How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15

How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15, For those who love rainy nights and magic lights, Apple has an amazing new feature Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15. The new background sound feature in iOS 15 can play a rain sound on your iPhone. Even if it’s not raining outside, you can still hear the sounds of rain while playing music on iOS 15.

This is something unique and exciting. Imagine Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15while enjoying your favorite romantic song from Apple Music. If you don’t want to play music with rain sound in iOS 15, you can start background rain sound while enjoying nature.

In addition, background sounds also include other sounds to calm your mind and focus, such as noise, loud noises, dark noise, ocean, rain, and balancing the current. Let us learn How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15.

How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15
How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15

How do I turn on the rain sound in iOS 15?

At first, this may seem like a difficult feature; however, it is actually quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step description of How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Scroll down to the Listen section and select Audio/Visual.
  • Background sound is another feature. Click on it.
  • Select the Sound tab and set it to Rain.

Congratulations, you did! It was not that difficult, was it? Now you have access to one of the coolest new features introduced in iOS 15! In addition to rain noise, there are a few other background noises to choose from and settings to play with.

The fastest way to use background sound

How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15
How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15

The quickest way to fill your ears with the sound of rain is to set up an accessibility shortcut. Once this is done, you are only limited in how quickly you can triple-click a button. You don’t even need to configure anything else first.

To do this, open Settings, find Accessibility, scroll down to Accessibility Shortcuts, and select Background Sound. Now, you can press the Home or Side button on your device three times to bring up a list of your shortcuts. From there, tap Background Sounds to bring up the noise. Re-enable the shortcut to disable it.

All limits here are related to optimization. There is no way to change the sound you are hearing so you are stuck with whatever is in the queue for your phone. You can adjust the volume with the buttons on your device, but that’s it. You must also take into account the rest of the options that Apple has enabled by default.

With the Accessibility shortcut, enable background sounds:

When you ask Siri to play or turn off the background sound, random material from the Music app appears instead of the actual background sound feature. When you ask Siri to stop playing background sounds, Siri responds, “Nothing is playing.”

However, the background sound can become an accessibility shortcut that can be activated by clicking the side button on the iPhone three times:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Accessibility from the menu.
  • Select Accessibility Shortcut from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Background Sounds from the menu.
  • Since triple-clicking instantly turns background sounds on and off, it’s faster than using the Control Center.

According to Apple, the new noises “are played in the background to hide unwanted ambient or outside noise, and the sounds are mixed or hidden in other audio and system sounds.”

That’s all you have to do. We hope that after reading this guide, you can turn on background sounds and reduce your distractions. Feel free to leave a comment in the field below. Also, share this post with your friends and family.

How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15
How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15

How to use Back Touch to control background sounds

Back Tap is an iOS option where if you tap the back of your iPhone two or three times, it will do something automatically. However, on its own, it won’t do anything to background sounds.

However, you can set it up so that a back tap plays an accessibility shortcut. This is a one-time shortcut option that executes an option.

Go to Settings, Accessibility, and scroll almost to the end. Touch Accessibility shortcut and then, from the long list of options that appear, touch to select Background sounds.

Now you need to configure Back Tap. Go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, and scroll down to Touch Back. Then tap it to turn it on and specify what you want it to do.

Choose Double Tap or Triple Tap, whichever you prefer, and tap on it. Then tap to select the second option Accessibility shortcut from the top.

Touch Back to exit because it is very easy to accidentally select something else on this list.

Now when you tap the back of your iPhone two or three times, the background sound will start or stop.

This sounds a lot more complicated than using the Control Center, but that’s because it involves adjusting some of the iPhone’s options to make it happen. And you can even customize them a bit more.

Back Tap not only allows you to quickly launch certain iPhone functions, it also allows you to run a shortcut. This means that in fact, Back Tap and Shortcut together allow you to quickly start something very close to what you want.

Plus, they also mean that you can have a touch that starts as many different things as you can imagine. Simply, instead of choosing an accessibility shortcut in the double or triple tap control, select the name of the shortcut you just created.

Apple has added the background sound control set to shortcuts. So, for example, you can write a shortcut that starts playing background sounds, turns on Do Not Disturb or Focus, and whatever else you need.

Background sound for iOS 15 seems like a small addition, but when you’ve used it and when you need it, it’s another little thing that matters immensely.

CONCLUSION OF How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15

How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15, I hope you have understood in this article How To Get The Rain Sound On In iOS 15, if your answer is no, you can ask anything related to this article through the contact forum section. And if your answer is yes, please share this article with your family and friends.

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