How to Tell Your Roomba to Clean a Specific Room: App, Mapping and Set-Up

To make a Roomba clean a specific room, we need to follow the below mentioned steps. Read on if you wish to understand what smart mapping is and how to set it up on your iRobot Roomba. It is highly likely that you’re using a Roomba which is i3,i5,i8 or above which have either Smart Mapping or Imprint Smart Smart Mapping feature. Also if you have the Roomba model which is either i7, i7+, s9, s9+ then mapping your floor plan is only possible if these models are connected to WiFi. As the map is stored in Roomba’s cloud database.

Any Roomba can function without WiFi, but certain features need WiFi connection as mentioned above due to latest navigation software on latest models that work only if connected to your internet network.

How to Use the iRobot HOME App to Clean a Specific Room

The iRobot HOME App is an app that allows you to control your Roomba from your smartphone. You can use the app to start and stop cleaning, schedule cleanings, and view cleaning history. The app also allows you to create virtual barriers, which tell your Roomba where it can and cannot go. This is useful for keeping your Roomba from going into certain rooms or areas of your home.

How to use the iRobot HOME App to clean a specific room:

1. Download the iRobot HOME App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open the app and connect it to your Roomba using Bluetooth.

3. Mapping Run: – (Skip This Step If Already SetUp) Let’s do a mapping run. Now these are optional as your Roomba will map out your home while it’s cleaning if it has smart mapping activated.

How to Tell Your Roomba to Clean a Specific Room: App, Mapping and Set-Up 1

Click on the map button on the app home screen. This leads you to the map lists page. Here you can either click on the + icon or click on “create new map” card. I3,i4 and i5 models can only create one smart map. So if you wish to map out a different floor then the current map should be deleted.

4. Map Customization: – Tap on the “Rooms” tab at the bottom of the screen. Customization is the process of defining your floor plan which includes labeling your rooms, adjusting room dividers for specific room cleaning and also map viewing orientation. This step is important if you wish to know how to tell your Roomba to clean a specific room

5. Naming Your Map: – First step towards map customization is naming your map. As shown in the image below you can name your map which represents the space mapped. 

How to Tell Your Roomba to Clean a Specific Room: App, Mapping and Set-Up 2

6. Setting Up Your Rooms: – This is where you customize a map to and create it for the Roomba to clean a specific room only by adjusting room dividers. 

How to Tell Your Roomba to Clean a Specific Room: App, Mapping and Set-Up 3

7. Labeling Your Rooms: – Once you’ve set up your rooms and your home map is divided into rooms, you can label each room so that you can control your Roomba to clean specific rooms. To do this you can also use Alexa or Google assistant too. Make sure that each room is given a unique name as this is a must. 

How to Tell Your Roomba to Clean a Specific Room: App, Mapping and Set-Up 4

8. Select the room you want to clean and tap “Start Cleaning.” Your Roomba will begin cleaning that room immediately.

Also, please note that you have to define your rooms and specific zones inside your home if you wish your Roomba to clean specific rooms. If you want your Roomba to clean the entire area it can reach then you can utilize smart mapping feature. 

Now let us understand what is smart mapping feature. Which models have it and how to set it up.

What Is Smart Mapping ?

Smart mapping technology is your Roomba’s ability to adapt to the design of your floor plan inside your home. Smart mapping allows your Roomba to remember the entire cleaning area of your home and clean specific areas when in action.

Which Roomba’s Have Smart Mapping Feature?

If we have to categorize all Roomba models in terms of mapping capabilities then we have can come up with 3 categories. Also, please note that smart mapping feature is region specific. The firmware on your Roomba should be 2.2.0 or above.

Roomba Models Starting With 6XX & 8XX (Example: – Roomba 698 or Roomba 860) – These are older models of Roomba and they do not have inbuilt mapping ability. This means their inability to learn your home floor plan. It doesn’t matter on which floor you use these models. All floors are the same.

Along with this, let me also mention the Roomba e5 here. This also is the basic level entry model of Roomba from iRobot which does not have smart mapping features.

Roomba Models With 960 or 980 (Example: – These Roomba models have semi mapping features. What it means is they aren’t able to save the maps of a specific floor. Everytime they perform cleaning, they create a new map of the floor plan where they cleaned.

Roomba Models Starting With i,s or j (Example: – i5, s9 or j7) – 

I3,i4 and i5 series have the smart mapping features. All these models can memorize upto 10 floors of your home and depending on the floor it is, will use its inbuilt mapping features to decide where it is located and start with cleaning.

Roomba Models i6,i7,i8,j7 or s9 (These specific Roomba models come with Imprint Smart Mapping Technology.  

Customized Room Cleaning Tips For Your Roomba (i3,i5 & i7)

  1. Customized rooming cleaning must be started at the charging station (Docking) before you direct your Roomba to clean a specific room. This is specifically for i3,i5 and i7 models as these models use the docking station as the localisation point. What does this mean? It means that once your Roomba is in action and cleaning a specific room and you lift it up and keep it somewhere else then it has to be docked again at the charging station to realign to its job of cleaning that specific room.
  2. If you make any major changes to the home layout or the docking station is moved from its current position then the map needs to be deleted and remapping of the floor plan is required.

In i3,i5 and i7 models the map is not updated while your robot is performing a cleaning run. If you need to do any changes then deleting the current map and starting a new mapping run is the only option.
Model numbers: – i6,i7,i8,j7,s9 and m6 have the latest “Imprint Smart Map Technology” so the map gets updated while the Roomba is cleaning.

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