How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless, Keyboards come in a variety of sizes, designs, layouts, and variations to give you a different experience while typing or playing. Therefore, finding the right keyboard is a very difficult task.

If you have found a keyboard that meets all your needs but has some limitations, this may be a problem. The most common limitation is that it is not wireless and you can only use it by turning it on.

Do not lose hope now, you will be provided with a detailed guide on how to make a wired wireless keyboard? You don’t have to be an engineer to turn any wired keyboard into a wireless keyboard and any kind of experience.

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless
How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless

Wireless keyboard

A wireless keyboard works in the same way as a wireless mouse; Plug the receiver into one of your computer’s USB ports. The receiver then sends a signal to your battery-operated keyboard.

Note that wireless USB keyboards have a limited range and some should be within range of your receiver, depending on the type of signal it uses. Also, if your wireless keyboard starts to slow down, you may need a new battery.

Wireless keyboards are a special benefit to the user. First, wireless USB keyboards reduce the clutter of wires on your desk. Plus, you’re not tied to your desk – you can even write while sitting on the couch, kitchen table, or living room floor! Some keyboards come with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This is an added bonus, as computer use is no longer limited to your office.

Wired keyboard

A wired keyboard means that there is a wire that connects the keyboard to the computer. On the end of the wire is a USB plug that plugs into a USB port on your computer. Wired keyboards are extremely reliable – there are a few things that can go wrong with this direct connection.

The only downside to having a wired keyboard is that the distance between the keyboard and your computer is limited; You can place your keyboard as far away from your desktop or laptop as a cable length. In addition, cables can clutter up your desktop. If you’re looking for something pretty, you might want to consider a wireless keyboard.

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless
How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless

Convert USB keyboard to wireless

·       Turn off your computer and turn off the power.

·       Remove the wired USB keyboard from the computer’s USB port.

·       Connect the microcontroller to the USB port of the keyboard. It can be powered by an internal battery and is compatible with a USB. The microcontroller must be charged with the USB protocol; It can be purchased with a pre-loaded USB protocol or loaded manually if desired.

·       Connect the radio transmitter to the microcontroller attached to the keyboard. The transmitter must be configured to transmit at 433.92 MHz. Radiotronix offers a wide range of transmitters suitable for this type of use.

·       Connect the second microcontroller to a free USB port on the computer. This microcontroller can be powered by an internal battery or an external power supply, as the device will remain stationary during use.

·       Connect the second transmitter to the microcontroller connected to the computer. This microcontroller can be powered by an internal battery or an external power supply, as the device will remain stationary during use.

·       Turn on the microcontroller and both radio transmitters.

·       Connect the power to the computer and restart the computer.

·       Use a wireless keyboard like a wired keyboard. After the computer restarts, the wireless keyboard should work automatically. The drivers will be the same as the USB protocol still used to control the keyboard. The only change is that the data is now transmitted wirelessly instead of via a USB cable.

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless
How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless

What are the benefits of a wireless wired keyboard?

The wireless keyboard doesn’t take up much space on your desk. Also available with easy transport option. If you have limited space, keyboard cables can certainly improve your desk space quite effectively.

Keyboard cables can be bent, erased, or broken. You will no longer have problems with the wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard can be moved around the desk wherever you want. It can also be a great option to help you deal with problems such as situations while writing and playing. If you are someone who has health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, you will find that this is one of the best options.

Problem with the wireless USB keyboard

The biggest problem is removing the USB cable on the keyboard. Most keyboards allow you to unplug the cable when you want to switch. Unfortunately, some keyboards are soldered. Fortunately, removing the solder is not too difficult. As long as you have a soldering iron.

The next biggest problem is probably electricity. Most microcontrollers come with a battery that allows you to power them for a short period of time. But they need regular recharging. If you can easily put a battery in the frame of your keyboard, do it.

Finally, the frequency. If you don’t know what you’re doing, calibrating radio frequencies can be difficult. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to use the standard frequency that manufacturers set in the distribution. To make your life easier, buy both radio stations in one place. If you still need to make changes, there should be instructions on the package.


How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless, Well, it is very simple and easy to convert a wired keyboard to wireless without any problem. The instructions here may seem a little harsh, but they should be a great alternative when it comes to improving keyboard performance.

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