My Laptop Make Beeping Sound when Turn On

My Laptop Make Beeping Sound when Turn On

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If your laptop makes a beeping sound when you turn it on then you are at the right place today you will be learning about why does your laptop make such a beeping sound when turned on, how you can easily troubleshoot the various beep codes that your laptop may produce and finally how to fix those beep sounds by yourself.


Why does your laptop makes beeping sound when you turn it on

Your laptop may produce the beep codes when it feels that something is wrong with the laptop. The laptop may start beeping when problems like RAM error, ROM error, Time of the day clock failure,  RTC power failure, CPU failure, or any other hardware-related failures arise within it.

One of the most common types of failure is keystroke failure. If any of the keys of your laptop works occasionally and do get stuck sometimes this may be the cause or one of the causes of the continuous beeping sound being produced by your laptop.

In short and simple words, when any part of the system fails or appears to be disconnected then your laptop will make a continuous beeping sound when you turn it on.

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How to troubleshoot the beeping sound

Troubleshooting the beeping sound or the beeping codes is your first and foremost step towards fixing the continuous beeping sound produced by the laptop on startup. If you’re successful in finding out the beeping code or the beeping pattern then it will take some more minutes or hours for your problem to be solved depending upon what the problem is.  It is just like If you know the way you will reach your destination.

Each of the beeps has a pattern that corresponds to a particular problem. You will have to alert and note down the beeps. The beeps will be in the form of long and short beeps.

If the laptop beeps but starts

Some of the laptops may emit a short beep at the time of startup or may beep continuously till the laptops boot up and start. You should not be worrying that if it seems annoying to you can disable it effortlessly. The method to disable such kinds of beeping sounds is discussed later in this article.

If the laptop beeps and fails to start

If the laptop just keeps beeping and fails to start you will have to note the beeping code or the beeping pattern that the laptop is making.

Whenever you turn any of your laptop or computer on the device in itself performs a Power-on self-test commonly referred to as POST test, the device does so as to verify that all the required hardware ( which may consist of RAM, ROM, GRAPHICS, CPU, etc ) are all connected and must be responding. If any of these components fail the device will produce an error code in the form of the beeps with a small speaker attached to them. At this point in time, the display will not be able to give any output. Most modern laptops have LEDs on the side to make the reporting of the error even easier.

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Just look up the internet with your laptop’s model number along with the codes and you can easily find out the reason why it’s beeping.

Beeping codes and pattern produced by an HP laptop

The following mentioned beep codes produced by an HP laptop along with the message that the beep codes give.

  • If there is 1 short beep

The Legacy floppy drive or CD/DVD drive is not detected by the system.

  • If there are 2 short beeps

The Floppy diskette or compact disc not detected by the system.

  • If there are 3 short beeps

The system is Unable to start flashing (such as when missing a utility or BIOS image)

  • If there are 4 short beeps

The Flashing has failed (checksum error, corrupted image, etc.)

  • If there are 5 short beeps

BIOS recovery successful

  • If there is are short beeps, 2 long beeps

BIOS recovery successful

  • If there are 1 short beep and 1 long beep

There is a Memory problem

  • If there are 2 short beeps and 1 long beep (repeats 5 times)

The system is unable to initialize video or video card required but not installed

  • If there are 3 short beeps and 1 long beep

There is a CPU configuration error or the CPU type is not compatible

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Beeping codes or pattern produced by a Dell Laptop

  • Beep code 1

There may be a problem with the Motherboard; it may also cover BIOS corruption or ROM error.

  • Beep code 2

There may be a problem with the RAM or No Memory (RAM) detected

  • Beep code 3

There may be a problem with the following components:-

  1. Chipset Error (North and South bridge error)
  2. Time-Of-Day Clock test failure
  3. Gate A20 failure
  4. Super I/O chip failure
  5. Keyboard controller failure
  • Beep code 4

There is a Memory (RAM) Failure

  • Beep code 5

There is a CMOS battery failure

  • Beep code 6

There is a Video card/chip failure

  • Beep code 7

There is a Central Processing Unit (CPU) Failure

  • Beep code 8

There is an LCD Failure

A three-step guide decoding the dell beep codes

  1. If the beep code 3 means 3-3-3-3…That there are 3 beeps and 3 beeps and …: Endless looping until the user presses the power button to shut down the Laptop.
  2. The delay between each set of beeps is 3 sec, and the beep sound lasts 300ms.
  3. After each beep and each set of beeps, the BIOS should detect if the user presses the power button, if so, BIOS will jump out from looping and execute the normal shutdown process and power system.

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How to fix the continuous beeping sound when you turn your laptop on

Now that you have identified the problem you are already halfway there. Now just follow the article to completely fix your laptop.

Fix the beeping sound produced by a DELL laptop

  • For a Motherboard, ROM error, a chipset error, RTC error, Video BIOS error, or keyboard controller failure

If your Dell laptop produces beep codes 1,3,5,6 and 7 or the above-mentioned errors as mentioned above you will have to run the Dell diagnostics as is advised by the official Dell support.

  • For RAM failure or no memory detected

If your Dell laptop produces the beep code 2 or there is a Ram or the memory failure Take the Ram out from the system, clean the RAM stick and clean the RAM slot and put the stick back in the slot, and then try to restart the system if the problem is fixed. Congratulations to you. If the problem still persists, just replace the RAM stick with another one and try to restart the system. The problem must be fixed if not yet get an appointment at The Dell service center.

Fix the beeping sound produced by an HP laptop

Most of the Hp Laptops produce beep sound when there is a hardware failure and mostly related to RAM and HDD.

If there is a problem with RAM you can try to remove the RAM and reinsert it after cleaning the Ram stick and the slot.

The other option you can try is to turn the device off and remove the battery and power cable. Now, tap and hold the power button for 15 sec simultaneously with power sources removed. This will reset the hardware.

While turning on the laptop, hold the F10 key, which will load the BIOS. Press F9 followed by F10 to load and save defaults.

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Thank you for reading this amazing article and I hope you got your all answers. 

Here in this post cover HP’s laptop for example, but don’t be confused with other models and brand of laptop or PC because every model and brand follow the same principle and technology. so you can follow on all and solve your Laptop’s Makes Beeping Sound when I Turn it On issue. 

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