How To Use Roomba on Multiple Floors

Just like there are various challenges that come with houses having several floors, the same can be said about robotic vacuum cleaners. You see, mainly because of their design, robotic vacuums cannot climb stairs as of yet; however, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to utilize one to clean the other floors in your house.

If you are looking for a detailed guide on how to use Roomba on multiple floors, read the guide below.

How to use Roomba on Multiple Floors?

Any Roomba can be used in multiple places such as a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Since the Roomba does not climb stairs, you will have to pick it up manually and carry it to other floors for cleaning. To begin cleaning, simply hit the clean button and let the device do its thing.

If you add a base for your Roomba on your second, your Roomba will return to that same spot to recharge when it gets low on battery. This ensures that if the run isn’t complete yet, your Roomba can continue cleaning until the job is done.

If you have added a base to your second floor, your Roomba will travel to it at the end to dock and recharge. If you only have a single base, you will need to return your Roomba manually on the map (tap its icon) when it sounds like an audible signal that its battery is low. While using your Roomba with only one base is permitted, having more than one will help prevent this manual interaction and make programming more efficient. We recommend adding additional bases in order to make cleaning easier – especially on larger floors or if your Roomba doesn’t have smart mapping capability already enabled.

How to add another floor to Roomba?

Roomba can learn maps. Every time Roomba gets on a new floor, it will immediately start to create a map of the environment, then proceed to memorize that map. For multi-story homes, this will most likely take several passes until you don’t need to worry about the device getting lost.

Of course, it could happen but not as often as others might make you think. Once Roomba is sufficiently skilled when it comes down to navigating your house’s floors and mapping them successfully, you won’t have any worries about this toy running out of power or problems with getting lost ever again.

How to use Roomba on multiple floors

Which Roomba is Best for Multiple Floors?

While any Roomba runs the same basic automatic vacuum cleaning functions, it is important to choose a model that comes with additional features such as Imprint Smart Mapping & auto-empty base so that you can keep your home clean with minimal labor and effort. Two models I would recommend are the premium Roomba S9+ or the more budget-friendly i7+.

The latest release of Imprint Smart Mapping is an incredibly useful new feature for the Roomba vacuuming robot. It’s a major upgrade from previous iterations, effectively making it easier to navigate and clean larger spaces, which can be especially important if you happen to own a bigger home. This vacuum is ultra-equipped with some incredible tools that will enable your busy lifestyle, whether you like to tidy up, or maybe just spend more time relaxing in your home than cleaning, as it does most of the work for you.

An auto-empty base helps to catch things like large amounts of dirt and pet hair on your floor. If you don’t have an empty base on a daily basis, it can make vacuuming a chore because you’ll have to climb up the stairs time and time again for different floors in your home.

How long does it take Roomba to map a new floor?

Imprint SmartMap cycles automatically through a 3 to 5-cycle run before beginning to develop the first time. After that the map quickly forms from many repeated sessions, so you can schedule regular cleanings or clear it more than once a day for a faster result.

Another, but less recommended method is to enable your Roomba’s Mapping-only Run option. With this option enabled, your Roomba will start mapping out the space at a slower pace as if it was simply doing a general cleaning cycle. This can be useful if you need a visually-accurate map sooner than later and don’t mind sacrificing the efficiency of your scheduled cleaning cycles.

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