10 Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera Systems


10 Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera Systems

A home security camera is an attractive investment to keep an eye on if you are not there. Security cameras provide peace, knowing that your home and family will be safe.

Long-range cameras allow you to watch and record ultra-clear videos where they are mounted. Long-distance wireless video cameras are the best solution for monitoring a long driveway, your barn, your farm, a large parking lot and yard.

They are very operational and can offer you the possibility of recording both day and night. Long-distance outdoor security cameras are handy. However, choosing one to buy can be a challenging prospect.

Having a better understanding of the different types of security cameras available and seeing how different features change with your lifestyle will allow you to make an informed decision and keep your home safe.

Several factors must be taken into consideration. Read on to see what we mean.

Editor’s Pick – Best 3 Long Range Wireless Security Camera Systems

Brand Product Model Rating Price
Amcrest WiFi Outdoor PTZ IP Camera, Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom (25x Optical) Security Camera, Dual-Band 2.4ghz/5ghz, Starvis Low Light, 328ft Night Vision, IP66 Weatherproof, 1080P 2-Megapixel, IP2M-858W
Brand – Amcrest
Amcrest WiFi Outdoor PTZ IP Security Camera, 4.1 out of 5 $359.58
SUNBA 1080p Starlight PoE+ Outdoor PTZ Camera, 20x Optical Zoom @H.265, 24x7 Automatic PTZ Tour, Long Range Infrared Night Vision up to 800ft (601-D20X)
Brand – SUNBA
SUNBA 1080p Starlight PoE+ Outdoor PTZ Camera, 4.1 out of 5 $299.49
Lorex 8MP 4K IP Bullet Security Camera LNB8921BW, 250ft IR Night Vision
Brand – Lorex
Lorex 8MP 4K IP Bullet Security Camera 4.5 out of 5 $189

Top 10 Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera Systems

To find the best wireless security cameras, we looked at the price, image quality, reliability, ease of installation, smart features, and night vision and customer satisfaction.

We have tested many cameras in our homes, read expert reviews, researched industry standards and camera specifications and consulted thousands of customer reviews. Learn more about how to classify and review products across our system

1. SUNBA 1080p Starlight Outdoor Automatic Camera

The camera can rotate 360 ​​° horizontally, 90 ° vertically downwards and 15 ° vertically upwards. It is capable of reaching objects up to 800 feet, day and hour.

The camera is made up of two high-speed motors and a commercial-grade waterproof aluminum shell to be inserted into a slide ring to provide smooth glass.

The camera supports the ONVIF protocol (with port 8899) and can be added to ONVIF clients such as Blue Iris. Tilt and zoom experience for users. The camera is designed to perform 24×7 tours around your property with durable PU belts and 360 ° sliding rings.

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Features Of SUNBA 1080p Starlight Outdoor Automatic Camera

Night Vision up to 800ft

Your property will be covered in pieces of 10 IR laser LEDs from the superior night vision of the Sunba 601-D20X.

The infrared illumination distance can reach up to 800 feet depending on the scene. The PTZ 20X has the right array of the low beam IR LED (for 1 ~ 10x) and the left array of the high beam LED which illuminates objects forward at the zoom level.

Monitor mobile phone

The camera can rotate 360 ° horizontally, 90 ° vertically downwards and 15 ° vertically upwards. It is capable of reaching objects up to 800 feet, day and our thanks to the powerful 20x optical zoom.

Away from the camera, you can use the iSunba Pro app to remotely view live scenes, perform PTZ actions and call / set / preset Dell via our P2P cloud service.

Optical zoom

The 1080p Sony CMOS provides crystal clear detail on the image. With 20X optical zoom (focal length: 4.7 ~ 94 mm), you are equipped with eagle eyes that capture movements from hundreds of miles away.

SUNBA 1080p Starlight Outdoor Automatic Camera
Pro’s Con’s
Superior Optical Zoom Tall and weight
Outdoor Audio & Video Monitoring
built-in microphone
Outstanding Camera

Recent Buyer Reviews On SUNBA 1080p Starlight Outdoor Automatic Camera

Buyers say it is easy to set up and configure if you know what you are doing. Downloaded the Device Manager client software from the Sunba website that changes the IP to match the TP-Link router and immediately connects to IE and Blue Iris! This camera is simple, so most buyers highly recommend it.

2. Arlo Pro 3 – Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, camera

What do you get for $ 500? Many goodies set up Excel on two cameras for detection, detention and ease of use.

Arlo Pro 3 is a weatherproof camera with three distinct characteristics. The first is that it offers you 2K HDR video.

It also has 2-way audio, which allows you to communicate with the person at the door. Finally, you can use Arlo Pro 3 with a wireless configuration and use a magnetic holder for easy adjustment.

It has a 4 megapixel image sensor and a maximum video resolution of 2560 x 1440p in an area of ​​160 degrees. You can feed a live stream to your phone and receive security notifications on request.

With Arlo Pro 3, you can decide whether to see night vision in color or in black and white. In addition, it has a built-in reflector, which means that unwanted guests can be turned off.

With Arlo Pro 3, you will have 3 months of Arlo Smart service. But the best feature is that you can charge it with the help of solar energy from the solar panel charger.

Features Of Arlo Pro 3 – Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, camera

Enjoy Smart

Create a custom business area to focus on key areas and receive alerts when something happens. Arlo Smart is able to distinguish a person, an animal or a vehicle. Archive the recorded video for 30 days.

Better Shine

Keep an eye on your home or work day and night with Arlo Pro 3. Install easily in minutes and watch videos directly from your phone.

Smart service

Wireless and weatherproof design works with Alexa and Google Assistant and includes 3 months of Arlo Smart service with 30 months of cloud recording.

Arlo Pro 3 – Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, camera
Pro’s Con’s
160 degree field of view No more 7 days free cloud storage
Solar charging
Support Alexa, Echo Show, Fire TV, Google Assistant

Recent Buyer Reviews On Arlo Pro 3 – Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, camera

Great camera with many useful features. The hardware mount is easy to install. Everything gets from work; Community Support Page – Great description from people to fix the problem.

Most buyers love ARLO security cameras. Their products are consistent with high quality as are their technology solutions. The way every system has gotten better. Highly recommend Arlo Privacy.

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3. eufy Security Wireless Home Camera

Ufee is a 3-cam kit that provides more than is needed to protect your backyard. It has a battery life of 365 days for one charge.

Although it is not equipped with facial recognition, the video is still recorded with a field of view of 140 degrees and a resolution of 1080p during the day and night. In addition, you will easily install it, either by attaching it to a magnetic stand, screwing the external stand or gluing it to metal surfaces.

The system stores videos on a 16 GB microSD card, recording approximately 1 year or 10 30 seconds of video per day and 2-way audio for easy communication with the person at the door.

Yuffie is weatherproof and offers clear shots in low light at night. But the best thing is that it shows you videos in real time via the eufySecurity app, warns offenders that are on the camera and has a built-in 100 decibel anti-theft alarm.

Features Of eufy Security Wireless Home Camera

High grade security

Your data is only for your eyes. This is why it is protected with 256-bit AES account encryption and 128-bit video encryption. The micro SD card must be inserted in the home base station to access the movie, which is registered for it, and you have logged in to the account associated with it.

Double sided mounting

Each eufycam is supplied with an internal magnetic support for 1 second installation and an external support for a more permanent mounting space.

Excellent optics

The 140 ° wide-angle lens provides a panoramic view, extending from your driveway to the front door – with no spots left.

eufy Security Wireless Home Camera
Pro’s Con’s
160 degree field of view No more 7 days free cloud storage
Very Classic Design
Solar charging

Recent Buyer Reviews On eufy Security Wireless Home Camera

Buyers highly recommend the eufyCam 2 wireless camera. It is an excellent performer in home security that will not disappoint. With a great range, easy to use, no extra cost, excellent day or night vision, instant alerts etc., you will be happy with this purchase and happy when you realize the ease of installation and quality of the video Will dance.

4. SUNBA Optical Zoom Outdoor Long Range Camera

Sunba Get a closer and clearer view of distant subjects day and night with strong optical zooms.

You can see up to 1000 feet away from the camera with a switchable low beam / high beam LED set in night vision in response to different zoom levels. Waterproof shell with operating temperature.

The camera is equipped with a built-in Starvis Sensor microphone for better sound with compliance warnings.

The camera can rotate 360 degrees infinitely. Support for PC, Mac, Desktop App and Web Access.

Features Of SUNBA Optical Zoom Outdoor Long Range Camera

Night Vision up to 1000ft

Your property will be covered with 10 pieces of Sunba 601-D25X Superior Night Vision IR LEDs. The distance of infrared lighting can reach 1000 feet depending on the scene.

In the PTZ 25X the right array of the low beam IR LED and the left array of the high beam LED illuminate objects at the zoom level.

Remote View

Remotely view live views via the iSunba Pro app (iOS and Android) with motion detection snapshots stored in a remote cloud server and control camera PTZs / presets.

Optic zoom

It comes with a 25x optical zoom. High-speed pan tilt zoom with 360 ° endless horizontal rotation, 15 ° upward tilt and 90 ° downward movement. Long-range infrared LED night vision up to 1000 feet.

SUNBA Optical Zoom Outdoor Long Range Camera
Pro’s Con’s
Superior Optical Zoom Tall and weight
Outdoor Audio & Video Monitoring
High temperature voice coil
Impressive power handling capability

Recent Buyer Reviews On SUNBA Optical Zoom Outdoor Long Range Camera

Buyers Love this camera! Make it work and work significant step by step. Also, a week later took a follow up to make sure everything was working fine.

This camera is so excellent! You can see everything at night as if it were daylight. Many buyers will buy a second camera because up to 15% tilt is a great feature. Buyers highly recommend this camera and technical support if you have any problems!

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5. TP-Link Kasa 2 Camera Home Security

TP-Link Casa 2 is a quick installation with external magnetic clutch and an excellent outdoor video camera for anyone looking for a good video image.

House 2 has a resolution of 1080p with a 130 degree view. This pack of two has a highly reliable night vision function that can detect movements and sounds up to 25 feet away.

It has no cables and comes with a rechargeable battery and an integrated anti-theft siren.

 In addition, 2-way audio can be used to communicate with neighbors and family at the door. If the weather is bad, don’t worry: Casa 2 is weatherproof and protects your videos from dust and rain.

You can watch videos where you are with the free Casa Smart app, as well as live streaming videos for any Alexa-enabled device or Google Assistant, such as Fire TV or Google Chromecast.

Features Of TP-Link Kasa 2 Camera Home Security

Crystal clear view

Never miss a thing with crystal clear 1080p HD video with 130 degrees of visibility. Two KC310 cameras also come with night vision that detects movements up to 25 feet. Away in the dark.

Motion detection

With motion and sound detection, the Smart Home app alerts you of suspicious activity so you can use the built-in sirens to ward off intruders or double-sided audio chips to greet guests at the door of the house. Can do.


Casa Wire-Free cameras are designed to easily handle outdoor conditions with an IP65 certified weatherproof rating to ensure that your device is protected from rain and dust.

TP-Link Kasa 2 Camera Home Security
Pro’s Con’s
130-degree field of view TPLink has two different camera apps
Alexa-enabled, Google Assistant, connectivity
Built-in microphone

Recent Buyer Reviews On TP-Link Kasa 2 Camera Home Security

The cameras were straightforward to install and easy to install. You would be amazed at how well everything worked.

If you have a base station in the basement, the 3-story house at around 3900 sq ft in the backyard and upfront gives excellent signage, so there is no complaint. This is a unique system for under $ 200. the buyer was very impressed with this system. Buyers highly recommended it.

6. Lorex 8MP Bullet Security Camera

Turn darkness into complicit with this all-black 4K resolution security camera. Belonging to Lorax’s new line of night IP security cameras, this professional security camera offers 4K resolution recording, long-range color night vision, extreme weather capabilities, a durable metal exterior and more.

This bullet is ideal for helping you protect the things and people that matter most. The Bullet Security Camera is capable of recording a 4K pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160 on digital frames larger than 15 frames per second so that you can see further.

This high resolution will offer you the best chance of acquiring evidence that has ever occurred.

Features Of Lorex 8MP Bullet Security Camera

Ultra HD image / video

The 4K Ultra HD image sensor offers 4 × 1080 details. 4K video recording offers ultra HD quality even while zooming, providing clear recognition in video proofs.

Knight mode

Color Night Vision offers color night videos for better object recognition in low light conditions. Ambient IR illumination for night vision up to 60m 200ft

Lorex 8MP Bullet Security Camera
Pro’s Con’s
Wide angle view Bad assistance
12volt power supply.
color night vision
Great quality camera

Recent Buyer Reviews On Lorex 8MP Bullet Security Camera

Great product! Do you need day or night, rain, snow or shine! It is deliberately looking for a metal PoE HD camera that comes in black and is mounted on a wooden pergola.
This fit the bill perfectly. It has been over a year now, and it still works great, made of high-quality material, due to the black and compact design on the walnut stain. Buyers highly recommended it.

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7. Amcrest WiFi Outdoor Camera, Wireless

The Amcrest Pro HD 1080p WiFi Security Camera helps you stay in touch with your loved ones. With a simple Ethernet setup process, you’ll have secure access to your camera’s video stream in no time.
Stream 1080p HD video directly to your mobile device and play movies recorded with the Amacrest View Pro app available on iOS and Android devices.

Receive alerts directly to your smartphone when motion is detected.

To fully control what you are looking for and receive only the alerts you want. Each zone includes its sensitivity and range meters so you can adjust it to your liking.

The Amcrest WiFi Speed ​​Dome Camera is equipped with an IP66 weather-resistant metal housing, designed to operate in severe environmental conditions.

IP66 ratings are given to devices that can meet dust testing requirements and understand winds and stormy rain.

Features Of Amcrest WiFi Outdoor Camera, Wireless

Smart security

Receive speed alert notifications and review movies via your smartphone with the mCrest View app. Play and record professionally on a PC using AmCrest Surveillance Pro for Windows and Mac (included) or Blue Iris Professional.

Day or night, rain or shine

Built to withstand any storm and watch over the darkness of nights, this WiFi outdoor PTZ IP camera features an IP66 weatherproof metal housing, built-in IR LED and a 1/3 “Sony Starvis progressive image sensor. Those who receive less without a license – Light and night vision capability up to 329 feet.

Secure backup of videos

The optional mCrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you to automatically store your videos in a third-party location hosted and protected by Amazon AWS. This way if something happens to your local PC / NVR / SDCard / NAS, the movie will be safe.

Simple Reliable Sure

This mCrest dual-band wireless external PTZ camera receives a secure SSL / HTTPS connection, AES / WPA2 wireless encryption, FCC and CE camera certificates, UL certified power supplies and regular security firmware updates.

Amcrest WiFi Outdoor Camera, Wireless
Pro’s Con’s
Optical zoom No volume control
Motion Detection
Slim and sleek design
Easy to install

Recent Buyer Reviews On Amcrest WiFi Outdoor Camera, Wireless

Buyers say this is the real deal. Optics, night vision and 25X zoom are all great. You cannot explicitly determine the speed of movement on the phone app using the web app. not a big deal. The unit is also silent. Buyers highly recommended it.

8. XMARTO Wireless Security Camera

This wireless security camera system is equipped with a 4-channel full HD 1080P (network video recorder) NVR which includes 1TB hard drive, 4x 960P Wi-Fi IP camera and accessories.

With an integrated router and exceptional long distance WiFi, this wireless security camera system is perfect for your home and business.

The cameras connect to the WiFi of the NVR, so the system works autonomously regardless of whether you have an Internet service or not.

Connecting NVR to your WiFi will allow you to remotely access the camera on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PCs and Macs, regardless of where and when you are.

Features Of XMARTO Wireless Security Camera

1000-foot long-range WiFi

The cameras operate continuously while they are 1000 feet away from the NVR receiver. Technical room for WiFi relay Smart Dream Liner. Extends the interval by 2-3 times which is turned off again.

Auto-payer technology

Auto pairing indicates that the NVR automatically finds cameras when used. No operation is required on any device; just connect them to the power supply to automatically receive camera images and NVR records. It is so easy, easy for everyone.

Integrated wifi router

NVR receivers have their own WiFi router. The full HD video streams of the cameras use that exclusive router instead of the home router. This keeps your network intact.

Anywhere always

No monthly costs] The free xmartO Wallpixel mobile app and cloud technology allow you to view cameras on your phone / pad in 3 easy steps. You can also remotely play video playback from your phone / pad on the hard drive.

XMARTO Wireless Security Camera
Pro’s Con’s
Customizable Motion Detection week body
Email alert
Works Indoor & Outdoor
Easy setup

Recent Buyer Reviews On XMARTO Wireless Security Camera

This setup is excellent for anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes and run cables. It works great and is sufficient for a suburban home. The NVR areas are not above the line, and they both pulled out without seeing the cameras. It would be great if better antennas were supplied because they look more decorative than useful.

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9. ANRAN Wireless Security HD Camera

The wireless IP camera with better WiFi performance and a 5 dB antenna offers a more stable wifi connection. Supports phone, pc, tablet for remote monitor more comfortable to use without complex backend devices. It can record individually without a VCR and a hard drive.

5MP intelligent IP camera with high quality optical zoom with 20 × 360 ° horizontal and 90 ° vertical rotation range Wi-Fi setting for two smart / cameras, DIY indoor / outdoor dome surveillance camera for large areas, parking, garage, workshop, small business, courtyard and any place of your choice.

Features Of ANRAN Wireless Security HD Camera

Smart Audio

You can listen and speak clearly through your smartphone (iOS and Android). You can welcome your friends or uninvited guests at any time; make your phone use our easy-to-use and easy-to-use cam application.

Customizable Motion Detection

The motion detection area and sensitivity can be customized on the phone, so you can focus on the area from which false warnings can be reduced. Each zone includes its sensitivity and threshold meters so you can adjust it to your liking.

Night vision

This 2592x 1944P outdoor wifi camera offers you crystal clear image quality—highly fluid 5-megapixel live streaming in HD to give you a funny feeling. 

Advanced night vision with 6-piece high-performance infrared LED lights increases the viewing distance up to 98 feet. This wifi video camera keeps everything under control! Protect your home / office / business 7 * 24.

ANRAN Wireless Security HD Camera
Pro’s Con’s
Waterproof This Camera Don’t Support MAC
Optical zoom WiFi Camera
SD Card Storage
Easy setup

Recent Buyer Reviews On ANRAN Wireless Security HD Camera

For the money, this camera is a great value. This is a relatively easy setup. The only issue was trying to find the SD card inside it. It comes with 32 gigs, but you can change it for larger sizes.

You contacted customer service, and they sent a video in which the camera has to participate. To take part in this, you must have a really short and relatively long screwdriver. The picture is clear, and the sound is decent. Buyers highly recommended it.

10. Panasonic HomeHawk Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Panasonic Homehawk is a high quality weatherproof outdoor security camera that provides HD video recording. HomeHawk can cover the entire house and courtyard. You can add a total of 16 cameras and control everything via the free HomeHawk apps for Android and iOS.

The 720p camera offers 172-degree vision and color night vision. You can store videos on the base unit instead of on the cloud. The integrated micro SD card can store approximately 9 hours of video on a 4 GB card.

It is a wireless system that uses Panasonic rechargeable battery technology and has 2-way audio, which allows you to talk to your pizza delivery boy. In addition, you can control it with Alexa, Alexa-enabled devices and Google Assistant.

Features Of Panasonic HomeHawk Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

See from anywhere

Access your cameras anywhere, anytime via your mobile device with the HomeHawk mobile app. The free HomeHawk app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Prevent theft

With the HomeHawk system, monitoring your front door area has never been easier. It is the only system with a 172-degree wide-angle camera that monitors the front door and porch in HD colors, day or night. In addition, you will be automatically notified that your premises are being monitored.

Color day/night-vision

With Panasonic’s high-quality color night vision camera, you can clearly see and recognize everything and every detail in more detail than other monitoring cameras than low-quality monochrome night only Provide vision.

Panasonic HomeHawk Outdoor Wireless Security Camera
Pro’s Con’s
Advanced calibration Batteries not so good
Connectivity with Alexa, Google Assistant
Wider View

Recent Buyer Reviews On Panasonic HomeHawk Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Super agile setup and ease of use. Do not manipulate the cable. No IP addresses. As it happens, it connects, and it works. Good functionality. Good image. Quality construction and design. Friendly application. Valuable but with value for comments. Buyers highly recommended it.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Long Range Wireless Security Camera Systems

Four factors make it an excellent long range outdoor camera with wireless functionality. They include:

  • High definition image quality
  • Better night vision capability
  • Optical zoom lens
  • Long distance wifi

High definition picture quality

Most cameras today provide users with better video quality than older surveillance devices.

Today you can get an IP camera that offers 1080p, 4MP and 5MP image quality. For cameras used to cover large areas over large distances, high image quality is required.

So what should be the high definition quality of your high-end camera? Will an IP 1080 security camera be enough to identify a license plate and people 200 meters away?

To answer this question, the security camera’s pixels per foot (PPF) must be calculated and the camera’s distance capabilities can be accurately determined.

The PPF capabilities of your camera are achieved by accurately measuring the field of vision and reaching a resolution height.

Typically, a long-range security camera requires at least 40 PPF to perform facial recognition and identification of license plate numbers over long distances.

Better night vision capability

This is not enough for your long range wireless camera to be able to see during the day. Sometimes, you may also need video monitoring at night, especially if the long range camera is located in an area free of lampposts. A long range camera without night vision is practically useless.

The night image quality of your long range outdoor camera determines the sharpness of the photo in dark conditions and low light scenarios.

Night vision cameras have IR lights used to identify people and events in low light conditions. In general, the higher the camera light, the clearer the video and image quality of the long-range camera, even in low light conditions.

Optical zoom lens

Long range outdoor cameras are equipped with a varifocal zoom lens compared to a fixed lens. A vari focal lens allows long-range cameras to zoom better to give you great details. They can also zoom out to allow you to see a large expanse of land.

When you buy a long range camera, buy one with optical zoom functionality. It is more advanced than digital zoom.

Digital zoom destroys the quality of your video while optical zoom does not have this effect.

Typically, outdoor long range surveillance cameras have a 4 × optical zoom capability with a 2.8mm – 12mm zoom lens, combined with viewing angles ranging from 36 to 100 degrees.

When choosing a long range outdoor camera, consider expanding the outdoor area. Typically, they work well when monitoring parking lots, identifying the front yard and car number plates.

Long distance wifi

Wireless cameras are generally cheaper than wired long range cameras. Signal strength and connectivity are the two most important factors that are considered with long range outdoor cameras with WiFi functionality.

Outdoor long range wireless security cameras are equipped with dual band wireless functionality. They allow long distance radio signals and video transmission for over 10 km. They can be installed in an open area away from the control room as their wifi range allows it.

If the external long distance camera cannot reach the control rooms, then you want to find out how to install the 4G cellular security camera. They serve as the perfect solution for long distance monitoring without the hassle of WiFi and cabling.


Remote Outdoor The best long-range wireless security camera system records clear videos hundreds of meters away from its mount point.

Long-distance wireless cameras are required both day and night to monitor a barn, farm, deep driveway, front and rear courtyards, ample parking, and identification of faces and license plates.

The camera with the longest monitoring range should be able to use a varifocal zoom lens instead of a long lens.

At least four aspects must be taken care of: HD, excellent night vision, optical zoom lens, and long-range wireless.

Editor’s Best choice to obtain a reliable long-range wireless camera outdoors, many users prefers wireless external IP security cameras over wired ones. Long-range wireless cameras also mean a longer Wi-Fi range.

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