How To Lock MacBook Keyboard

How To Lock MacBook Keyboard, Sometimes it may be necessary to lock the device keyboard on your MacBook, although how to do this is not always clear. Still very easy. This article gives you the keys so that you can lock, verrouiler, deactivate the keyboard of your MacBook.

It should be noted that although most mobile phones have a keypad lock option, this is not the case. MacBook. If you are using a MacBook device, you do not have the option to disable or lock the keyboard through a program included in OSX.

You have to use free software to temporarily disable your keyboard. Thus, in this article, you will find keyboard cleaning applications to download, such as the Keyboard Cleaner example.

Besides, we also provide you a method to lock your MacBook through the classic method or use shortcuts to lock your device easier and faster. good reading!

How To Lock MacBook Keyboard
How To Lock MacBook Keyboard

How To Lock MacBook Keyboard, Simple Steps.

To lock and unlock the keyboard on a Mac laptop, click System Preferences on the Apple menu, and then click Security & Privacy.

On the General tab, click Require Password After Sleep or Screen Saver Starts. Select Fast from the Strict Security drop-down box.

Users who want additional security can click Disable automatic login; The keyboard locks while you sleep. To put the computer to sleep, choose Sleep from the Apple menu.

Enter the password to wake the computer from sleep mode. The password unlocks both the computer and the keyboard.

Phase 1

Download Keyboard Cleaner on your MacBook. Double click on the zip file to unzip the application. Move the program to the “Applications” folder.

Phase 2

Lock the keyboard by double-clicking the program icon.

Phase 3

Enable the keyboard by pressing “Command” + “Q”.

How To Lock MacBook Keyboard
How To Lock MacBook Keyboard

Put your Mac to sleep with keyboard shortcuts

This option will disable your Mac’s CPU instead of just locking the screen. MacBook owners are familiar with the dream; This happens every time they close the lid of their computer, or automatically after a user-defined period of time.

In macOS Mojave and other newer versions of macOS, press these three keys simultaneously to shut down your Mac: Command + Option + Power.

If you have an older Mac with an optical drive, you can disable it by pressing these three keys simultaneously: Command + Option + Eject.

These commands will immediately shut down your Mac’s CPU, stop all tasks, and require a password to resume the use of your MacBook.

How To Lock MacBook Keyboard
How To Lock MacBook Keyboard

How to disable laptop keyboard

The easiest way to deactivate your keyboard is to lock your computer or put it to sleep. On Windows machines, there are several ways to do this.

  • Win + Lee
  • CTRL + ALT + Delete
  • Start button
  • Close the lid
  • Use screen saver

The easiest way is the Win + L keyboard shortcut. Any typing that occurs after using this shortcut only serves to wake up the screen. The next easiest way is to press CTRL + ALT + Delete.

This shortcut opens a menu with blocking options as well as Sign Out, Switch Account, and Task Manager. To lock your computer and save battery, click the Start button, then the power symbol, and select Sleep.

Press the physical power button to reactivate it. You can also enter sleep mode by closing the laptop lid.

Lastly, you can use the screen saver and set it to show the login screen when it is disabled. Open Control Panel, type screen saver, select Change screen saver.

Choose a screen saver. If you’re not already using one, check the box next to the Show login screen to determine how long it takes to turn on and then restart.

How To Lock MacBook Keyboard
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