How to Make Your Headphone Louder

How to Make Your Headphone Louder

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According to a recent study, loud music can potentially be the result of a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and a lot of excitement and is therefore preferred by many. Turning up the volume on your amazing headphones can make your music experience more enjoyable while increasing your physical and hearing sensations. There are some real reasons why large-amplitude quantities are so attractive.

If you don’t know, there is a small organ in your inner ear known as a sacrament and it is believed to be connected to a part of your brain in response to stimulation and pleasure. According to research, this particular organ is very sensitive to low-frequency vibrations of more than 90 dB.

As such, both club music and live music are generally adapted to increase the stimulation of the saccule. And the ability to increase or increase the pitch of your music increases the intensity of the entire experience. In short, loud music is much more stimulating for enjoyment than soft music.

Apparently, when it comes to the volume and sound quality of your headphones, there is nothing worse than having limitations. If you are one of those who currently use low-power headphones that require very little additional power to correct the sound, then you have come to the right place.

Today in this special post, we are going to discuss several possible ways to increase the volume of your headphones. Use the article and take your music experience to another level.

Adjust headphone volume

Some of these headphones come with manufacturer-specific settings. The configuration you are using may be small.

To listen and watch music, try a few buttons and see if there are any changes. But be sure to check out our guide before you screw up your ear!

You can refer to the manufacturing manual if there is anything you can do to get a better sound. It is good to note that some headphones produce a less smooth sound due to how they are designed. Please confirm whether the headphones are the most suitable for you before purchasing.

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Now, Make Your Headphone Louder

Cleaning Headphone

Some headphones are not necessarily outdated or useless. Sometimes it is necessary to have clear and working headphones. Most electrical equipment attracts a lot of dust due to the production of static electricity.

In the case of headphones, wax and oil from the ear canal often accumulate on the lattice screen of the headphones and fade some of the sounds when in use. To avoid these minor inconveniences, it is recommended to clean the headphones regularly.

For most headphones, the cleaning function is usually not complicated, and the most reliable manufacturers usually include cleaning materials in the headphones, which can be found in the box of the headphones.

Here are some effective ways to clean your headphones:

Compressed air

Compressed air can help reduce the amount of dust in your headphones, which is a common cause of sound interruption in most headphones.

Adhesive putty

This method makes it easy to remove wax and dust from headphones. All you have to do is take a big and small piece of putty and press it into the earphone grill. Voila, your headphones will be like new!

Carbon peroxide

Carbon peroxide is a well-known wax solvent; however, it should be used with caution. Use a cotton swab dipped in carbon peroxide to gently clean the grill of your headphones. Carbon peroxide is a liquid; Therefore, overuse it can easily damage your headphones.

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Adjust Playback Settings on Your Device

Creating loud ringtones in your headphones is sometimes as easy as lowering the preset volume limit. However, it varies from device to device. We are going to cover how you can do this on iOS and Android devices as it is beyond the scope of this article to cover all devices.

For an iOS device, you need to go to the main settings menu and select “Music”. You are going to scroll until you see the “Playback” option. See the “Volume Limit” option? Click on it and you can customize the volume limit on your iOS device to your liking.

If you have an Android device, you should go into Settings, choose “Sound” and then “Volume”. This will fill a tab that exposes different volume levels that determine the different functions on your phone. All you have to do is find and adjust the “Media” setting to make your headphones loud.

Connect a headphone amplifier

If the number of headphones is not important after adjusting your device’s playback settings, then you should try a headphone amplifier for your device as a speaker. Using amplifiers with your headphones can increase the volume of your device to a higher level.

The output volume of your headphones is directly dependent on the size of the amplifier you use the smaller the amplifier, the lower the volume output.

Generally, the output sound from the headphones will be distorted if you keep the volume of your device at the maximum volume setting and the sound intensity will still be below your expectations. So using an amplifier with your headphones becomes the last option for you.

Headphones that have a high impedance level, which is up to 300 ohms, will require a slight lift to move the drivers. It is usually found in attractive flat headphones, something quite common these days. If you are using a more efficient arrangement of headphones that only work within the 20–25 ohm range, then using an amplifier will not be a good choice for you.

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Use the headphone volume booster app

We didn’t really know about such an app, but lo and behold! There are specially designed apps to boost your volume so you can increase the volume of your content. If you are using a phone or PC, the download of these applications will be integrated with your device.

This then works to override the maximum setting on your device and then you can increase the volume, making it louder. Again, be careful with apps like these. Turning the volume up too much can damage those eardrums. Therefore, please use these applications with a certain level of caution to protect your hearing.

There are many applications available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store that can be downloaded to your device. Depending on the program you choose, it is usually easy to configure everything and integrate the application with your device.

Try the audio and music apps

There is no shortage of music and audio apps on the Google Play Store. Many of them can be installed and used to enhance the overall audio experience.

While Android has its own equalizer settings, as we showed above, there are also many other apps available for download that provide more advanced settings that can further improve the audio quality of your phone. Please note that these third-party equalizer apps may or may not work with your specific phone, so proceed with caution.

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Connect with Bluetooth

If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing works and you still need to work or listen to something, then connecting Bluetooth to the speaker will save you. You don’t need a code and Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive.

After connecting with the speaker, you can adjust the volume you are comfortable with. If you need to move while listening, get yourself a portable speaker. The great thing about listening through a speaker is that your ears take less risk with headphones.

Get a new pair of loud-sound headphones

If you’ve tried all of the above steps, but your headphones are still not very loud, I think it’s time to buy yourself a new pair of headphones. The experience of buying a new headset can be like buying another electronic product: full of misinformation, heavy, and if necessary precautions are not taken, you can be scammed.

With countless headphone models from different brands, the specs you want can be a long and difficult pursuit. Beyond voice, the headphones are loaded with many features such as Bluetooth connectivity, in-line mic, noise isolation, to name just a few. There are many headphones that you can choose from.

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Take care of your ears

The most important thing you can do is take care of your ears. No matter how much you try to disturb your headphones or media player device, it means that if you can’t hear properly, it doesn’t mean it.

Here you can take care of your ears properly:

  • Do not listen to excessive amounts of music/audio
  • Take off the headphones periodically so that your ears can rest throughout the day.
  • Keep your ears dry (more moisture = bacteria)
  • Do not use cotton swab inside the ear canal (it is ok to use them)
  • Clean your headphones; Do not put bacteria back in your ear


Whenever you face the problem that your headphones are quieter than usual, you not only know the proper steps to correct them, but you also know the possible reasons why they are there in the first place. . Now that the volume of your headphones is not too low, you can listen to music and watch your favorite shows comfortably!

Considering the wisdom of this article, whether it is a simple twist on your phone’s audio settings or a full headphone replacement, you know what is important to preserve your ears.

If your ears are not in the best condition, no configuration settings, device replacement or volume-boosting apps can help you hear well.

What do you think about our guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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