Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone

Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone, It is common practice in a group of friends that not everyone will have an Android or iPhone? So when you share an image or video from iPhone to Android, the quality deteriorates. In such cases, knowing how to correct blurred videos sent from iPhone to Android can be useful.

Android does not have an iMessage feature. So every time a video or image is sent from iPhone to Android, it goes via SMS. To skip this and adjust the quality, you can use other means or send an iCloud link to your friends. Every third remedy can also help. Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Twitter can maintain the quality of your content.

Sending content from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone reduces the quality. But with some tips and tricks, you can correct this blur. Sometimes you need to change the sharing environment, and sometimes you can improve the quality with a few apps. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone
Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone

Why are iPhone videos so blurry on Android?

When you capture a video with your iPhone, it will save the video with the MOV extension.

However, if you try to watch the video on an Android device, it will look blurry because the file is saved with the MP4 extension.

This is because iPhone uses H.264 compression, while Android devices use H.265 compression for their videos.

That’s why you can’t play. MOV files on an Android device without first converting them to MP4 files.

Here are the common causes of blurred videos on iPhone with Android:

·       Pixel difference

·       Reasons to use MMS text messaging

·       Videos are not downloaded from iCloud

·       Compression gap

·       The difference in file format

The pixel difference density can also cause blurred videos, as Android typically produces 480 or 720p videos, while the iPhone camera always produces 1080p videos.

If you used MMS text messaging when transferring your Android videos to iPhone, this is also a reason for blurred videos, because when you transfer data via MMS, it first compresses the data and then transfers the files to another device.

If you download your videos to different cloud platforms, this can also cause blurry videos, because when you upload some data to the cloud, some of it compresses it first, and then Let’s upload.

Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone
Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone

Android video is blurred

Sometimes we wonder why iPhone videos send blurred videos to Android or why they send blurred videos from Android to Android. There are many reasons why videos are always blurred.

There are a few easy steps you can take to correct blurred videos on Android devices when you know the factors correctly. when shooting video at high speed, the video may become blurred. It is also important to hold your mobile phone properly while making videos. Otherwise, you will get blurred videos.

Another important factor in blurring a video is the focus on the subject. In addition, the low resolution of the camera makes the video blurry. That’s why it’s very important to adjust the brightness and resolution to get clear and crisp video on an Android smartphone.

By email

Most email services have a maximum capacity of 25 MB for attachments. This is much more than MMS. So when you send a video via Gmail, it’s more likely to be better than MMS. This statement applies to all types of attachments.

In Gmail, great videos are automatically uploaded to your Drive before sharing. This is to make sure that when an Android user receives a video, he has the quality he wants.

Use cloud service

Another option is to use a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you are a Gmail user, you will find it easy to attach an image or video as a Google Drive file. After uploading the file, you can also send the link text to your recipient.

Google Drive will give you 15GB of storage to use for free just for registration. You can automatically upload your photos and videos to Google Drive by enabling the in-app backup feature.

Sending a file through Dropbox takes a little more work, but hey, you’ll receive the file in its original and good condition.

Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone
Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone

Don’t let grainy videos spoil the fun

Grainy videos can destroy your desire to share your best moments with friends, family or coworkers at work. No one wants to receive a new video notification only to find that it’s hardly worth watching.

Although we’ll look at an app for sharing video content between Android and iPhone, a number of third-party tools can help you get the job done.

If you want to send videos from your Android phone to a friend’s iPhone, you can use an app like Google Photos, Dropbox, or a third-party messaging app. Or better yet, you can email them a link. All these options allow you to transfer video files without converting, so the original quality is never compromised.

Have you tried sending videos to an iPhone user with any of the tools discussed in this article? How did this happen?

Why are iPhone photos blurry?

If your iCloud photos are blurry, it’s probably because of optimized iPhone storage. The entire iCloud Photo Library is usually too large for people to store on their devices. Therefore, your iPhone may download a lower resolution version of the photo. This makes the pictures look blurry.


Why Do iPhone Videos Blurry When Sent To Android Phone, If you want to get real answers on how to correct blurred videos, there are several ways to help you do so? You can also take proactive steps to prevent the blurring of your videos. If you find a video broken or damaged, Wonder share Repair it Video Repair is a reliable tool for you.

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