How To Get Outbreak Perfected

How To Get Outbreak Perfected

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Outbreak Proven is one of the best alien weapons in the game. The weapon was briefly unavailable to players when Beyond Light came out, although it is now back in the game and available to retrieve. Today I am going to take a look at the weapon to see why it’s one of the best in the game.

Outbreak Perfected is an alien kinetic pulse rifle originally released in Season 6 as a reward for the Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2. Where you have to defeat a group of fallen enemies and solve puzzles against the clock.

Unfortunately, in Beyond Light, the mission was sent to the Destiny Content Vault, which means we can no longer access the mission and hence the prize at the end. The Outbreak Perfected is a great kinetic pulse rifle, mainly because of its benefits.

What you will see with Outbreak Perfected is the speed at which it shoots; it is very fast and very effective. The main DPS perks are great for killing swarms of SIVA Nantes at enemies. In addition to exotic perks, it comes with Outlaw, where precise kills increase reload speed.

Why did you get the Outbreak Perfected?

The Outbreak is one of three exotic Pulse rifles available in Destiny 2, along with the Perfect Vigilance Wing and the Graviton Lance.

The weapon is incredibly powerful and has a variety of perks that make it devastating in combat battles.

Its intrinsic advantage is called Corruption Spread, and it allows the weapon to attack the SIVA Nannie with a quick strike and a precise kill. The internal buff works well with its exotic buff, Parasitism, which allows the weapon to deal more damage to enemies based on the number of Nantes attributed to them.

The weapon also provides an alien catalyst, called Disease Vector, which increases Nannie’s damage caused by parasitism and causes enemies to die with Nantes attached to them to create more Nantes.

Catalyst is unlocked by completing the heroic version of the last mission of this mission, which we will see a little later. As a bonus, Outbreak is much stronger in the new Crown of Sorrow raid.

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How and where to start?

This mission has one condition: you must have completed the world mission “The enemy of my enemy” to unlock it. Upon completing this mission, a dropped transponder can be found in a previously locked room at the tidal anchor on Titan. Contrary to popular belief, there is no time limit on picking up this transponder, so don’t worry about finding it directly behind the enemy of my enemy mission.

First, if available, you can enter the heroic version of the Bad Neighbors mission. After the scene where you see a fallen captain through a glass window, walk to the side through a door covered with a “hive of shadows”; If you have completed the My Enemy’s World mission, it should say “Unlocked” when you get to this door.

Second, you can also find the transponder in free-roaming mode, just spawn on The Rig on Titan and proceed to the same door. The transponder is on a desk in the lower room.

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Detect downed transponder

Lastly, you’ll want to fly to Titan. Begin the Bad Neighbors adventure and press until you meet your first Shirker, which looks like a giant purple floating crystal if you’re not sure. After hitting it, look immediately to your left and if you are, close enough you should see a door that says “Unlock”.

If you don’t have access to search, don’t worry. You can open this door in Tidal Anchorage through the Patrol and follow the path until you exit the control room. Once you find your way to the hive blocked by, er, goop, and head straight for the door. You should find yourself in a small, dark room, with the doors on your left.

As a side note, some people have reported problems opening this door. The quickest solution is to swap characters, but if that doesn’t work, make sure you’ve completed the My Enemy’s Enemy mission. The mission ends with a knight of the hive fighting a fallen captain – keep him safe and kill the knight, not the captain.

Once done, go through the open door and examine the table to find the downed transponder.

Where to find all 6 transponder nodes?

Node 1 – EDZ. In drain lost sector

Node 2 – Whispers in the EDZ Falls Lost Sector

Node 3 – EDZ. In Atrium Lost Sector

Node 4 – EDZ. Widow’s Walk in Lost Sector

Node 5 – Nessus. On Carrion Pit Lost Sector

Node 6 – Rift Lost Sector on Nessus

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Getting Your Perfection From Exotic Buds

So I not only predicted that room on Titan, but while exploring a month ago, I talked on stream about how the Farm opened the dungeon as well and how there seemed to be room for a vendor.

Now that your drop transponder is complete, you’ll want to head to the farm. If you haven’t been there since opening the tower, you can access the farm from the top right corner of the EDZ’s Destination tab. From the landing point, exit the hangar in front of you. Go down the stairs and into the back left corner and you’ll see a familiar fallen face with the message “Rendezvous”.

Please note that this search is time-based and requires a minimum light level of 690. I also highly recommend that you bring a fire team on the same mission scenario and have a light level higher than 690. In classes for enemies. Here, make sure you are between your subclass, Energy, and Power slots. . All types of damages are covered. The color of the enemy’s shield corresponds to the type of damage to which it is vulnerable.

Below, I have outlined a basic analysis of the mission areas. The missions have a time limit and you must eliminate all the enemies before you can proceed in each area. To get Triumph, you must complete the mission, with no more than 5 minutes left on the clock. Provides a nice symbol. I have divided the mission into sections below. I only made it to Zone 5 and completed the entire mission with the Fireteam on my fourth attempt.

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Absolute zero hour

Check out our Zero Hour quest guide, a separate article detailing each puzzle solution, and the fastest way to get to the boss room. This is an extremely challenging mission, so make sure you are ready for battle before starting.

Zero Hour takes place in The Old Tower, and you must complete the entire task in under 20 minutes. The most important thing here is that the total power level of the enemy in this mission is 690. When you complete missions, you will be rewarded with Outbreak Perfect, allowing you to add it to your collection.

Completing this mission also unlocks the Zero Tilt Hero Edition, which adds a few more twists to the entire experience. If you want to get the bud-tested alien catalyst, you will have to finish the heroic version.

Enjoy new Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Proven is a fun weapon to use. In fact, he spent a lot of time suffering from previous raids, as they transition from bud to nanite would happen outside of prime, even when he was immune to damage. Then once that shield was removed, the pain came for the former IP.

Unfortunately, Bungie weakened the weapon a bit. But it’s still a great time to engage in a lot of PvE activity, and it’s even more fun in Crucible if you can kill some nanites. You might not get a “zero hour” experience, but the information above may at least reward you. It’s something like that, isn’t it?

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Thanks for reading this article; I will definitely continue to update this guide with more information if it becomes relevant to the search. By now, you should have everything you need to get the Outbreak Perfect Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny. You can go back to our Destiny guide for more help completing the other alien quest lines in the Bungie shooter.

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