, and artists, and you can happily join in. Very easy fun.

In short, answer

Today, the most-played songs are on Spotify if you want to see them. You can see it on Spotify along with your “Top Songs of Yours.”

How To Find Top Songs On Spotify
How To Find Top Songs On Spotify

So how to check your Spotify secret?

For some users, the 2020 Wrapped Slideshow will automatically appear on the mobile device, but you can also find it on your home page or search for “Your Top Songs 2020” in the application; you can check out the desktop version at

This year, Spotify also released a version for non-users, showing some of the most-streamed music of 2020 globally: Spoiler: Bad Bunny Tops, as in The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”. Is.

The streaming service also introduced new types of data this year, including quizzes to test your self-awareness and detailed information about its title track.

In the end, Spotify ended up with 276 plays during its eligibility period. If you’re a Spotify Premium user, you’ll also get a Tastemaker, Pioneer, or Collector badge.

Once you’ve traced all of your habits and mechanisms from this dreadful year, it’s time to bring that information to the masses. People are already debating the merits of sharing your Spotify data on Instagram and Twitter under the assumption that nobody cares except you.

How to find your wrapped Spotify

If you want to take part in the Wrapped action, all you need to do is visit the Spotify Wrapped site and log in to your Spotify account. this is easy.

Then you get a PowerPoint-like slideshow that will tell you what music you enjoyed this year, the number of minutes you spent listening to certain artists, and an infographic on your best songs.

Like you, unless you’re subjected to Baby Shark or The Wiggles for thousands of hours courtesy of your little ones.

How To Find Top Songs On Spotify
How To Find Top Songs On Spotify

How do I find my best artists/songs on Spotify?

Spotify’s personal statistics tool allows you to track and analyze Spotify listening habits for any of your accounts, find out how you listen: which songs and artists you played with 3 different time duration options What are the most streamed ones, what are your favorite genres on Spotify.

To find out your music preferences, a list of your top 50 artists and songs from the past four weeks, six months, and all time, all you have to do is log in with your Spotify account.

What Spotify Statistics Can I See?

Explore your personal most listened to content on Spotify since the last month, during the 6 months, or since you started using Spotify. His personal listening statistics that you can see here:

Your best track

It shows you the most listened-to tracks. You can analyze any song you want to know more about or save its top tracks to a playlist on your Spotify account.

Your best artist

It shows the best artists you have heard (usually 50 artists).

Your best head styles

Your Spotify genre stats tell you what sets you apart from the more popular core genres. Click here to find out what the top music genres are in general.

Your best style

Discover the most loved subgenres, so you can discover new subgenres that you have never heard of before.

Your general mood

Does your music get more energetic or sad? How important or loud are your main songs? General mood includes popularity, enjoyment, dancing ability, energy, acoustics, instrumentation, liveliness, and eloquence.

Your best decade

See if you are a musical time traveler! What decades have you been listening to? What is your favorite musical decade?

 Statistics about your Spotify listening history

This section will inform you about your listening history. What songs have you listened to lately and what is their origin.

How To Find Top Songs On Spotify
How To Find Top Songs On Spotify

How do I view play history on Spotify?

There are three types of playing history on Spotify, depending on the device you’re using.

From your mobile device, you can access a list of songs that you have played in the last 3-4 months. This feature is limited to 50 songs on the desktop app.

However, you can download your Spotify data from your desktop or mobile browser at any time. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to see a list of songs you’ve listened to over the past year, How To Find Top Songs On Spotify.

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