How to improve Ping_ ( Follow These Steps )

Friends, when you play the game, you are not able to play the game due to high ping, if your high ping comes, then when you kill the enemy in the game, then some bullets do not register or the enemy becomes lag or You become Lag High Ping Even if you want to kill a player with Reflex, you cannot kill because High Ping happens.

What is Ping?

Ping is a utility used to verify whether network data packets are capable of being delivered to an address without error. The ping utility is commonly used to check for network errors.

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Meaning of ping:-

In computer networking, ping is a specific method for sending an echo-request packet (to an IP address or hostname), which determines whether any other computers are operational on the network, and for this, it uses echo reply. Along with this, it is also used to count the speed of the data being transferred.

Ping is the name of a standard software utility used to test network connections. It can be used to determine whether a computer or node or remote devices—such as a website or game server—is accessed on the network and, if so, the latency of the connection.

A ping utility sends text messages from a local client to a remote target over a TCP/IP network connection. The target can be a website, a computer, or any node that may have an IP address.

The ping test determines whether your client (computer, server, or another device) can communicate with any other device on a network.

In addition to determining whether the remote computer is currently online, ping provides indicators of the general speed or reliability of a network connection.

Note: Ping tests are not the same as internet speed tests, which determine how fast your internet connection is for a specific website.

Ping is more suitable for testing whether the connection can be made or not, and how fast the connection is.

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How Ping Tests Work:-

Ping uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to handle requests and responses.

On starting the ping test, the ICMP message from the local device is sent to the remote. The receiver device recognizes the ICMP ping incoming message and responds to the ICMP ping request.

Ping time collects the time elapsed between sending a request and receiving a reply from a local device.

 How to Ping Networked Devices:-

In Windows operating systems, the ping command is used to run the ping test. It is in-built in the system and is executed through a command prompt. However, other optional utilities are also available for download for free.

The device to be pinged must have an IP address or hostname address. IP addresses are generally used to avoid issues with DNS (if DNS doesn’t find the correct IP address from the host, the problem may be with the DNS server and not necessarily with the device)

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Why does high ping come? :-

There may be some reasons for high ping coming, such as the internet may be slow where you live, if your internet speed is less than 1 Mbps, then you may get a high ping if you have Wifi Connection in your home and even more.

 If you are getting High Ping, then you can fix that issue by talking to your Wifi Operator, most of us get to see High Ping only on Mobile Data, and the speed of Mobile Data is not the same everywhere, so we have this problem. Can be seen.

How to bring Low Ping?-

Low ping means the game starts running smoothly and without lag, if you are a gamer then you need low ping to play the game, low ping is very high only when your internet speed is coming parallel and if you have high ping then your Internet speed is getting less and more.

 Then you should keep in mind that your internet speed should be parallel and at least 2 Mbps should not run any application in the background when the game is running on your mobile. If you are playing a game on mobile data, then in your area or city, which Internet data runs well, you should use that when you are playing the game.

Then you should keep in mind that while playing the game, on any window or open place. Playing the game will bring a good internet connection to your mobile.

How To Get Low Ping In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Pubg Mobile And Free Fire?-

1) Your internet speed is getting less and more for low ping lane, then you should keep in mind that your internet speed should be parallel and at least more than 2 Mbps

2) When the game is running on your mobile, then no application should be run in the background.

3) If you are playing a game on mobile data, then in your area or city, which Internet data runs well, you should use it.

4) You should keep in mind that while playing the game, play the game on any window or open place, this would bring a good internet connection to your mobile.

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To ping a computer by IP address-

  • Open Command Prompt and type the IP address next to ping.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Example –
  • The Windows command to run the ping test for a router with an IP address of would be as follows:
  • ping

The syntax for pinging a website would be as follows:


 How to Read a Ping Test:-

The result of the example above would be like this-

For example, here I am going to ping the IP address, the result of which will be like this –

Interpretation of ping result results:-

  • This result contains the response of a specific ping session with no network error whatsoever.
  • Reply from:
  • By default, the ping command in Microsoft Windows sends a series of four messages to the address.
  • The output of the program is the response to each received message, which comes from the target computer.
  • Bytes:
  • Each ping request is 32 bytes in size by default.
  • Time:
  • Ping reports the time (in milliseconds) between sending the request and receiving the response.
  • TTL (Time-to-Live):
  • Values ​​of 1 and 128, the count of how many different networks the ping message passes before reaching the TTL target.
  • The number 128 indicates that the device is on a local network, of which 0 are other networks.

Ping Command Syntax:-

Ping command syntax:

  • In the ping command, you can use multiple syntaxes as per your requirements. Let’s see-
  • “-t “It will ping the target until you stop it with Ctrl-C.
  • “-a” This ping command option will resolve the hostname of the target IP address, if possible.
  • “ -n” This option sets the echo request for sending ICMP from 1 to 4294967295. If you do not use -n, by default 4 requests are sent.
  • “ -l” This option is to set the size of the echo request, which is in bytes, from 32 to 65,527 bytes.
  • If you do not use the -l option, the ping command will send a 32-byte echo-request by default.

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