How To Fix Bad System Config Problem

One of the errors you may get in Windows 10 or 8.1 (8) is a blue screen (BSOD) with the text “Your PC has a problem and needs to be restarted” and the code Bad System Config Info is. Sometimes the problem occurs spontaneously during operation and other times it occurs immediately when the computer is turned on.

This manual details what can cause a blue screen with stop code Bad System Config Info and possible methods to fix the error that occurred.

How To Fix Bad System Config Info Error –

Bad System Config Info error usually indicates that there are errors or discrepancies between the registry values in the Windows Registry and the actual configuration of the computer.

At the same time, you should not rush to look for registry error-fixing programs, as they are unlikely to help in this matter, and besides, it is often their use that causes the specified error to appear. . There are simpler and more effective ways to solve the problem, depending on the situations in which it happened.

If the error occurs after changing BIOS settings (UEFI) or Installing new Hardware, Follow these Steps

In cases where the Bad System Config Info error started appearing after some registry settings (such as changing the drive mode) or after installing some new hardware, the possible ways to fix the problem are:

1: If the problem is non-critical BIOS settings, restore them to their original state.

2: Boot your computer in safe mode, and after Windows has fully booted, reboot into normal mode (when booting in safe mode, some registry settings may be overwritten with actual data). Check out Windows 10 Safe Mode.

3: If new hardware was installed, such as a different video card, boot into Safe Mode and remove all drivers for the same old hardware when installed (for example.

If you had one NVIDIA video card, installed another went, NVIDIA too), then download and install the latest drivers for the new hardware. Restart your computer normally.

In general, in the case at hand, none of the above helps.

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If in any other case Bad system config information Blue Screen then Follow these Steps

If the error started appearing after installing certain programs, cleaning your computer, changing registry settings manually, or simply spontaneously (or you don’t remember what happened after that), the possible options are as follows.

1: If the error appears after a recent reinstallation of Windows 10 or 8.1 – install all original hardware drivers manually (from the website of the motherboard manufacturer for the PC or from the official website of the laptop manufacturer).

2: If the error appears after any registry action, cleaning the registry, using tweakers, programs to disable Windows 10 tracks, try using system restore points, and if they are not available – manually. Restore Registry Windows (instructions for Windows 10, but in 8.1 the steps will be similar).

3: If malware is suspected, scan with specialized malware removal tools.

Finally, if none of these worked, and the initial Bad System Config Info error did not appear (until recently), you can try resetting Windows 10 with the saved data (Process for 8.1 will be the same).

Note: If some steps fail because the error appears even before you can log in to Windows, you can use a bootable flash drive or a disc with the same system version: boot from the distribution and select After that click on “System Restore” on the screen. language in the lower left.

The command line (for manual registry restoration), access to system restore points, and other tools that may be useful in the situation in question will be available.

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How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop –

Here you get several ways to fix Windows 10 startup problems. Either in the form of an automatic repair loop, your PC did not start correctly, infinite booting, or some other similar startup problems. You might be experiencing Windows 10.

So here I powered on this laptop and after a limited second trying to boot up it bangs the blue screen error saying automatic repair your PC did not start correctly and after effort, the initial fix it further posted this error saying instead of repair couldn’t repair your PC.

Your smile may be different, maybe some kind of infinite boot loop or other blue screen errors. Now there are several possible reasons why you may be experiencing this problem. It could be due to some abrupt shutdown or power failures.

It could be due to some compatible objects or even due to some applications you have installed on your PC. Now relying on the event that led to this problem you wouldn’t require to try all binds, you could simply pick the method that is more likely to solve your problem and implement it.

Now without further ado let’s jump right into it –

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1: First thing to try particularly if this is the first period you have seen a blue screen error like this with a restart choice would be to try the restart option. See if it will boot you back into Windows then afterward you can observe the behavior of your PC to see if this happens again.

This could be due to power failure or abrupt shutdown of the PC. It could similarly occur when you attach some new hardware like an external hard drive or USB equipment to your PC for some reason.

Such devices are not fully compatible with your PC or just pop a blue screen and shut down. There wouldn’t be any need to panic or change any settings. Simply use the restart option to try to boot your PC back to Windows.

But, if that flunks or if you protect yourself from getting such errors over and over again then you can proceed with your solutions in the article.

2:  Use the startup repair tool

This is a default tool provided in Windows to help fix problems that keep your windows from loading. So while on the blue screen where it says automatic repair your PC did not start correctly.

Click on the Advanced Options and then should have a screen, click on troubleshoot on the troubleshoot screen, click on Advanced Options again, and then click on startup repair.

Now if you have multiple users accounts it will prompt you to select the account you want to fix just select your account and enter the password then hit continue and wait for the startup repair tool to diagnose and try to repair your windows automatically.

While that happens you should see messages like this saying diagnosing your PC checking disk for errors and attempting repairs. So now as written here this process could take a while from a few minutes to maybe an hour depending on the situation.

However, if this continues for an unusually long period then should consider stopping the process and trying some other fixes. Now if this gets profitable you should be eligible to log back into your Windows.

However, After running this process it says you as a preparer couldn’t repair your PC. Now if you get similar feedback or your skips running for an unusually long period then you should proceed with the test suggestion. The Fed approach would be to use their registry backup command call drag back.

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What are Commandos?

Commandos are to replace your registry configuration with the last known good configuration you have on your PC. So basically changing your registry configuration to the configuration of your most recent successful bottle to do that you will need to go back to this Advanced Options screen.

And click on the command prompt option, now it should open up the command from the terminal. Type in the letter of the disk drive where you install your operating system. Usually is the C Drive in some cases it could be a different Drive like D. If you have configured it. So you need to type in the deadest C and then a colon and hit enter, now type in dir and hit enter.

If you find the folders program files and Program Files x86 together with other folders like users and windows then you end the write drive or the wise type in another later like D then a colon and hit enter then dir.

So as you can see here at the directories, you need to write the drive now before running the Reg back command. You need to back up the current registry.

Then type in the command CD space backward slash Windows slash system32 backward slash config and hit enter.

Then type MD space backup as shown on the screen and press enter. Now type copy space asterisk dot asterisk space backup and hit enter. Then wait a bit for the files to be copied after that type in CD space rag back and hit enter then type dir once again and hit enter.


If you have valid numbers here then go ahead and type the command copy space asterisk dot asterisk space dot and hit enter. Then type the letter A and hit enter to override on finally type exit and hit enter to complete the process.

It should then take you back to the page where you can now choose to continue to start up your computer or to shut down. However, if all these three fixes fail then you can consider running in a system restore for that you will need to make a bootable USB with Windows 10 installation files.

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