How to Play Xbox on your iPhone

Xbox is a popular gaming brand owned by Microsoft. Since the console’s inception 15 years ago, it has proven itself to be one of the most sought-after platforms for game lovers around the globe. Because of this, many developers have followed suit and developed their own games based on the Xbox code. This popularity is one of the main reasons (among others) why Netflix has released a new on-demand service that allows people to watch TV shows and movies streamed directly onto their Xbox channel.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of video games that you can then play from the comfort of your own device. The program functions like a Netflix-style service but is geared specifically towards games allowing you to access titles that are on your account so long as they remain inside Xbox’s library.

Wondering how you can play Xbox One or Xbox 360 games on iPhone? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Back in April, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Game Pass Mobile which allows gamers to take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud technology by accessing their digital library directly on their iOS device. In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about getting started with Xbox One & Xbox 360 Cloud Gaming on iPhone and iPad.

How to play Xbox on your iPhone?

Once you’ve upgraded to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, playing your favorite games has never been easier! You can easily enjoy those Xbox games on Android and Windows 10 PCs through the Xbox App. Just download from the app and you’re good to go! Furthermore, with Game Pass Ultimate, you get access to all of Xbox Live Gold’s fantastic features as well as every game under Microsoft’s Game Pass lineup. You can even download some of them on PC and play them offline if that going online isn’t so great where you are.

You can play Xbox games on your iPhone or iPad with Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You won’t need to purchase or download a single game as they are all installed directly to and streamed down from the cloud. Here’s how:

Step 1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone.

how to play xbox on iphone

Step 2. Hit the sign-in button to start. Enter your credentials to log into your Microsoft account and access your Xbox account.

xbox on iphone

Step 3. You will now see the Xbox Beta wallpaper on the screen. Once you are on that page, click on the “Share” icon located at the bottom. (Box with an arrow pointing upwards).

play xbox on iphone

Step 4. Now you will see some share buttons. Scroll down until you see the “Add to Home Screen” option, then tap on it. In the dialog box that opens up tap on the “Add” button to add an icon for Cloud Gaming to your device’s home screen.

Once the shortcut has been created on your home screen, tap it to get started.

Enter your Xbox account user ID and password. Done! As soon as you’ll log in to your account, you can start playing both PC and Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad.

How much does it cost?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to more than 300 new and existing games in an ever-growing catalog for $14.99. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription gives you access to multiple services as well including Microsoft’s Xbox Games, Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, cloud gaming, and more.

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