How To Remove a Stripped Screw From a Laptop

How To Remove a Stripped Screw From a Laptop, One issue that even seasoned laptop technicians must address during laptop repair and upgrade is stripped screws. While there are generally several options for removing stripped screws, in laptop cases the options are limited to safely removing them. You may be wondering: How do you remove a bare screw from a laptop?

Basic methods of removing a loose screw include using a detachable screwdriver or using rubber bands, aluminum foil, or glue as additional material. You can also use a pair of screw extractor pliers or a simple tool like small drill bits and a hole punch. If things don’t work out, you can also use a rotary tool and a thinner cutting disc as the last option.

How do you remove a bare screw?

Removing a stripped screw can be done in two ways, by increasing friction or increasing torque. The main factor in whether or not to remove the screw is torque. Torque is needed to separate the threads of a tight screw from its surroundings, and the increased friction improves the transmission of torque between the screwdriver and the screw.

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1: Use a screwdriver

First of all, maximize the grip of your screwdriver, if you can still use the screwdriver, try one last time and this time tries to remove the screw by hand with the help of these instructions in your mind.

If the screw is fixed with spray oil, metal such as WD40, let it sit for 15 minutes.

Now use the most compatible screw size that fits your screw.

If possible, you can also grab the handle of the screw with a wrench for added grip.

Or even use fabric or some other material to add extra grip. If the screwdriver grip is not correct, you can cover it with a cloth and then press the screwdriver into place.

You can also use a hammer to fix the screwdriver. Tap the screwdriver in gently and make sure you don’t break the screw head. If it works it will serve to create a new grove or place where the screwdriver will be placed. (this is a good option if the screw is removed)

Or you can also drill square n. 1 and then hammer it into the screw head, do this until you see the screw head move.

Now push harder and harder in the opposite direction. Place your palm on the tip of the screwdriver and move the screwdriver with the help of your forearm.

Note: If the screwdriver you are using slips, do not attempt to do this, as sliding the screwdriver will deform the end of the screw and make it difficult to remove.

Or you can also heat the area, but make sure the area is not damaged or the object attached to it is not damaged. This can cause the threads to become loose. Once it is loosened, you can easily remove the stripped screw from your motherboard.

Or you can also cut off the top-notch of the flathead with a hacksaw or Dermal. Place the Dermal or flat head top-notch on the screw head and then try to turn it.

2: Use an elastic band

Using a rubber band can be a good way to remove the stripped screw from the laptop, in which case we need to take the focus off a bit. An elastic belt surface will help keep the screwdriver in place in the broken area.

This can be done using any type of rubber or elastic band, such as a one-piece bicycle-car tube, it will do that job easily, as long as the rubber or elastic band gives you maximum resistance to hold the screw head Is. this is. Come on and screwdriver.

You can do it like this:

  • Attach the elastic end to the end of the screwdriver.
  • Be sure to push it hard enough to create pressure to tighten the rubber band on the screw.
  • If the screw is only partially or partially damaged, this rubber band will help you repair the damaged areas.

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  1. Using the drill

Drilling is difficult because you have to find something a little smaller than the size of the screw. Drilling is not a big deal in most situations, but you know that a laptop has a small screw and drilling can permanently damage the thread. If you try this technique, be sure to use a bit designed for metal, not wood. The end of the screw may come out, so don’t drill too deep.

  1. Use rubber bands

With the help of rubber bands, you can remove the screws from the laptop. The rubber band can give you the extra grip you need. So first check the size and screw and take a screwdriver. Spread a rubber band over the stripped screw and turn it.

  1. Try a different screwdriver

A bare screw head may have one or two slots that are still functioning. See if another type of screwdriver or screwdriver size works. If your stripped screw has a Phillips’s head, use a flat screwdriver. Or try a smaller or larger screwdriver into the slot.

Tip: If a screwdriver doesn’t work right away, don’t force it. Now you don’t want to unscrew the screw.

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6: Use a penetrating oil spray:

A penetrating oil spray is also very helpful in removing stripped screws in less time. This is a magical liquid that you can apply to remove or loosen a bare screw.

Take a penetrating oil spray and pour it onto the bare screw. Leave it for about 15 minutes until it is completely absorbed into the screw. After 15 minutes, you can easily remove the stripped screw. Make sure that the screws on the laptop’s motherboard are made of steel and not steel. I highly recommend a penetrating oil spray to remove stripped screws from laptop motherboards.

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7: Using Dremel:

If you have a Dremel, you can easily remove the screw from the laptop’s motherboard. You can easily make a slot in the head of a stripped screw and then convert it to a slotted screw. To make this process more convenient, you can use any tool with a cut-off wheel, such as a Dremel.

One thing to keep in mind is to use a fine bur with a maximum thin layer of 0.5 mm. Hold the cutter firmly assuming it is no deeper than 1 mm. After completing this process, you can easily remove the stripped screw with a flat screwdriver.

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Conclusion of How To Remove a Stripped Screw From a Laptop

In this article, we look at several methods that address the common question: how to remove a stripped screw from a laptop. There is no doubt that chipped screws can bring a lot of trouble and annoyance.

But there is no need to worry as there are proven methods and effective tools to successfully remove problematic screws. The bottom line is that you need to be patient and take extra care to complete the steps.

We reiterate that if you are not equipped with the equipment or are afraid of not performing the steps correctly, it is best to do it through an expert laptop technician.


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