How To Restart Chromebook, Best Methods Explained

Before taking this big, irreversible step, make sure it’s what you need. There are many reasons to reset a Chromebook, but you may also have other options, such as manually changing your user profile and preferences.

Again, some of the reasons to reset your Chrome OS device are obvious. These can include reselling or buying your used Chromebook, having issues after trying to reset it, having profile issues, or simply seeing a pop-up message on your screen that says “This Chrome reset the device”. says something like this. If you find any of these involved, it’s probably best to go ahead and reset your Chromebook.

What is Google Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop, PC, or tablet that runs the Linux-based Chrome operating system (OS). Chromebooks primarily work with the Google Chrome browser to perform tasks that you would normally do offline, on a regular PC/desktop, or tablet.

Most of the apps and data that run or generate on a Chromebook are stored and backed up to the Google Cloud rather than the device itself, which means users typically find that their device has minimal built-in storage and you need more than your Chromebook. the wanted. will be required. Get access to WiFi or any other type of internet connection and interact with full functionality.

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Restart Chromebook

Although most Chromebooks reboot in the same way, some require a different approach. Follow the instructions below to try a regular reset before moving on to a hard reset and check to see if your Chromebook is on the “Other Methods” list.

Have you managed to restart your Chrome OS device? Having trouble finding your model on the list? If you have any questions or anything to add to this discussion.

How to restart Chromebook?

There are three ways to restart a Chromebook device.

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Turn off the Chrome device.
  • Restart option in the notification bar.

But what if the Chromebook won’t turn on, or what should you do if your Chromebook screen freezes while you’re using it?

In the usual way, you can use the Power button to restart it.

So let’s look at other possible ways to reset it and find out what will work for you depending on your problem.

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Press and hold the power button.

When the mouse and keyboard of your device froze and nothing was working. So this step would be beneficial to reboot. Actually, this method also works on Windows operating system.

Simply press and hold the Chromebook’s power button for about three to five seconds and it will safely “shut down” the Chrome device after saving all your current tasks.

Now press the power button again to start your Chrome OS and it will do the same, assuming you are restarting the Chromebook.

I advised you to do this at least once because it works.

Turn off the Chrome device.

It’s as easy as it sounds because you do it daily. To turn off a Chrome device, simply use the notification bar.

Select the “Shut Down” option in the notification area. Which is in the right corner and select “Shutdown”.

This will save all of your current work and completely log you out of your Chromebook device.

And now, press the Power button again to start your device. This will restart your device.

If you are worried about data loss, don’t worry. All the data on your Chromebook will be automatically saved before you turn it on.

But caution is most important. So don’t do it regularly, after saving all your current work turn off the device.

Restart option in the notification bar.

When your Chromebook downloads an update or installs software, there’s a reset icon on the notification taskbar.

Where it asks you to reboot the device to install it completely.

In that case, click Restart and now wait for the Chromebook to shut down and start automatically.

Note: The reboot process is maintained automatically, Chrome OS will reboot itself.

Do not press any button while the device is rebooting, pressing any key may damage your device.

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How to restart Chromebook when the screen goes black?

If the notification light on your Chromebook is on but the screen turns black and nothing works, there are two steps you can take.

Step 1. Press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. This will force the hardware to shut down.

Now, look at the notification light again, if it goes off, close your cover and wait a few seconds.

Now open the cover and press the Power button once. You will see a light on the screen. Ready, all your problems are solved.

Step 2. Sometimes your device freezes a lot and the screen turns black, the keyboard and touchpad are not working, causing the Chromebook to shut down.

Press and hold the power button and the recharge button together for a few seconds.

This will force the hardware to shut it down. Now close the shell and wait a few seconds.

After a few seconds, open the cover and press the Power button. All set, now your device will be on.

What happens when I restart my Google Chromebook?

When you restart your Google Chromebook to the normal power cycle, your Chromebook will automatically save your work, close your tabs and apps, log out safely, and then restart the device. will do it. It will be turned off before it can be restarted.

However, if you “hard reset” your Chromebook for any reason, you’ll lose everything you didn’t save and may need to go back to any apps you made and unsaved changes. can. this is. It took a little longer than usual for this to happen. Ultimately, it is not suitable for a hard reset unless you deem it absolutely necessary.

Restarting Chromebooks can solve many problems

Restarting your Chromebook or performing a hard reset is an easy way to get rid of various problems with your device. A reboot can fix RAM-related errors, make the device unresponsive again, and even help with software updates.

so what are you waiting for? Solve all the annoying problems by restarting your Chromebook.

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Chromebook troubleshooting

We recommend fixing common problems with your Chromebook

next order. If you have a more specific problem (i.e. Chromebook doesn’t

Enable) see the Specific Issues section at the top.

Step 1: Restart your Chromebook

To fix some Chromebook issues, you may need to hard reset your Chromebook, which is a. also called

A hard reset. If you have problems with internet connectivity, screen freezes, or rings, try a hard reset

Keyboard / Touchpad Problems. This will restart your Chromebook hardware.

For most Chromebooks, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Chromebook.
  2. Press and hold Refresh + tap Power.
  3. When your Chromebook starts up, release Update.

Step 2: Clear browsing history / Reset browser

Clear browsing history

If you have problems with your browser, such as web pages not working, you may need to fix it

Loading successfully, error messages, etc. The first thing to do is clear your browsing history and

Cookies. For doing this:

In your browser, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select Settings

In the window search bar, type history

Under Privacy and security, choose Clear browsing data

Select the Advanced tab and then all the time in the Time range field

Select at least the first four boxes, and then click Clear data

You can select all eight boxes to erase all data, just keep in mind that the stored data will be erased.

Passwords/content you saved in the browser

Restart your Chromebook and see if the problem is fixed

If the steps above did not solve your problem, try resetting your browser. To reset your browser:

Restart browser

You can restore your browser settings in Chrome at any time. You may need to do this if there are apps or extensions

It has changed its settings without your knowledge. You will not have your bookmarks and passwords saved

Cleaned or replaced.

On your computer, open Chrome

In your browser, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select Settings

Scroll down and click Advanced

Under “Reset Settings”, click Restore settings to their original defaults and click Reset Settings

Close Chrome and reopen Chrome for the change to take effect

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So that was our article on how to reset Chromebooks in different ways. You can choose any of the methods from the article depending on the problems you are facing. For most people, the first method is the easiest and most direct way to reset a Chromebook.

Now that your Chromebook works like a champ,

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