Misfit Vapor X Smartwatch Full Review

The building is Misfit vapor-x; it’s apparently where OS watch month. There are lots to go over here though brand new watches are cheaper than other watches but a couple of specs that have me slightly worried.

What is the Misfit Vapor X and who is Misfit Brand

Well Misfit, for those who don’t know, is a fitness brand. Who started out making fitness trackers? I think maybe they were a crowdsource but, these two make these little things look like a coin.

They’re just a circle that looks like a coin, it tracks your fitness, and then they grew and started making other products. This is the third wireless watch they had.

Which was delayed for a while before it finally came out then they had the vapor 2. Which I believe was last year.  Misfit began as a Fitness wearable company.

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Misfit Vapor X Smart Watch Build Quality:

The Misfit Vapor X is stylish, it runs Google’s Wear OS and it is seriously water resistant but it also has several shortcomings. Which we are going to point out as we go along with this review.

The Misfit Vapor X is a very good-looking Smart Watch. Its minimalist design allows it to go well with anything from a formal suit to a polo shirt. It is made to appeal to anyone.

It doesn’t have that geeky or sporty look, some other watches have, but I wouldn’t say that it looks good on a lady’s wrist. It is just too big and bulky and not feminine enough.

All-metal here whereas is aluminum up top and underneath. They each have heart rate monitors similar size obviously but this one has some weight to it it feels like an expensive watch. This feels more like a sort of a workout sports watch.

Although you can have it in other colors including rose gold, The Misfit Vapor X can be used with standard 20-millimeter bands. Which is great, what’s not so great is the black sporty strap, somehow it is good at having dust stick to it.

The watch itself is water-resistant down to 50 meters. So you can safely use it in the swimming pool. But, the display isn’t protected by a raised bezel or anything so scratching it by accident isn’t too difficult.

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Misfit Vapor X Smart Watch Touch Screen Response:

Speaking of the bezel it is touch-sensitive, you can use it to scroll down lists with a swipe of your finger but, in practice, I found it so unreliable, that I never really used it. The displaced touch sensitivity could be better as well.

It is just not responsive enough when my fingers are sweaty from exercising but, other than that I would say that it is good with the circular screen. It is bright enough and it looks great with its colors and high resolution.

So what can the Misfit Vapor X do, it tells the time of course, and the Wear OS platform has a lot of cool watch faces to offer. It also displays the notifications from your phone; you can dismiss them if you want.

But you can also respond to incoming messages by speaking out your response or scribing it on the screen. You have access to Google’s assistant to set reminders and timers or simply to search the web.

You can also store music on its built-in memory and then play it back on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, as long as you’re using the Google Play Music service but you cannot do phone calls or mobile payments.

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Misfit Vapor X Smart Watch Comfort and Features

Their heart rate page goes so does that man FC standalone, GPS, swim-proof, phone-free music. Misfit vapor X and then on the back we usually don’t get that much.

The way all that stuff is cleaned up here is the actual watch. So again Misfit vapor-x. So Scepter is worth 3100 1.1 inches full round AMOLED display. There are 512 megabytes of RAM, four-gig storage, and a GPS heart rate sensor.

What Misfit is calling a leading heart rate sensor, I’m not sure how it differs from say the one in here but we could try to test it. It has rapid charging, 30-meter water-resistant, two pushers here on the case along with this rotating crown that is also a button.

Then you have 20 easily swappable millimeter straps, it comes with a black silicone strap. At least this version has several colors. There’s a silver case, a rose gold and also a champagne case.

I believe they’re all the same in this 42-millimeter case. So nice size in fact with all these other watches around in this one wrist this one kind of feels small in hand already. But again 20 millimeters here and that’s sort of it for specs.

It just has like this extra bit of resistance and sensitivity that feels great. This one works well as well. I’m not saying it doesn’t, it’s just that one just feels slightly more impressive. In this watch, you’ll notice there’s just one battery saver mode.

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Misfit Vapor X Smartwatch Performance and Battery Life:

Since the vapor doesn’t have the necessary hardware, it is also disappointing that the interface gets choppy and Leggy, more than it should sometimes apps take forever to load. A highlight of the Misfit Vapor X is that.

It can track your activity however, it isn’t very good at it. The watch can track exercises like walking, running, cycling, or swimming but, that’s about it and then I don’t feel like trusting its data.

When it says that a 5-kilometer run burns only eight calories on top of that the watch doesn’t remind me to stand up for a stretch. If I’ve been sitting on my desk for too long and while it does have a heart rate monitor.

It doesn’t have its GPS, so if you need accurate location data you will need to have your phone on you during exercises. Overall, unless you want to track swimming exercises you’d be better off using Google fit instead.

Finally, battery life, nothing is surprising here. I’ve been recharging the Misfit Vapor X every night. Since its battery, the level is usually around 30%. Mark by bedtime that kind of performance is acceptable.

Since I’m also using the always-on display feature, which consumes extra power, the charging dock is magnetic but the connection is weak. So the Vapor can only charge if it’s lying flat. A full charge takes about two hours.

Misfit Vapor X Smartwatch Specifications

  • Internal Memory: 4 GB
  • Ram: 512 MB
  • Multimedia: Yes
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC
  • Smartphone Remote Feature: Receive Call
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green
  • Display: AMOLED, 1.19 inch, 328*328 Pixels
  • Notifications: Incoming Call

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The Misfit Vapor is an OK Smart Watch. It costs a reasonable $200 dollars and it would be suitable for those looking for something unobtrusive. Something that doesn’t stand out too much but delivers the core SmartWatch functionality.

But, if you need a really good activity and fitness tracker then the Vapor gets a bit too hard to recommend.

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