How To Format Write Protected Pendrive?

How To Format Write Protected Pendrive?

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Do you face the problem of “disk is write protected” when you try to format your pen drive? What does it mean that when you try to format your pen drive, flash drive, and SD card then you get a “disk is write protected” error message.

It means that your Windows operating system has set administrator limits at this time, your registry entry gets damaged, your USB pen drive is locked due to virus infection or third-party encryption software.

For this reason, you cannot format it in the presence of write protection status on the USB pen drive. Because of which you get a “Disk is write-protected” error message while formatting the pen drive.

You might be wondering “How to remove write protection on a USB drive?”. Here I will tell you 6 ways by which you can format your pen drive. In these tips, we will explain everything step by step so that you will be able to implement it easily.

1: Using CMD Command to Remove Write Protected from Pen drive

First of all try to fix this problem using some CMD comments, to do this first open CMD go to “Start” and type cmd to make sure you run it with administrator privileges. Then click Yes, then type “diskpart” and press Enter. Then type list “decklist” space disk now press enter once again.

This is going to show you all the discs or devices that are connected to your computer devices. I mean storage devices like USB flash drives, external hard disks, SD cards, etc. Now select your USB flash drive from that list.


Make sure you have selected the correct disk from here, nowhere type space disk select “ok” then press enter. Again, make sure you have selected the correct disc; if you choose any other disc, it may cause some problems. Make sure you have selected the correct one. Ok then type here “attribute disk”.

Now press enter as you can see there it will say the current suit is a position only. This means this flash is currently write protected, to remove write protection type the following command – “Attribute Disk Clear Read Only”.

After that press enters, exit after typing that, and close that cmd comment. Now go back, take out your USB flash drive or SD card, and insert it back. This time your problem will be solved.

Now let’s see no problem is if this method didn’t work for you then you don’t have to worry just skip to the next step

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2: Using RegEdit

To do this, first, go to Start and type registry editor, after that just open it then click on yes. After that double click on H’s local machine and then open the system folder.

Then double click on it, after that select the current control set just double click on it. Next, open the Controls folder, now it’s going to open a huge list of options from this list. Where you have to find an option called “Storage Device Policies“.

If you don’t have a storage policy here, just scroll up and then right-click on Control, and then click on the New Select key. Now name this key as “Storage Device Policies“. Make sure that there are no spaces between the words and that each word must begin in capital letters. Once you learn that just right-click on it, click on Neo and then click on Cue Word 64-bit Value.

 Now name this value, oh right protect right without space protect press enter right-click on it then click on modify you can see the value data is 0 just change it to 1, then click on ok. Now restart your computer, after restarting your computer plug back your USB flash drive and your problem will be fixed.

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3:  Checking physical Write protected Button

There are a lot of district cards nowadays that come with a built-in write-protection button or switch. If you have this type of USB flash drive try playing with that switch, try turning it on or off.

Also, some SD cards come with a drag protection button, if you have such use of a flash drive or SD card then try to turn it on or off.

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4: Using LLF Format Tool

If the previous manufacturers didn’t work for you then you should try a software called HDD Low-Level Format Tool.

Download and install a small tool called HDD Low-Level Format Tool. It will ask you to buy the software, you don’t need to worry just click on continue, now select your USB flash drive or SD card which is protected.

Now select the HDD Low-Level Format tab, and then click on Format Stripe. It is going to tell you that it is going to delete all the files from your USB flash drive. It’s going to take time so you just have to wait for it.

When the formatting process is complete, you can check to see if your flash drive is fixed.

 If your problem is still not resolved then it means that the software has failed to format your USB flash drive, which is not formatted. If this method also does not work for you then try the next step.

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5:  Using software called Malvastyle USB Repair

 Just go to google, search malvastyle USB repair, and download the software. After downloading the software just install it on your computer, after installing this software will not create a shortcut on your desktop like other software.

  So to find that out just go to “Start” and just type launch disk repair, just click on it and then click yes. Then you can see the interface of the software; now select USB Flash Drive from its list.

Then click on OK, the software will remove write protection from your pen drive.

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6: Recovering Data From write Protected Pen Drive Using Recoverit Free

 If not all the methods mentioned individually work for you, then your last option is to recover or save your important data to that right protected, SD card or USB flash drive. If you care about your data that is stuck inside that write-protected pen drive then you will want to recover your data using data recovery software.

There are many data recovery software out there, but the data recovery software we would recommend you to use is “Recoverit Free” software. But this software is not completely free; you can recover only 100 MB files with this software.

  You have to buy it to recover more. It is the best software because Wondershare makes the software. Wondershare is the world’s number one data recovery software manufacturer or whatever you want to call it.

 All you have to do is click on it, which is External Device Recovery, now click on Next. It is supposed to automatically detect your USB flash drive. You have to select your pen drive, then click on start.

 Then it will start scanning for files. Then as you can see, it will be looking for your files. Now, this software will also find old deleted files.

  So you have to wait for its completion when the scanning process is completed. So choose the type of files you want to save on your computer. Once again, let me mention that this software will only allow you to recover 100 MB files.

  If you want to recover files of more than 100 MB then you have to buy it and if you find that, the software did not find all the files that you wanted then you can switch to this deep scan mode. Which will be a decision

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