How To Record TV Shows Without DVR

How To Record TV Shows Without DVR

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Nowadays, there are many different ways to get entertained. For example, technology has progressed so much that we have options for things like watching our favorite shows on television or online. But with the changing work schedules and bad weather, it’s sometimes difficult.

So, what do you do? How can you watch it inside your programs? We have an answer to your question. Simply record episodes and watch them when you want. But then again, a question that arises here is how to record it? We’ve got numerous options to accomplish this, but in this guide, we’re just about to discuss How To Record Tv Shows Without DVR?

There are many options to choose from. Options also exist to use the accessible online software to record your own favorites. Let us take a look below and receive in detail each method with a step-by-step guide on the best way to record TV shows with no DVR.

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What is a DVR?

A DVR is a digital video recorder that records television broadcasts on a hard disk, instead of using videotape. It can also pause live TV by documenting the present show in real-time and the consumer can decide to fast forward (frequently during TV Show).

To make your electronic tv packages more useful, many providers offer DVR services. Cable and satellite TV providers have a listing interface that can be programmed with the television’s manual. If you use a DVR, then you can choose to program recordings using any storage device easily. By way of instance, a user may use the remote to search through the manual’s program listings for the current week and decide on the shows he would like to document.

DVRs conveniently save shows in a list that the user can access at any moment. Since the shows are stored on DVR’s hard drive, there is not any need to rewind or fast forward to perform with a certain series, like a VCR needs. Even though DVRs make it easier to record your favorite shows every week or even every day, it also makes it a lot easier to watch more TV. And an excuse to see more TV is something most of us don’t need.

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How To Record TV Shows Without DVR?

1. Record TV Shows In Windows or Mac System

If you want to record TV shows effortlessly and with high quality on your Windows or in Macbook system, install Wondershare UniConverter today! This desktop program is super-duper easy to use and provides powerful screen recording tools. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to fumble with their phone every time they need to record something.

For starters, users can capture desktop screens in full-screen mode or pick a specific screen recording area. Additionally, it allows you to incorporate voice narrations, PIP (Picture in Picture) effects, and annotations for example drawings, texts, and shapes. Better yet, it allows users to edit the listed TV displays by converting, cutting, cropping, adding some images, and many features that are more advanced. That is why it is best.

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First Step:

To start, make sure you have installed and opened Wondershare UniConverter and are clicking on the Screen Recorder tab. You can then tap the Camcorder button in the center of the window to open your screen recording application.

Second Step:

Setting up a screen capture is easy. Click the Record Mode and drag the cropper to set an area. Alternatively, open the drop-down menu and select between Custom or Full Screen. With Custom, you can enter the frame measurements then tap Lock Aspect Ratio to be sure the outcome looks appealing.

Third Step:

Next, open the System Audio menu to choose a sound output device. Now pick a voice narration apparatus under Microphone along with a Facecam for incorporating PIP effect under Webcam.

Fourth Step:

Along with that, you can click Settings then open the Format menu to place the target arrangement to MP4, AVI, or FLV. You could also customize the keyboard hotkeys, recording timer, folder path, output, and frame rate.

Fifth Step:

To start recording your desktop screen, click on the REC button. You can edit the recording preferences and the catch area before you start, but if you’re happy with those, go ahead and click on the REC button. To add annotations like texts, shapes, and drawings, then launch the recording taskbar, and then press on the Annotation button. Here, you could even have a screenshot, disable output and input devices, and complete recording by clicking Quit.

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2. Record TV Show in a Pendrive or a Storage Device

If you’ve got a spare hard disk drive sitting around or, sometimes, only a USB hard disk, you may already have everything that you need to turn your place into a TV set. All you’ll need is a television with a USB port.

When you can’t watch your favorite show live, you may consider using a hard drive for a DVR like with AirTV solutions. You can use a hard drive for a DVR with different devices, such as AirTV solutions. Other companies also offer their own proprietary DVR boxes, such as the Tablo Double OTA DVR.

Getting back to having a hard disk with your TV, before you dash to attempt this, take note that there could be a few gotchas. Listed below are a couple of things to think about:

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You need a drive with a good write and read speed. The best option is an external drive that is tough and has 32 GB of memory and the ideal option is an external drive with 64 GB of memory and also spin rate of 5400 RPM. 1TB of memory is a better alternative, as shows tend to have plenty of room.

It’s important to ensure that the power cable is as short as possible to avoid performance loss. Any longer than 3 meters and you’ll start to see interference with your TV signal.

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I hope now you all understand How To Record TV Shows Without a DVR? The method I told you about is very simple and easy. You just have to read all the steps and things carefully and then apply them. Always remember that you must have a high storage capacity Pen Drive or any storage device then only you can store 2 or more TV shows.

Carefully consider your options when looking for a center. If you don’t have one, use the next option or the third option. You’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for you, just like this, where you do not need to worry. So now, apply any one of the tricks that are best and suitable for you, and then record any of your favorite TV Shows easily without a DVR.

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