How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One, Shooting cards are becoming increasingly important for video game enthusiasts and are the best way for Xbox players to capture game footage.

These devices offer unique advantages over the Xbox One’s built-in game recording options and open the door to anyone interested in a YouTube or Twitch game channel. This route is significantly more complicated than recording directly from Xbox, but the results are well worth the extra effort.

The capture card is the part of the hardware that receives the video input and records everything you need. Directs it to some other place or both. When it comes to game consoles, the most common capture cards will be external devices, so they will require a new HDMI cable.

The setting usually means plugging the Xbox into the capture card instead of the TV, then plugging a second HDMI cable from the card into the TV. For some cards, the physical connection ends here, but for many others, there will be a USB connection from the capture card to the computer.

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One
How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One

How to record gameplay with built-in features on Xbox One

To save games to Xbox One, you can use the built-in Xbox One recording feature. First, play your game as usual. When you want to capture gameplay, press the Xbox button to open the Guide menu. Then press the X button to get a clip of the game from the last 30 seconds of the game. To save a long clip, press the Preview button, then select Capture what’s happening and select a timeline.

If you have Kinect or headphones, you can also say “Hey, Cortana, save this” and the recording process will start automatically.

After recording your recording, users can adjust the length of the video as they wish with the clip option at the end of playback.

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One
How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One

If you want to make short or long videos while recording your gameplay, you must have a gaming DVR app. Follow these steps to start your recording:

Using DVR for Games

1. While enjoying your game, simply double-tap the Xbox button on the center of the controller.

2. From the sidebar, select the “Snap an App” option and then select Game DVR.

3. If you have a Kinect, just say “Xbox, Snap Game DVR.” Your smart device will soon do the right thing.

4. Once the desired recording length has elapsed, select the End Clip Now option from the screen, and your clip will be created.

5. Share on YouTube.

To switch between different apps with a single click, simply double-tap the Xbox button on the controller and then use the guide bar or left stick to select any desired app from the bottom of the screen.

Remember to save your collection at the end, you can select the recorded videos and then save them to the desired location.

How to record gameplay on Xbox One using recording software?

Although the Xbox Self-Contained and Xbox Game Bar features can help users record Xbox video games, their features are limited. To use more advanced game recording and editing utilities, we recommend relying on third-party programs.

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One
How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One

Here are the 3 best game recording software for Xbox One:

1. Epowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a professional and easy-to-use game capture software. It can record screen and sound (voice) at the same time. And users can save the recorded video in MP4 format.

2. Elgato Game Capture

This is a studio tool that realizes the creativity of users. Elgato Game Capture provides features to its users to enhance their creativity in the Xbox One. At the same time, it enables and motivates users to create and execute.

3. Open the Broadcaster Software

OBS Studio is a free open source program for video recording and live streaming. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

How to Record Screen on Xbox One with Gaming DVR

In fact, Xbox One offers you a Game DVR feature to capture games, and you can share recordings directly with other platforms. However, the quality of the output video can be a drawback, as it can only record video in 720P and 30 frames per second. Obviously, the default tool for creating videos on YouTube is not suitable, but it can meet the needs of those who just want to keep the videos smooth.

This built-in tool allows you to customize the recording settings and select the recording duration as per your needs. After recording, you can edit the recorded video of the game or upload it directly to OneDrive. Now it’s time to take a look at the Xbox One’s video recording features with a gaming DVR.

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One
How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One

How to Capture Xbox One Games with DVR for Games:

·       During the game, press the Xbox button on your controller twice.

·       There will be a “Snap an App” menu and you will have to select the “Game DVR” option. It’s also possible to say “Xbox, Snap Game DVR” if you have a Kinect.

·       Customize the recording time in “End Video Now”, it allows you to save the last 30/45 seconds or 1/2/5 minutes of the game. Then the “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording” options will help you create a video from a game on Xbox One.

·       Finally, you can tap View All Captured > Save to save the video you just shot.

How to update Xbox One?

Your game has been removed, activated in the “Burnt microbes” menu.

With I 8 you can read and share your scripts. Click the “Read More” button after pressing the Xbox button.


How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One, After reading all the ways to record a game on Xbox One, which do you prefer? Just compare them all and make your decision.

And these are the ways to record a game on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Each method works so well that you can try them all and find out which method works best for you.

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One
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