How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree

How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree, The holidays are like a gift that keeps on giving. From Christmas presents, Christmas parties, Christmas cookies, and Christmas trees, it’s no wonder it’s considered “the most wonderful season of all.” But with all those good things come situations that test our blissful potential. The Christmas lights have been carefully hung up, but apparently one of the small fuses has blown. A renegade boy looks at a partially built bicycle and wonders why it is not assembled at the North Pole.

He remembers that our furry friends need extra supervision around the holidays, especially around that beautiful decorated Christmas tree. To avoid accidentally debunking the Christmas tree with the new scraper, you’ll remove all the stops with alternate decorating techniques and even a little chicken wire. Christmas tree dust protection isn’t just about vanity; Something very dangerous could happen to your tree if you swallow it. Nobody else, especially your ROMBA robot vacuum cleaner! –

How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree
How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

Despite Hoover scoring a perfect 100 on both tests, there is no clear winner in our Christmas Pine Needle Challenge.

We were hoping the powerful upright vacuum would get the job done, and it did. We didn’t have such high expectations for the Roomba i7 +, so it’s a pleasant surprise that this robot vacuum did a great job of picking up all those little pine needles from both bare floors and carpets.

If you choose to use your robot vacuum to clean up after you’ve disassembled it from the Christmas tree (and if it were us, we would), run the robot vacuum over the area regularly. This should give the robot vacuum a chance to scoop up those pine needles before sinking too deep into the carpet fibers.

However, if you have five minutes before your vacation guests arrive (though probably not this year), and you’re doing a last-minute panic clean, give your floor a few bolt-on sweeps for a flawless clean.

If you still can’t or don’t want to deal with pine needles, choose an artificial tree over a real one. Then you will not need to vacuum at all.

How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree
How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree

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Robotic Vacuum to Clean Carpet Using Amazon Alexa

That’s the audible alert I’ve issued for a new robotic vacuum I’m testing in my living room. “Walk on that thing and I’ll take out your battery and turn on the robotic lawnmower in the garage.” I would too. And don’t regret it at all, even though robots act like living things these days.

Luckily, the iRobot Roomba S9+ robot vacuum cleaner is smart enough to come with my precious musical instrument (since it uses mapping technology that you can adjust with an app. I circled my living room area) ). I wanted to avoid the Roomba. S9. I sighed. A sigh of relief After several days of testing, the Botvac never played my guitar.

It also required very little maintenance. I’ve tried a few robotic vacuums over the years, and while the main irritation is not being able to control where they clean in the past, I also hate that they’re so small for dirt and dust. How do you use the box? As human lords, we are being reduced as maintenance workers who have to take out the garbage with robots. It’s no fun, past tests have involved repeated settlement fees.

With the Roomba S9+, you don’t have to worry about that. I installed the Clean Base automatic garbage disposal in a corner; It looks like a tall, thin trash can. During a cleaning cycle, the little guy squeaked the base and vacuumed its contents with a loud, crackling sound that sounded like an all-over body scrub. It’s amazing. You can schedule the bot to clean itself every morning and you don’t need to do anything. I have been told that Aadhaar should be dropped only once every six months.

These everyday gadgets have gotten a lot smarter over the years. The S9 uses a new design with angled edges. He moved with ease, sometimes wondering where to go next, but over time, he learned the outlines of my living room and went faster and faster. He started cleaning the floor. I loved scheduling cleaning tasks and redecorating my living space. Oh, and get this: You can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to clean your robot. It seems that robots will not take over the whole world. They are smart, but we are smart.

How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree
How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree

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How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree

How Roomba can improve our lives


I’m just going, to be honest … Dirty floors stress me out. I have worked in childcare for 20 years and it has come to my attention that floors and surfaces should be as clean as possible at all times. You can imagine how stressful it is for me to see dust, pet hair, and debris on the floor. Clean floors are important to my personal conscience. And as the saying goes “if mom is not happy, no one is happy”.


Every weekend, my husband spends at least 3 hours cleaning the house. He vacuumed the baseboards, under the furniture (as much as he could), and all the floors in the house. With a job that requires around 65 hours a week, his time is very limited and the 3 hours he adds to his time are invaluable. (Honestly this alone, he sold us).


We all suffer from allergies and we need to clean ourselves of pet hair and dust more than once a week. We expected the Roomba to help reduce pet hair and dust by vacuuming more than once a week.

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How To Keep Roomba Away From Christmas Tree
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