How To Get Roomba Over Threshold?

With the advent of robotic vacuum cleaners, the reality of always returning to a clean home or office without lifting a finger is upon us. But are they practical and is the truth predictable? Specifically, is the popular robot vacuum capable of handling bumps, thresholds, and carpets?

Most robot vacuums are designed to handle height variations of up to 1.6cm. (The average range is 1.27cm (0.5in) and the average robot vacuum cleaner can exceed 1.77cm (0.7in).) If your space has more carpet or a threshold than this, rugs or additional ramps will prevent their use. walking robot. can be stopped. help can be found. Run a vacuum cleaner over it. If ramps aren’t practical, you might want to consider using multiple vacuums or otherwise plan to clean those rooms separately.

As long as the robot vacuum has bumps and thresholds at or below the indicated range, there are usually no problems. However, it is important to store the vacuum cleaner, as repeated use, dirt and misuse can adversely affect the device. In particular, the traction of the wheels, as well as the sharpness of the external sensors, could deteriorate, and this can lead over time to the failure of the device on Brahms and Thresholds.

Can a Roomba cross a threshold?

Yes, the Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner can overcome the various limitations of your home. This ability is needed to continue cleaning other parts of the house without any problems.

Your Roomba can cross a variety of thresholds thanks to its wheels. Firstly, all Roomba models have a steering wheel at the front which helps them overcome minor obstacles like thresholds.

More importantly, the Roomba has two main drive wheels that are supported by springs on either side.

Together, these wheels generate the power that the Roomba needs to push itself to one threshold and move to another.

Don’t worry about the cliff sensor in the Roomba. They can sense that the Roomba is trying to cross a threshold, not a staircase or balcony. Therefore, these sensors will not turn off the robot vacuum or turn it over.

How To Get Roomba Over Threshold
How To Get Roomba Over Threshold?

How Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Are Designed To Handle Bumps And Thresholds

Most robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers describe the characteristics of their products with one qualification: that their equipment is designed to surpass the use of traditional human-powered vacuum cleaners. With that in mind, there are a few things you can easily do to get maximum floor coverage from your robot vacuum.

Robot vacuum cleaners can use multiple motors, perhaps one for each of the two wheels, one for the rotating brush, one for the vacuum cleaner itself, and possibly one for the forward agitator. The Tank Thread Vacuum can be a powerful feature, but sadly none of the models have innovated in this direction yet.

The size and shape of the void are also important collision factors. If the frame of the vacuum cleaner protrudes too much from the position of the drive wheels, this creates a small threshold angle for the entire device and can limit the ability of the vacuum cleaner to even small bumps. All things being equal, this is a little better.

In the first device, the robot vacuum cleaner must determine the size of the free space at the entrance with its built-in sensor. The “coral reef sensors” are connected to a vacuum cleaner and work via infrared light waves. When the outgoing beam does not return quickly from the floor, the sensor indicates that the vacuum has reached the edge of the cliff.

The “wall sensors” use sensor technology similar to rock sensors and are distributed along the sides of the vacuum body. They also determine which limits can be exceeded; If there is no reflection from the sensor, the vacuum is not inactive. However, there are no pump sensors. Instead, the robot knows if it’s not moving and will understand that there must be a collision to stop it.

In Which Cases Is It Worth Setting This Limit?

Now, whether you should take action to set a limit too high really depends on the robot you have.

Of course, if you want to buy a premium robot that can navigate large houses efficiently, you won’t want to stop it from moving from room to room.

But if you have purchased or are planning to purchase a random browsing robot, it can be helpful to have a threshold that prevents the robot from moving freely into another room.

This is because with the Random Browsing Robot there is no way to know that the robot has finished cleaning the first room when you let it move freely around the house. Often you have to close the door or obstruct the door to make sure you can enter another room.

So, with a random browsing robot, the autonomy you get is already compromised by the fact that it doesn’t know where it is and hasn’t cleaned it, and the robot already has to move from room to room. You just have to do something, if you want to do it, do it. Make sure it’s completely clean.

This means that crossing the threshold is a problem you should almost only face if you have a robot with intelligent mapping and navigation technology.

How To Get Roomba Over Threshold
How To Get Roomba Over Threshold?

Tips For Using Roomba On Carpet

  • Set aside a different cleaning time for areas with carpet or rough carpet, so Roomba has no difficulty transitioning from one-floor type to another or even a threshold level.
  • Use the power mode or carpet mode to thoroughly clean rugs and carpets.
  • Shaggy rugs with curved corners can make Roomba stick together. Manual intervention is necessary to prevent the robot from locking up.
  • If you have a Roomba that really has a hard time cleaning carpets, it’s best to avoid thick rugs and carpets altogether as they can overload the motor and battery.
  • A great trick that may work for you is to slightly increase the wheel height by installing regular washers with the wheel. Of course, this is only for users who are used to tampering with their Roombas and doing all kinds of hacks. It is not for the faint of heart or for users whose Roombas are still under warranty.

Can You Refuse The Roomba?

You can’t lower the level of your Roomba robot vacuum, but I have another great tip to use if your Roomba gets stuck under things that aren’t high enough.

Use Robobumper, I’ve included a link below. A Robobumper is exactly what the name applies to, a bumper for your robot. You can use the bumper to increase the height of your Roomba or make sure it doesn’t get stuck on the threshold by lowering the perceptual height.


At the end of the day, there are definitely ways to avoid this if your threshold or split strips are causing problems for your robot. This certainly shouldn’t deter you from buying a robot vacuum… unless there are more than 20 rooms in the house, all with significant limits to enter.

Throw in a piece of carpet or grab a robot vacuum and place it in the next room. It’s certainly not the most ideal situation when you’re trying to automate your life, but it is life.

How To Get Roomba Over Threshold?
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