How To Stop Wireless Earbuds Flashing

How To Stop Wireless Earbuds Flashing, Is the Bluetooth headset light blinking? It can be frustrating when it starts happening all of a sudden. Especially if you are not a technical person. What are you going to do now? Try to fix them, Call a friend buying a new pair of headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are great, but they change from time to time. Fortunately, this is probably a minor problem, and these types of failures can usually be fixed in ten minutes or less.

So you need to know, “Why are my Bluetooth headphones flashing red and blue?” I’ll get to that. But first, I need to go through the correct process to find out the problem.

How do I disable the flashing LED indicator light?

To turn off the flashing LED indicator light, put the headphones into pairing mode (that is, flashing red and blue) and then press the volume down button. After this action turns off the headphones, then turn on the headphones, and connect them to your device in the standard way.

Note: To turn the flashing LED indicator light back on, repeat the process described above but press the Volume Up button instead of the Volume Down button.

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Why are my Bluetooth headphones flashing red and blue?

Bluetooth headphones have a status light. These tell you what’s going on with the headphones.

If, for example, the status light is solid blue, it usually means that the headphones are connected to your smartphone, laptop, or speakers. They are ready for use.

Different brands of headphones have different status lights.

But generally, if your headphones are flashing red and blue, it means they are not paired with your device.

Unpaired headphones mean they are not connected to any other device. They are in pairing or discovery mode. This means that your headphones are searching for another Bluetooth device to connect.

Sometimes the headphones are tested in pairing mode, but they won’t connect to another device. They have an error during pairing, so they light up in red and blue to alert you.

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Why does the charging case turn purple when I plug in headphones?

The charging case glows purple to indicate that the headphones are updating.

Firmware updates can take up to 15 minutes. During the update, do not open the charging case until at least 10 seconds after the LED has stopped flashing. When the update is complete, the LED on the charging case will briefly flash green and then turn off. If the LED continues to flash after 15 minutes, open the charging case lid and then turn it off.

If the update is interrupted, you can restart it later by placing both the earbuds in the charging case and closing the lid. The LED on the charging case will flash purple again until the update is complete.

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Why is my AirPods glowing orange?

The color of the light on the inside of the AirPods Charging Case (or the outside of the AirPods Pro and AirPods Wireless Charging Case) indicates its position.

  • Green: Your AirPods or AirPods Pro are fully charged.
  • Amber: Your AirPods or AirPods Pro are not fully charged.
  • White: Your AirPods or AirPods Pro are ready to be set up.
  • Flashing Amber: There is a problem with your AirPods or AirPods Pro. You will have to factory reset them and then pair them again on your device.

The best solution for anyone experiencing connectivity issues with their AirPods or AirPods Pro is to factory reset them. This process takes about a minute and will probably save you a trip to the Apple Store.

What are the Bluetooth headset pairing modes?

Flashing red and blue lights generally mean your headphones are searching for a device to connect to. At this time, your headphones are not connected to the desired multimedia device. Your headphones are currently in discovery mode.

This means that they are looking for a nearby device to pair with. However, sometimes your Bluetooth headphones will not connect in discovery mode.

Bluetooth pairing mode allows you to connect to other devices. It usually takes 30 seconds to pair your headphones with a device. And if you’ve already done the initial pairing setup, it should connect automatically. This is what makes Bluetooth connectivity so great.

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Benefits of using Bluetooth headphones

There are many benefits to Bluetooth headphones and their pairing modes. The main positive factor is that you can establish a secure connection with other devices wirelessly. So you can listen to music on the go without hassle.

You can also save pairs. So you don’t have to repeat the setup process every time you pair the headphones with the same device.

Indicator lights and colors

The indicator lights on a Bluetooth device provide a visual way to determine the status of the device. Indicators vary from device to device, so be sure to check out their user guide for indicators specific to your product.

Charger plugged in

Note: Most Bluetooth products, such as speakers or headphones, cannot be used while charging.

  • Solid red: charging
  • Solid blue: full charge
  • Charger unplugged

Note: After 20 minutes on a call or 20 minutes of inactivity, the light stops flashing to save power, but the headset remains on.

  • Solid blue – pairing mode
  • Steady purple – on
  • Blue with intense purple glow – successful pairing
  • Blue Flash – Standby (Not on Call)
  • Fast Blue Blink: Incoming Call
  • Slow purple pulse – silence
  • Slow blue pulse: Connected (in one call)
  • Fast red blink: low battery
  • Deactivating Indicator Lights – Headphones
  • Power off: power off or power saving

To deactivate the indicator lights, press and hold both volume buttons while the headset is on.

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