How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone

How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone, Smart TVs are compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2, which allows iPhone users to share photos, videos, and music directly to the TV. Although many owners of Samsung and iPhone TVs do not know how to set up and use this feature, it is relatively easy to get started and take advantage of wireless media viewing from your phone on the big screen.

Samsung is the leading TV manufacturer in the United States and has enjoyed this position for many years. Samsung currently holds about a third of the market share, which is more than twice as much as its closest competitor TCL. Samsung also makes smartphones, so it may surprise some to learn that many of its new TVs are compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2 streaming protocol.

When Apple first created its own streaming media system, it was called AirTunes because it was for audio-only. When the video was added in 2010, the name was changed to AirPlay, but it still supports audio streaming as well as photos and videos.

How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone
How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone

Ways to display photos from my iPhone on TV.

Reflecting the screen of your iPhone to your TV is one of the most commonly used methods, as it removes some of the limitations, such as the AirPlay face. However, you’ll need to set up your TV with Apple TV and make sure you’ve selected the AirPlay option in the iPhone Control Center.

Go to the Photos app on your iPhone and click the Share button. Select the photos you want to share, then select AirPlay as the sharing method. You can then control the photos you want to watch on your TV by swiping left or right or by selecting the option to automatically change the slideshow. Read also: How to set up video surveillance on mobile phones and iPhones

AirPlay: For this method to work, you will need an Apple TV and a wireless network. After connecting your TV to Apple TV with an HDMI cable and connecting Apple TV and iPhone to the same wireless network, do the following to display photos from iPhone to TV:

·        Select Apple TV in the settings of your iPhone and the home screen will be on the TV.

·        You can then view photos and any other content you want.

How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone
How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone

How to display your iPhone or iPad on your TV using AirPlay:

If you have an Apple TV and want to stream video or audio content from the iPhone app, no duplication is required. Selecting Airplay in the app does the same and consumes less battery. It also allows you to use your iPhone for other tasks while the video is playing on the TV.

·        Open the Apple TV app and find the video or audio you want to play.

·        Tap the AirPlay icon.

·        Select your Apple TV from the list.

View Photos from Your iPhone or iPad on Roku Devices

·        Make sure your iPhone or iPad and Roku device You can make sure you have Wi-Fi enabled on your iPhone or iPad and see which network your device is connected to, go to “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi”. Go to “Fi”. Tap on “Fi”. “-Fi. Fi” on your Apple device.

·        Launch the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad and select Roku Inc. Select. If you don’t already have the app on your device, download the Roku app developed by Roku.

·        Launch the Roku app. The Roku app home screen will show the channels installed on the Roku device to which it is currently connected.

·        Tap “Settings” at the bottom of the app, and then click “Switch Roku devices.” Touch the name of the Roku device to which you want to copy photos from your iPhone or iPad. You will be connected to this particular Roku device and redirected back to the Settings screen.

·        tap Photos at the bottom of the screen. The game appears on the Roku screen.

·        Select Photos from the list of options that appear. The Photos screen appears, showing the albums found in the Photos app.

·        Touch one of the photo albums displayed. A screen appears showing all the images in this album.

·        Touch the image you want to display on your Roku device. The message “Add to Roku game” appears briefly on the screen, then the image appears on the screen in the Roku iPhone or iPad app and on the connected screen to the Roku device you’re connected to.

·        Use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the Roku app to move among other images in the photo album you’re viewing. These images will appear and be visible on the Roku device you are copying.

How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone
How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone

Connect iPhone to TV with Apple TV

Although it’s relatively easy to connect your iPhone via an AV adapter, you also have a completely wireless option. If you have an Apple TV connected to your TV, you can mirror your phone via Wi-Fi with just one touch.

·        Make sure your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.

·        Make sure your TV is on and your Apple TV is displayed.

·        Open the phone Control Center by swiping down at the top right of the screen.

·        Tap Touch Screen Reflection, then on Apple TV.

How to put pictures on Samsung tv

How To Show Pictures On TV From iPhone, If you have an iPhone and a Samsung TV from 2018 or later, make sure your TV supports AirPlay 2. Samsung also supports transmission through its SmartThings app for many Samsung TVs from 2018 onwards. After adding your TV to the SmartThings app under Devices> Devices, you can select “Smart View” to see your phone. If your Samsung TV does not support AirPlay 2 or SmartThings, I recommend using an HDMI cable or streaming device as described below.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can use Screen Mirroring to transfer photos to your Samsung TV. First, you need to turn on Screen Mirroring. For older TV models, press the “Source” button on the remote control and then select “Screen Reflection” as the source. For newer TV models, press “Menu” on the remote control, then tap Network> Duplicate screen.

For the latest models, go to Settings, General> External Device Manager> Device Connection Manager> Select device list. Once you have turned on Screen Mirroring, you have activated Screen Mirroring on your Samsung phone. Swipe down from the top of the screen and select “Smart View” or “Quick Connect”, depending on your phone model. Select your TV from the available devices and, if prompted, enter the confirmation code.

If you have a non-Samsung Android phone and a 2018 or later Samsung TV, download the SmartThings app. After adding your TV to the SmartThings app under Devices> Devices, you can select “Smart View” to see your phone.

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