How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool

How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool, If your MacBook is overheating, it may not be correct.

There are many possible reasons. In this article, I will show you some common reasons. More importantly, I will also share with you practical solutions to fix Mac overheating problem.

Hopefully, you will be able to fix the overheating problem by applying some of the techniques listed below.

Nobody is comfortable working on an extremely hot computer. It is a psychological matter: we get anxious and nervous when this happens.

In fact, the main consequence is that your hardware can be damaged if exposed to constant overheating. Typical symptoms include lethargy, chills, and other performance problems.

Worse still, if the temperature is too high, your MacBook can automatically shut down. It can be both good and bad. The good news is that it protects your hardware from potential damage. The downside is that it can lead to data loss.

How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool
How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool

Stay away from chrome

You have an Apple computer, hey! Do not create an unnecessary frenzy by overloading the processor. If you’re trying to use Chrome, your CPU will have to work harder to run all the programs you’re using and trust us, it will overheat.

And that weird fan? They will start immediately! To fix the root problem, you need to find out which applications are consuming most of your CPU resources.

Open Activity Monitor and check the list to see how many processors each application is using. If you’re actually using Chrome, it’ll appear at the top of the list. Solution? Use Safari.

Keep in a well-ventilated area

Most electronic devices need space around them for heat to escape properly. This is especially true when it comes to laptops. While the freedom to move around with your MacBook is incredibly convenient, using it in certain locations or situations can prevent it from dissipating heat properly.

  • Most MacBook computers expel heat through the hinge area of ​​the rear display. Make sure this area is clear and not blocked or disturbed by objects.
  • Be very careful when using a MacBook computer on a soft surface, as it can easily block this area of ​​ventilation.
  • Avoid use on surfaces such as bedding or other cushions or similar fabrics where sheets, blankets, or other items can collect and obstruct this opening.
  • Using a laptop cooling pad can help and increase the flow of cool air to the bottom of your MacBook to help with heat dissipation. This type of accessory can be purchased separately and usually connects to an available USB port or a separate AC adapter is used.
How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool
How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool

Lift the back of the MacBook

Don’t have a laptop stand? Get what you have and try to support the back of the Mac with a hardcover book or something similar.

It’s not as effective as a laptop stand, but it promotes airflow and can make a significant difference in keeping your hardware cool.

Close unnecessary browser tabs

Dozens of open browser tabs can put pressure on your MacBook, especially if it’s running other resource-intensive software at the same time.

Close tabs that you are not actively using to reduce the workload on your Mac and prevent it from overheating. In addition to clearing your cache, tab management can help speed up your browser.

Some of the best browsers come with a handy Task Manager tool that helps you identify and close tabs that consume many CPU and memory resources. Check the tabs you might need to access again soon, no need to share the feature for the demo.

Your GPU can also be the culprit

While the CPU handles the vast majority of computing tasks, the graphics-processing unit handles more visual tasks.

GPUs are designed with different workloads in mind and can provide a huge performance boost when it comes to 3D and 2D rendering. This includes activities like playing 3D games, rendering videos, manipulating 3D objects in applications like Photoshop or Blender, and using certain web technologies like WebGL.

Not all Macs have a dedicated graphics processor, especially low-end notebooks like the MacBook Air and the 13 ″ MacBook Pro.

It isn’t much you can do with an active GPU other than avoiding activities that consume your GPU. Remember, it is completely normal for your GPU to get hot under load and for the fans to throttle fast enough to handle it.

The only thing you really need to worry about is if your GPU is getting too hot. You might get random reboots and freezes, or strange colors and glitches graphics when trying to render 3D environments.

How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool
How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool

Minimize Your Multitasking

Similar to managing tabs in your browser, avoid running too many programs at once, especially resource-intensive programs. For example, many users find Adobe Photoshop and iTunes a particularly bad combination. If you’re using Photoshop, you may want to use your phone for the music.

Avoid Low-Quality Mac Chargers

Another common problem that causes MacBooks to overheat is a fake charger. Use the original charger that came with your MacBook, or if you need a new one, make sure you get it from an authorized Apple Store.

Hot weather

Cooling a MacBook doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are using the computer in a hot environment, it will be more difficult to keep it cool. Avoiding direct sunlight or working in a sauna obviously makes sense.

But you should avoid using your computer on soft surfaces like blankets or rugs. These can restrict airflow and cause your MacBook to overheat. Your lap can also get hot in an already hot environment. You never want to block the vents, especially when working in hot conditions.

How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool
How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool

Bad computer habits

Every computer has its limits. Learn what your MacBook Pro is and is not capable of. For example, it may not be powerful enough to handle multiple processes. at the same time. Same time. If you run photo/video editing software and other applications at the same time, it won’t take long for your Mac to warm up.

Know your Mac and treat it right.

First, check the Apple logo> About This Mac> System Report to get an idea of ​​your computer’s hardware configuration, specifically memory, storage, and graphics. Try not to run too many applications unless necessary. Turn off fancy animations that can take a toll on valuable system resources. Reboot more frequently and let your Mac get some sleep while doing this.

How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool
How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool


How To Keep MacBook Pro Cool, This troubleshooting guide has been helpful to you. MacBooks are like our business partner for Apple. Overheating problem is not good for your computer; you are definitely not satisfied with them. Fortunately, the problem does not occur without reason.

Below, I have shown you some of the above and their respective improvements. It is unrealistic for you to implement all of these solutions and it is highly unlikely that you will have to. However, they should give you some clues as to what might be causing your MacBook Pro to overheat.

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