How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

Fix a Hacked Android Phone, Today the smartphone has become our whole world, not just a phone. Our whole world has come down to a 6-inch mobile phone. Everything from work documents to financial transactions is done on the phone. If the phone does not work even for 1 hour, then many people get restless.

If you are also an Android smartphone user, then you need to be very careful, because your Android smartphone can be hacked through a message. Now the question is, how can an Android smartphone be hacked through an SMS.

Let us know how to identify these messages. According to security researchers, 95% of those Android smartphones can be hacked through a message.

In this way, your phone can be hacked through SMS

  • According to the researchers, there is a flaw in the Android version up to 5.1, taking advantage of which any phone can be hacked. The special thing is that even tablets running Android 5.1 can be hacked.
  • Actually, Android phones have a software named “Stagefright,” and with the help of this multimedia files are opened and played. But the sad thing is that MMS i.e. multimedia messages are also opened through this software.
  • In such a situation, if a hacker has your mobile number, then he can hack your phone by sending you an MMS. In such a situation, it is important for you not to click on the link message or MMS from an unknown number.

Some cyber hackers are also taking advantage of this need for the phone. They collect people’s information by hacking the phone and then misuse their private information for financial data.

According to Cyber ​​Expert Pavan Duggal, there is no such thing in the world that cannot be hacked. That’s why we should also accept that our phones can also be hacked.

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Therefore, the following special precautions should be taken while using the phone

1: Take care –

Whatever application you download on your phone, download it from a secure platform only. Never download an app directly from a website. Before downloading any app, all its terms and conditions should be read and understood thoroughly.

2: S stands for Security –

If you want to buy something or do any financial transaction, then that website should start with HTTPS. S stands for Security. If you put your financial data, such as bank details, debit/credit card information on any website without S, then this data is not protected. Anyone else can use it.

3: Be aware –

People have to be aware of cyber security and adopt cyber security as a way of life. Never download unknown apps.

Avoid Spyware Attacks –

Nowadays some mobile spyware has arrived. Hackers make a missed call on your mobile phone, due to which spyware comes inside your phone and gets activated. This spyware copies all the data on the phone and sends it out. So you need to be very careful.

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Signs of mobile hacked –

In this, you have to look at some special things such as the points given below –

  • Your phone’s battery is draining quickly.
  • Your phone is hanging up.
  • POP Ads are coming on Home Screen.
  • Even if you are not using the phone’s data. your data is being used
  • Some apps run in the background again and again.
  • The heat of the phone even on the off-screen etc.
  • When the phone is hacked, it starts acting strange. All the applications start opening on their own. Data usage increases a lot. The app itself starts downloading. The downloading will not stop even after stopping. The phone gets very hot.
  • There is a flood of pop-up ads on the hacked phone. While surfing the internet, so many advertisements start appearing on your phone that you get upset.

If you have faced any of these problems with your phone. So understand that your phone has been hacked. Stay with us to fix this.

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How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone –

  • First of all, go to the Playstore and click on Three Lines on the left side. Then click on Play protect then click on the setting icon here there are two options enable both scan apps with play protection, Harmful apps detection then back and scan if everything is correct then go to the next step
  • Go to your phone’s settings then go to security. This is an option Unknown source installations turn it on
  • Next, go to the option of additional settings in the settings of your phone, click on Storage here and clear the cache data
  • Delete unwanted applications from your phone which you do not need.
  • Do not register on any third-party website and if you have to do it, then it should be done on any other device. register with fake details
  • If even after doing all this, you are facing the above-mentioned symptoms, then you can hard reset your phone, for you can do it by going to your phone’s settings. You just have to type hard reset in the search bar of settings, as soon as the option of hard reset comes, you can reset it by verifying your details.
  • Nowadays hackers hack Android phones even by making Payload. The payload can be bound to any application. For example, it can be installed by binding to an application like WhatsApp or Facebook. For this, you should not use any third-party source.
  • Through mod apps, nowadays everyone who sees that mod app is trying to do it, but some people upload these applications by the binding payload. And those people who have to take any paid app for free, those people fall in this bluff and get their personal details leaked.
  • No antivirus is needed in Android. Antivirus itself is a virus that protects the phone from other viruses. But he himself keeps uploading your details on his server. That’s why to be careful.
  • If your phone is getting hacked then do not use that phone, run your work from any other phone. Take a backup of your phone and keep it. If the phone is hacked then format it. It is good to do a forensic examination of the phone.
  • If you keep updating your mobile phone continuously, then you can protect your phone from hacking by using the latest package.

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If you follow the steps of how to stop the above mobile hack, then your phone will never be hacked and even if it happens. So you can find out by looking at the above symptoms and can fix them.

What is TF Card and What is Difference Between TF and SD Card

We use mobile phones all day. And many personal data are present in our mobile. These personal data contain our pictures, videos, and many documents. All this data is saved in a storage device. With the passage of time, there have been changes in these storage devices as well. And with their smaller size, their capacity has also increased.

In this article TF Card/ What is the meaning of TF card /  what is SD card, you will learn about TF card. Along with this, you will also know in detail the difference between TF cards and SD cards.

What is a memory card and how many types are there?

Memory Card is used by almost all of us, whether it is in a SmartPhone or Camera. But do you really know what a memory card is and how many types are there? Today we will get all the information related to memory cards in this article. As the name suggests, the memory card is used according to storage.

A memory card is a type of storage device used to store media and data files. It provides a permanent and non-volatile medium to store data and files in an attached device.

These cards are generally used mostly in portable devices such as cameras and phones. These cards are also called flash cards. That’s why today I thought, why should all the information about Memory Cards be provided to you people.

So that you have complete information about it and together you can choose the right memory card for yourself. So without delay let’s start and know what this memory card is and what its types are. Memory card is such a type of storage media that is used to store data such as photos, videos, etc.

It is also called an alternative flash memory card. It is used to store data in electronic devices. Devices, where these memory cards are used, are digital cameras, digital camcorders, handheld computers, MP3 players, PDAs, cell phones, game consoles, and printers.

There are so many types of these memory cards that often they create confusion in the mind of the users, which type of memory card should be used where.

So let us know about the types of memory cards so that we can know which types are used where and what are the differences between all of them.

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SD Memory Card

The full form of SD is a Secure Digital Card. This is the most basic format in SD cards. The dimensions of this standard SD card are 32 mm by 24 mm by 2.1 mm, with a storage capacity of up to 4 GB. The level of its performance is not as much as that of other SD memory card types.

SDHC Memory Card –

The full form of SDHC is Secure Digital High Capacity. It was introduced when the demand for HD video and high-resolution image recording increased significantly. It is currently used in many SD-enabled devices.

SDHC cards also have the same physical size and shape as a standard SD card, but they follow the new SD specification of version 2.0. If the memory capacity of the SD card is 4GB or more, then it is kept in the category of SDHC card.

As of now, according to the SDHC specifications, the capacity of memory cards should be within 4GB to 32GB. So if you are buying an SDHC card then check that the device in which you are going to use it should be compatible with this card.

SDXC Memory Card –

The full form of SDXC is Secure Digital Extended Capacity. SDXC cards are a higher-capacity version of the SDHC card. The capacities of SDXC cards start from 64GB and the maximum theoretical capacity can reach up to 2TB.

MicroSD Memory Card –

As the name suggests, microSD memory cards are very small as compared to basic SD cards. Together they are mostly used in portable equipment such as mobile phones.

MicroSDHC –

MicroSDHC cards, this is a newer version of microSD, which was first introduced in 2007. It has about 32 GB of data and its transfer rate can reach about 10 MB per second. microSDHC cards are not backward compatible, which means that it is not compatible with older microSD devices.

MicroSDXC –

Just like SDXC cards, microSDXC cards also have storage capacity within 32 GB to 2 TB. The data transfer speed of this card is very fast as compared to microSD and microSDHC. These are compatible only with those devices which have a microSDXC-compatible slot available.

Compact Flash Card –

This type of memory card is physically larger than an SD card and has a lot of connections. They are not used as much as SD cards, but some have very large capacities and can function very fast. It is often used by professional photographers.

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How can we increase the size of the memory card?

By the way, the storage size of these memory cards is fixed and they cannot be increased. If your memory card is full, then you can delete some files that you do not want to use further, or if you want, you can move some files to another place.

This will make more space available across you and your storage size will also increase. If you still need more space then you can buy a new one in place of that old memory card.

How to choose the right and best memory card?

People often ask these questions about how to choose the best memory card for themselves. The simple answer is that according to your needs, you have to look at the specifications and parameters of the memory card before buying a flash memory card.

The first thing that has to be taken care of is the size of the card. Nowadays cards are available in a variety of sizes, so first you have to see your devices whether the size chosen by you will fit in your device or not.

After that, you have to look at the storage of the card because more storage is needed to store videos and images. Therefore, according to the operation, you should choose the right memory card size.

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What is a TF Card?

The full name of TF is TransFlash Card. And it is also called a micro SD card. It was developed in 2004 by Sandisk and Motorola. Its size is very small. Its size is only one-fourth of the SD card.

The TF card is a member of the SD card family. And it is connected to the electronic device from the slot of the SD card itself. TF card is the smallest flash memory card available on the market. Which is used for many tools. It is available with a storage capacity of up to 128 GB.

What is an SD card?

We all use SD cards. And it is engaged in various portable devices such as mobiles, cameras, audio players, etc. An SD card is a storage device. And in this, you can keep your electronic data like pictures, videos, and documents, etc.

There are various SD cards available in the market today. Whose storage capacity ranges from 1GB to 128GB. An SD card is also commonly called a memory card. And its full name is Security Digital Card. its size is too small

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TF card Vs SD card

Following is the difference between TF card and SD card –

  • SD cards are based on semiconductor flash memory technology. The same TF card is based on the innovative NAND MLC technology and Sandisk’s controller technology.
  • The SD card was created in August 1999 by Panasonic, Toshiba, and Sandisk. The same TF card was made by Motorola and Sandisk in 2004.
  • SD cards are used in portable devices such as digital cameras, media players. The same TF card is mainly used in mobile phones.
  • Can convert TF card to SD card. But I can not convert the SD card to a TF card.
  • SD cards cost more than TF cards of the same capacity and size

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In this article what is a TF Card / You have to know in detail about TF card? Along with this, the difference between TF card and SD card is also to be known in detail. TF card was developed by MOTOROLA and SANDISK company. And this SD card is just as small in size. And it is very effective incapacity.

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