How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV

How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV, If you are subscribed to BT Broadband, you probably know that you can watch BT Sport for free on mobile devices as part of your subscription.

You will also know that if you want to watch BT Sport on the 40 on a pixel panel in your living room, you have to pay The Man. That is unless you know of a workaround to watch BT Sport on your TV, like the ones we are about. about to show you.

How to install and log in to the BT Sport app

To install the BT Sport app on Android, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV
How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV

If you have an iPhone / iPad, the installation process is as follows:

  • Open the App Store from the iOS / iPad’s home screen.
  • Now search for “BT Sport” in the related search.
  • Tap the BT Sport app in the list of results and then click Get. You may be asked to enter your password or verify your identity with Touch ID or Face ID.

After the BT Sport app is installed, launch it on your Android or iOS device. It will ask you to log in to the welcome page. Just enter your BT ID and password in their respective fields and tap on the login option. If the login is successful, you should see the main screen of the BT Sport app.

How to watch BT Sport Mobile on your TV with other Android phones

When we first wrote this article in 2017, we said that BT Sport stopped using Chromecast to cast phone screens to TV on any Android phone.

The Chromecast option is grayed out in our BT Sport app on Samsung Galaxy phones as of April 2019, but other readers say it is possible.

“I can stream from my Moto G5 + to my TV,” writes Jake D’Arnot in the comments at the end of this article. “Strictly SD [image quality], but not that bad.”

The wonderfully named “hoo” agrees, saying that “the Chromecast button in the BT Sport app is enabled on both my OPO custom ROM and my Nexus 7 tablet.”

So if you don’t have a Samsung phone, it’s definitely worth checking out to see if you can Chromecast. Devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the aforementioned Roku accept Chromecast streams, as do some smart TVs, so you may not need to go out and buy another receiving device.

How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV
How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV

BT Sport TV Deals

How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV, For most people, the best way to watch BT Sport on TV is with a monthly SIM card from EE Pay or Plusnet Fiber Broadband.

Both providers will allow you to watch BT Sport on compatible smart TVs or using an Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, and Xbox. With these two offers, you can also watch BT Sport on your mobile phone.

Currently, it’s possible to get a SIM card with 10GB of data in EE for £10/month. It comes with BT Sport included for the first 3 months, then it costs an additional £20 per month. EE offers a variety of SIM-only deals, including a £40/month EE unlimited data plan.

Alternatively, you can get fiber broadband starting at £22.49/month on Plusnet. You can then add BT Sport for an additional £15.69/month, bringing the total for fiber broadband and BT Sport to £38.18/month. There are a variety of special offers available when you join Plusnet.

If you want to watch BT Sport via a cable box, or if you want to include Sky Sports in your package, you can choose from a variety of plans that are currently available on BT, Sky, and Virgin Media.

How To Stream BT Sport From Phone To TV
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