How To Validate Airpods Pro Purchase Date

Check the serial number on Apple’s website For Validity

To check the serial number of your device, you first need to find the number via the steps mentioned below:-

1) On your iPhone, go to settings and then bluetooth. There you will find your airpods listed. Now, click on more info and you will see the serial number of your airpods. 

2) The serial number is also listed on the charging case of your airpods if you have airpods or airpods pro.

3) The serial number is also printed on the original packaging of the airpods.

Once you have the serial number you can go to the Apple’s Coverage Checker Tool

and check the warranty status. Which in turn will tell you if the airpods are real or fake. You will also be able to check the purchase date.

Why It’s Impossible To Replicate Truly Genuine Airpods Pro

The most effective way of knowing if your airpods are real or fake is by examining inbuilt software features and specific characteristics which are unique to a genuine pair of airpods.

1. Open the charging case. Make sure that you have your genuine Apple AirPods in there and then open it. Look for white dots (like little white stars) on each earbud, which indicates that they are indeed Genuine Apple products. If you can’t find them – STOP! Close the case immediately and get another one because this means you may be buying something else that isn’t really an Apple product but rather a replica copycat and may do more harm than good to your beloved iPhone/iPod/MacBook.

2 . Connect your earbuds to your device via Bluetooth . When successfully connected, two small green lights should appear on both sides of each earpiece when placed next to one another inside the charging case as shown below.

3. If you own an iPhone X or above, you can useyour phone to verify the authenticity of your AirPods.

You will need to be in possession of a pair of genuine Apple AirPods before proceeding with this test so that you can compare results and investigate if your device gave accurate results. The first way is pretty simple: launch the Settings app on your iPhone (if it doesn’t open automatically when connected, tap More > Settings) and select Bluetooth from the list. Now turn Bluetooth off on your phone but keep both earbuds turned on for now! When done properly – even though one should have been previously disconnected from any paired device – both devices should state “Connected via iCloud” under their respective names; “Left Device name  Left Device Name  Right

Purchase Date Not Validated – What’s The Reason and How To Fix This

When you purchase airpods from the official Apple website or retail store then the database is updated with the serial number automatically. However, if you purchase through an official reseller then the update may not happen as sold. It’s the onus on the resellers to report back to Apple the sold airpods in batches so that the serial numbers get updated. If they fail to do so then you will get the error message. To solve this, you need to click on, “Update Purchase Date” and enter in the date found on your purchase receipt. 

No Airpods About Section Showing Up Inside Settings Settings

Apple’s proprietary W1 chip is used in AirPods and Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Beats Solo3 Wireless, Powerbeats 3 Wireless, Beats Studio3 Wireless, BeatsX, and any future products that use the “W” series of chips.   The purpose of this chip is to simplify pairing with iOS devices after the initial pairing has been established. This allows for seamless switching between audio sources by using a single tap on an iPhone or iPad—no fiddling with settings or remembering which device is connected where.   If you see no information about your AirPods under “About” on Settings > General > About even though they’re paired and working properly , then it’s likely that they are counterfeit (knockoffs). Counterfeit AirPods typically don’t have this page like real ones do because there’s no W1 chip inside them since they didn’t come from Apple directly (and in most cases aren’t supported by Apple at all.

No Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode – Unique Feature

AirPods Pro are the most expensive Apple AirPods currently available. They have a few exclusive features that regular AirPods do not, such as noise transparency and noise cancellation.  

The Noise Transparency feature allows you to hear what is happening around you in real time. That way, you can use your AirPods Pro like normal earbuds if needed.  Meanwhile, the Noice Cancellation feature will make outside noises quieter so it does not interrupt your listening experience when desired (such as listening on public transportation).

To activate these features on your iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR with iOS 12: Open Control Center while wearing your AirPods Pro Tap volume control icon until “Noise Transparancy” and “Noise Cancellation” appears

If there is no significant reduction of outside noises while using either of those two features, then those particular pair of sound canceling headphones are fake.

You can also bring up both modes by double-t

Non-Working Ear Tip Fit Test

The Airpods now come with a working with a Ear Tip Fit Test technology. This test allows users to verify if the product sold is genuine or fake. To test this functionality:
Go to settings-> Bluetooth -> Airpods Settings and then tap on the “Ear Tip Fit Test”

Now remove one airpods from your ear an select continue. Now after starting the test if the result says “Good Seal” then it clearly means your airpods are fake. For the Ear Tip Fit Test to work right, your both airpods should be inside your ear. Then only you can perform a fit test.

The Charger Connector Uses a Micro USB Charging Port

If you’re considering buying a pair of AirPods to replace your old ones, then take note: The charger connector uses a micro USB charging port, which is different from the regular Lightning connector commonly used in Apple products. So if you see that the pair of AirPods you’re holding in your hands have a micro USB port instead of the regular Lightning connector commonly used in Apple products, then those pair of AirPods are definitely fake.

First Time Pairing: Not Your Airpods Pro

When you pair your Airpods Pro for the first time, the animation screen will always display, “Airpods Pro”. If the airpods are fake then the screen will show the message, “Not your airpods pro”

No W1, H1 chips

Back in the day, Apple introduced a separate device to facilitate pairing of Bluetooth devices with iOS devices.

The device was called AirPods Case and it had an embedded W1 chip inside it that enabled quick pairing between compatible accessories and iOS devices.

One of the benefits that comes from using this chip is that you do not need to enter settings every time you want to use your AirPods or other W1 accessories (unless something changes). All you have to do is take them out of the case, put them in your ears, they will start working immediately. No buttons pressed required (except for volume controls if applicable).

Other Measures To Find Out If Airpods Are Real Or Fake

Apple’s AirPods are already a hot commodity for wireless music listeners and Apple fans alike. One of the key features that sets Apple’s AirPods apart from other truly wireless earbuds out in the market today is their ability to seamlessly sync with multiple devices using an innovative method known as device pairing.

The H1 chip found inside each individual AirPod can be used in conjunction with iCloud and paired across any number of iOS devices without having to go through cumbersome setup processes every time it switches between them. This makes switching back and forth between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac effortless since all you have to do is turn on bluetooth within range of whatever device you happen to need at that moment.

As far as I know, fake ones doesn’t work like this. 

How To Avoid Buying Fake Airpods and Be Contended With Genuine Ones.

The foremost thing we need to keep in mind is that we should never buy from social marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, Craigslist or anyone or a place which is not an authorized Apple reseller. 

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