How To Get Airpods Out Of a Hard Plastic Case

Before we talk about how to get airpods out of a hard plastic case, let us understand what the airpods case is made off? The Airpods case is made out of polycarbonate plastic material which is 2mm thick. This means that when put inside another plastic case over a long period of time the case surface will get firm against another plastic material.

Steps To Remove Stuck Airpods Out Of a Hard Plastic Case

Step 1) : – Take 2 butter knives. Apply carrom powder (Boric Acid) on the flat surface on both. This is the long flat surface which you use to peel out butter normally. I’ll explain in the 2nd step, why we are using boric acid.

Step 2): – Insert the butter knives on both sides of the case as shown in the picture below. Make sure you apply boric acid before you slide the butter knives in. This will help in avoiding friction and putting marks on the surface of the airpods case.

How To Get Airpods Out Of a Hard Plastic Case 1

Step 3) : – Now you need a long cylindrical hard device with a rounded flat end so that you can push the airpods case gently from the charging end.

Step 4): – Once you start pushing the case from the charging end, eventually it should come out as the surface isnt stuck with the plastic case. 

This is how to get airpods out of a hard plastic case.

How To Avoid Airpods Getting Stuck In The Plastic Case

  1. Do not use plastic cases to protect your airpods case. Use rubber or silicon material cases. These help in your airpods not getting stuck.
  2. Every few weeks make sure you remove your airpods and wash the rubber or silicon case. This helps in maintenance
  3. You can also use pop socket cases which makes removing the airpods easy to remove
  4. If at all you wish to use your favorite plastic case and your airpods do get stuck then you can also warm up the plastic for sometime. Plastic expands when heated. Do ensure you don’t over do it or else it may damage the electronics circuitry inside the airpods case. 

How To Clean Your Airpods and The Airpods Case

Its of utmost importance to keep your airpods and the case clean for hygiene and long durability of the product.

Materials Needed To Clean Your Airpods

  1. A piece of cloth which is lint free.
  2. Clean cotton ear swabs.
  3. Dry soft bristle or nano bristle toothbrush
  4. Clorox antiseptic wipes or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes

How To Clean Airpods The Right Way

  1. Gently clean and wipe your airpods with the dry lint free cloth
  2. The speaker and the meshes can be wipes with the cotton ear swaps
  3. Many times ear wax gets caught up in the meshes. Use the nano toothbrush to wipe it off and then clean it with the dry cloth. Never use sharp objects like a needle or a pen to clean your airpods microphone or the meshes as it may result in damage.
  4. If the sweat or sunscreen gets into your airpods then use dry cloth to wipe it off

The Right Way To Clean The Airpods Case

  1. The outside of the case can be cleaned with a dry cloth. If you think the case is pretty dirty as it can happen in case of white color cases then dip the cloth in 70% isopropyl alcohol and clean it. Ensure that the open charging point is not exposed to any liquid.
  2. The soft nano toothbrush can be used to clean the dirt and debris from the charging point. You can also use a cotton swab to gently press on the charging point and clean the dirt which gets stuck inside.

How To Clean Your Airpods With a Disinfectant For Hygiene

As your airpods are exposed to the dirt environment, overtime they do get very dirty and grossy.
You can use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox wipes to clean them. It’s good for hygiene too as you keep wearing your airpods in your ears and wax can get accumulated over time.
Once cleaned, you can also use a hair dryer from a distance to dry the airpods.

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