How To Separately Control Two Tvs Of The Same Brand

Physically separate the two devices so that the beams from both phones point in different directions. Hitting small pieces of cards into the IR receiver window can help protect against infrared “bounces” off walls and ceilings. Replacing one or both phones with a universal or programmable remote sometimes works.

How do I prevent two remote control signals from interfering with each other?

  • Please turn off the IR jamming device while using your FORMULER.
  • physically separate them;
  • Download and use the remote control app on your mobile phone.
  • Use other alternative remote devices if possible;

Why does my remote control two TVs?

The TV responds to the infrared signal from the remote control. If both TVs can “see” the remote’s signal, they will respond to the action button. The solution is to replace a TV with a different brand, but more importantly a different brand that uses a different set of infrared remote signals.

Use An App

If you don’t want to buy a universal remote, you can also try using the Remote app on your smartphone or tablet. There are many different remote apps available, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Step 1 – Install the Remote app on your smartphone

Once the Remote app is installed, open it and make sure that it is synced with your LG TV. The pairing process will vary depending on the specific remote app you’re using, so check your user manual for instructions.

Step 2 – Pair the Remote App with your LG TV

Once the Remote app is paired with your LG TV, you can use it to switch channels on both TVs simultaneously.

This will allow you to watch two different channels at the same time without worrying about accidentally changing the channel on the wrong TV.

How do I control two Vizio TVs in the same room with different remotes?

Vizio remote controls are widely compatible with Vizio TV models and are not coded to any specific TV. To avoid accidentally controlling the TV with another TV’s remote control. Select the TV you want to control by tapping Add Device and from the Device drop-down menu.

How do I set up two pairs of headphones with my Samsung TV?

You can connect the Bluetooth adapter to your TV to use both sets of headphones at the same time. Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV > put your headphones and adapter into pairing mode > and use the controls on the adapter to use one or both headphones at the same time.

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