How To Set Up Favorites On Roomba App

Around 14% Americans have a robot vacuum and almost 13% intend to buy one for their home. That’s almost 16 million households using the Roomba to keep their home clean. The best part of a Roomba is that you can almost completely control via the iRobot HOME App
In August 2020, iRobot, the company which is considered the best in the consumer robot vacuums launched their iRobot Genius – Home Intelligence App.

Follow These Simple Steps To Set Up Favorites On Roomba App

Before we start, you should also know how to setup a Roomba to clean a specific room as it covers mapping runs, customizing maps and setting up cleaning routines.

1) Once you have followed the above article, you can click on a new job on your iRobot HOME App and click on the “clean everywhere” toggle. If you’re using Roomba models i7/i7+, s9/s9+ or m6, then your Roomba will clean everywhere once and store the floor map of your entire home.

Saving Favorites_Step1
Image Source: – iROBOT

2) Once the entire floor mapping is done, now you can select one or more specific rooms from the list and click on Save As Favorites. This will save your specific cleaning routine in the favorites list.

Saving Favorites_Step2
Image Source: – iRobot

3) Once the cleaning routine is saved as favorite, you may add a name to your favorite routine task and assign a color too for future reference. If you wish to know how to stop a Roomba from going to a specific room the click here.

4) Your newly created favorites will appear under the favorites section. Example: – Kitchen can be one area which needs cleaning frequently so that it can be assigned under favorites. 

5) To start a favorite cleaning routine, just click on the PLAY button on the saved card within favorites and the Roomba will get the prompt to start cleaning that specific area.

How To Delete Favorites From The Roomba App

Just press and hold the favorite you wish to edit or delete. An option will pop up to carry out the desired task.

How To Check If Your iRobot Home App Is Down

All major issues related to iRobot outages including the app can be checked here.

Can More Than One Person Have Roomba App

Yes, more than one person can connect with the Roomba via the iRobot HOME App on their phone. Just ensure you login with the same credentials which were used to create the account and you’re on the same WiFi network as the Roomba.

How Do I Update The Roomba App

If you’re looking to update the iRobot HOME on your iOS or android device then it gets updated automatically just like any other app installed on your phone. You need not worry about updating the app every now and then. Having said that, if your goal is to update the software on the Roomba then it would depend on what type of Roomba model you own as not all support WiFi connectivity. Let’s dig in. iROBOT Home App software release notes can be found at this link which is constantly updated.

Updating The Software On Your  WiFi Connected Roomba

If your Roomba is on the Home Base and connected to the WiFi network, then the software on the Roomba gets updated automatically once the update is released.

Once the update is released, it can take upto 24 hours for the update to download on your robot. Once downloaded, it can take upto 10 mins for the software to update. 

Updates on the Roomba software only happen when your Robot is not cleaning and is on the home base (docking station).

To check the version of your software. On the iROBOT Home App click on more → Settings → About (Roomba Name) and you will see the version installed.

If in case your Roomba is not receiving any released software updates, then ensure the home base is kept in an area where you have sufficient WiFi coverage.

Your robot should also be connected to the WiFi network. To check if it is go to: –

More → Settings → WiFi Settings → Robot WiFi Settings. If you see, “Server Unavailable” then check your firewall settings.

Updating The Software On Your Non-WiFi Connected Roomba With An Osmo

The 700 and 800 Roomba series, which are non WiFi connected models come with an Osmo upgrade POD device which helps in updating the software on the Roomba to the latest version. 

You can follow the steps below to update the software: –

 If you have the Osmo, then make sure the Roomba is on the home base.

2) Lift the handle on top to access the serial port.

Osmo Step1

3) Plugin the Osmo into the serial port so that the black tab completely fits into the jack below the serial port.

Osmo Step2
Image Source: – iROBOT

4) Wait until the update is downloaded and installed. Unless it’s done, the light on the Roomba and the Osmo will flash to indicate that the update is in progress.

5) The lights will stop flashing once the update is complete.

6) Do not remove the Osmo from the slot unless the lights stop flashing or you would see an error which says update incomplete by flashing RED light.

Updating the 500 & 600 Roomba Series With An Osmo (Non WiFi Connected)

Follow the steps mentioned below: – 

  1. Remove the bin.
  2. Remove the faceplate by pulling it up. Do it gently as it’s secured at multiple places.
  3. Plug your power socket directly into the Roomba

Now just follow the steps mentioned in updating the 700 and 800 series above.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to set up favorites on Roomba App and we also covered some guides on keeping the Roomba software and the iROBOT HOME App updated for both WiFi and non WiFi connected Roomba models.

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