How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking, Anything that moves will break after a certain period of time. Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world, but still, you can be sure that they will continue to function for a long time. Here’s why laptop hinges break and how to prevent them from breaking.

The funny thing about us humans is taking everything for granted. We don’t worry about things until they get lost in the sands of time.

Electrical items are more prone to this than other items because we use them on a daily basis. For example, take your phone, handle it carelessly until one day it falls to the ground and the glass breaks and we take care not to damage it further. Everything would have been great if we had taken care of it from day one.

A common reason hinges fail is when the laptop falls out of your hand or when you walk around with the lid open and hit a wall or something like that. Then there is the physical fatigue. This is when you work on a material and, again, it breaks.

For example, if you repeatedly turn the iron bar after a few turns, it will break.

It is important to fix your laptop hinge as soon as possible as it can cause a lot of problems. My current laptop had a broken hinge a while ago and I tried to stay on one of the hinges. But it happened that the hinge crushed a cable and the situation got worse. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you fix it as soon as it breaks.

A broken hinge can lead to shrinkage of display cables, faulty display output, and worst-case scenario, sometimes the motherboard or other part can break because the hinge does not rotate properly and pulls on the board. . base with him.

How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking
How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

Prevention is important!

Here are some guidelines to avoid damaging your laptop screen hinges.

  • Use both hands to open the screen, especially for larger laptops. If you ever use one hand to open the screen, place it in the middle of the screen so that the pressure is evenly distributed. When you open the display from the corner, it flexes the display and hinge assembly, so it shouldn’t be there. Higher-end and more expensive commercial laptops tend to have sturdier hinges, while cheaper plastic consumer laptops are not as sturdy and may leak within the warranty period.
  • Take care of your laptop and keep it away from places where it could fall, such as the edge of your desk. Most hinge and display damage is caused by falls – a completely avoidable problem!
  • If you move your laptop around a lot, get a protective sleeve. Even a cheap silicone one will keep it from slipping out of your hands. More expensive cases have padding for added protection if the laptop ends up on the floor.

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What happens when a laptop hinge breaks?

Breaking a hinge is not a trivial matter. This can cause a lot of trouble defending against the intensity of the damage. The most common type of damage is related to the display of the screen. As soon as the hinges break, you will see problems with your laptop screen.

The screen may not display colors correctly or may flicker constantly. So go to a tech shop or do it yourself to fix the hinges properly as this can cause the color display to fail. Taking the proper steps will reduce your chances of buying a new one.

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How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking
How To Prevent Laptop Hinges From Breaking

Type of hinge problem

I have classified hinge-related problems into 4 types.

  • The housing area of ​​the bolt is broken
  • The brass screws holding the plastic holder are broken
  • hinge breaks into several pieces
  • Even a lack of pressure or a damaged connection to the display will cause the display to flicker or not function properly. If you shake the display, it will work for 3-4 seconds but will start flickering again, and/or the display will occasionally turn on and off.

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The hinges are usually attached to the computer frame using machine screws. To get the most out of your computer’s hinges, it’s not a bad idea to have an annual inspection. Remove the hinge cover and verify that the machine screws holding the hinges are fully tightened.

If screws are missing, contact the computer manufacturer to request replacement screws; Screwless hinges are subject to additional stress and can wear out quickly if steps are not taken to replace the screw.

Hinge lubrication is possible, but not recommended; If the wrong type of lubricant is used, it can damage the computer case or seep into electrical components and cause further damage to the computer. Consult a professional technician if you think your hinges need lubrication.

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Open or close the laptop for a long time

Laptop hinges are made of steel, so they are prone to rust. This corrosion can be caused by oxidation or oxygen binding to the laptop’s hinge, so the hinge will rust and be difficult to move or pull.

To avoid this, don’t forget to open or shut down your laptop at least once a day, either to use it or just to clean it.

Opening or closing the laptop for a long time usually happens with office workers and freelancers who often forget to close it again when it is in use.

Those are just a few of the reasons for broken laptop hinges. Broken hinges are one of the hardware damages that anyone can repair. However, to repair it, you must be careful not to damage other components and make the damage worse.

If it’s not possible to repair it yourself, leave it to the laptop technician.

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