How To Get Unshadow Banned On Tik Tok

How To Get Unshadowbanned

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Many people have problems and instructions on how to get rid of shadow restrictions. So everything that worked in 2020 just forgot it in 2021. There are new strategies you can use to circumvent the shadowbanned or get rid of the shadow ban.

Let’s discuss why you get the shadow band

 There are common mistakes people do and that’s the reason why they get shadow bands –

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 1:  So everyone who’s growing in your brand has the function of commenting or sending the message of liking whatever. If you exceed that function, if you exceed it too often people or the Instagram algorithm thinks you’re a bot. If you do it too often in a couple of days you get the shadow band.

 2: Another one is you have used broken hashtags. So if you’re using hashtags make sure you don’t use any hashtags which are not allowed.

 So if you use a hashtag,  You’re not allowed to advertise anything about politics about Modi, Tump, or Biden then you can get a shadow band or even the worst case deleted.

3: The main mistake is people using software later, like engagement groups. I’m not saying you should not use it but make sure if you use it that this third-party software is allowed with Instagram many people get shadowbanned. Because they have used too many comments. They have used too many features. They’ve used any kind of software, which pushes their account.

4:  If you are selling products on Instagram or if you have a link and buy. Let’s say you’re scamming people, you don’t give them the value which you promise, People can report you.

 If you get reported too often in a short period, especially when you’re a small account you can get a shadow band. But, don’t worry we have the solution for you. If you don’t know if you’re a shadow band or if you are not a shadow band. So read the following information

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How to get Unshadowbanned on Instagram –

1: Just go to another profile or take the phone of your friend, just look for your recent post and look for the hashtags. If your hashtags are not ranking at any of the likes. If not of any of the hashtags are ranking and the recent hashtags you’re a complete shadow bandit. If it’s on multiple posts I’m sure your shadow band.

 2: Why did the shadow band stop doing it, if you use third-party software delete? You don’t use it, disconnect it from Instagram. If you use hashtags make sure of the recent post you have posted since you got the shadow band.

Let’s say the shadow band lasts for seven days and deletes all the hashtags which you have used on all the posts in the last hashtag sets. Because Instagram is always checking if you’re still using it.

 Then if you keep pushing using the hashtag sets don’t do it, delete hashtag sets, and don’t use any hashtag sets in the future.

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3: What also works well is an opportunity to switch to a business profile. If you’re not a business profile yet and then switch to a personal profile. If you are already a business profile switch to a personal profile and switch back sometimes it works wonders.

4:  This is pretty simple and pretty easy to explain: stop doing anything for 48 hours. Why usually Instagram is not tracking 24 hours. If you’re doing something if you have broken rules they always take a look over multiple days and 48 hours is the minimum.

 You should not do anything else, the best way is to do nothing for 72 hours. If you exceeded commenting if you exceeded likes if you exceeded follow unfollow. Just go offline for three days, delete your app that’s also super powerful, delete your app and once those three days are gone log in again, reinstall your app and try it again.

 If it’s still blocked, turn off wi-fi and turn on data. Sometimes just your IP address is blocked, so if your IP address is blocked you can check it. If you turn on data and turn off wi-fi.

Another way is it could be that your phone is blocked or they have a block on your Instagram app, go to another phone, go to another IP address. Use another phone from your friend and log into their account and see if it’s still working there or it’s not working.

 If you have a comment blog, if you have a like blog, if you have any kind of shadow band try it from another phone or as well from the computer. Especially when you are small many people tend to exceed an over pace with Facebook ads with shout-outs with giveaways.

 Especially when you’re doing giveaways, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with giveaways. It’s just that you pay someone and they are saying “hey follow this guy and you get my new brand new Airpods and you get like a search of thousands of followers.

That could also be kind of not natural for Instagram. Because Instagram always takes a look at what was the past of the account, what’s the future of the account and in the past, he was growing 10 followers a day and if you draw once 2 000 3 000 a day.

 It’s kind of weird, so don’t over-paste, don’t over the search, don’t use any services which make you famous real quick. One of the easiest and last ways you can do is report a problem or connect with Instagram support. Once you get blocked there is always a button that you can click to report a problem.

You should not spam Instagram, never spam Instagram or Facebook. Because, they can also block your id, your email. So click report a problem, wait one, two, three days, and then click it again.

Try it again but don’t do it ten times a day. If you do too often your shadowban will be exceeded. So you can do it a couple of times a week.

So reduce your activity, don’t use hashtags, delete the app and reinstall it. Don’t use wi-fi, use data, and just after a couple of weeks, it always takes a couple of weeks. But I have also friends where it took six months to get out of it.

Don’t worry that’s superly rounded that happens but, make sure to follow my advice to follow all the rules that’s a 2021 strategy.

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Reason for Shadowbanned on Tik Tok –

 You’ve been shadowbanned on Tiktok used to post videos, you may have got thousands of views millions of views but, now you just can’t seem to get any views this can be for various reasons.

 However, the only way to break a shadow band and to get back on the for you page is to post consistently every day and be patient. The only way to beat any shadow band is by waiting.

 Shadowbanned is when the algorithm bans your account from reaching the for you page. Which as you likely know is the page where your videos get shown to new people.

They do this as a security measure to filter out so-called dangerous hateful or spammy content. A shadowban is usually temporary, like maybe two to three weeks.

 However, all can be different; some shadowbanned lasted almost six months. So to figure out your shadowbanned make sure to check your video analytics on the last few videos you posted under traffic source types.

 If it says at least one percent for you you are not shadowbanned and just need to make changes to your content. So make sure to check this right now and don’t see any for your page action you might be shadowbanned.

The next thing you would check is if your videos can be seen under hashtags. There’s a simple way to check this in your next video: make sure to tag a hashtag with extremely low views preferably zero and check to see. If your video appears however you most likely have to wait 24 to 48 hours for it to show anything under the hashtag so be patient with it.

If you didn’t manage to show up under any hashtag then you are shadowbanned, but for most of you, it’s only temporary and was caused by too many community guidelines violations or a live stream ban.

How to get Unshadowbanned on Tik Tok –

There are so many different factors of why and how you can get shadowbanned. Tiktok does not like it and may suppress your account. If you have multiple accounts on the same device. So all you had to do was just delete all your backup accounts and just stick with one.

If you’re going to make a second account and you can make sure it’s on another device that has never been logged into your main Tiktok account. Tiktok artificial intelligence, unlike almost every other platform, can detect many of these crazy things. So make sure you are extremely careful.

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