My Asus Laptop Not Charging – How To Fix?

My Asus Laptop Not Charging – How To Fix?

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There are many problems that can arise while My Asus Laptop Not Charging. In some cases, the battery will not charge even when it is plugged in, although you may have seen issues where even a plugged-in charger is fine, when the operating system shows the battery symbol x, there is a battery problem.

But if both isn’t the case and the plug-in charger isn’t working properly, there could be another problem. Nowadays, most people are facing an annoying problem where the battery indicator shows that the laptop is also charging, the charger is plugged in but the percentage is stuck at 0%.

When you go to the battery icon, it will say, “0% available plugged in charging”. Your laptop will operate normally, but as soon as you remove the plug-in charger, it will shut down because the battery is not charging.

Asus laptop battery does not charge when plugged in

First, you should suspect the battery. Asus laptop battery is damaged easily. It is difficult for Asus laptop users to understand whether the battery is bad or not.

In this case, it is better to go to a trusted computer technical service. What should you do when the Asus laptop battery is not charging in 2021?

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Check whether the battery is working or not.

The next part to try is your adapter. The adapter powers your computer but cannot charge the battery because it may not be getting enough voltage that it needs.

Then check the load capacity.

If the adapter is broken, this capability will not be used efficiently. If the adapter is broken, the Asus computer will work but will not charge. You shouldn’t try to make it work. Doing so can be very costly.

The motherboard may be faulty.

You may need to take your computer to a computer repair service. If your Asus computer is under warranty, you can get it repaired under warranty as well.

If the computer is plugged in and it’s not charging, Asus Computers has a solution. However, some brands of computers do not have a solution for this problem. However, you should ask for help by taking him to a computer repair service.

ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On But Charge

In this step, disconnect all external peripherals and restart your laptop. After that, remove the AC adapter and hold it down for 20 seconds. Now restart the PC by inserting the AC adapter.

Make sure you are using the correct USB-C port

USB-C is a popular cross-platform standard for connecting peripherals, transferring data, and charging your battery. The new standard allows for thinner devices, but it can also cause some confusion. Some manufacturers have chosen to keep data only on certain USB-C ports, so they won’t charge your device.

For example, some devices have two USB-C ports: one that can be used for charging or transferring data, and one that is designated for data transfer only. If you are having trouble without charging, make sure you are connected to the correct USB-C port; you can also see a little icon on the side that indicates which port to load.

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Fix ASUS Battery Not Charging Issue

Now, there are several ways to fix the laptop not charging problem even when connected to charging. Before moving on to the proper methods, you should try some quick methods as these methods can save you a lot of time.

Power settings on some laptops

A specific setting in UEFI can also result in a disconnected load. For example, a Lenovo laptop allows you to choose between Best Battery Health and Battery Runtime (Normal Mode allows a full charge). Try changing to another mode. Your battery should start charging.

Try another charger

Before the AC adapter. Your charger may be the culprit. If you have parts to work with at home, take them for a test drive and see if they charge you. If you don’t have one, you can borrow one from a work associate. If you can’t use another charger, try it on another laptop to see if it can charge the device.

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Power reset

Resetting the computer can help with the battery not charging issue, so try this solution as well.

Follow these steps to properly reset your computer:

Check hardware problems

Due to some hardware and software problems, the user may have trouble turning on the laptop. Damaged or damaged hardware devices make ASUS laptops error-free.

Also, identify and remove all virus-infected applications on your Windows laptop.

When these basic troubleshooting methods don’t help you fix the problem, scroll down to the next sections.

Asus Laptop Battery Charger Battery Controller Update Not Working

If you suspect that the Asus laptop battery not charging issue is due to the battery charger not working, this may not be the exact cause. A battery controller without the latest update could be causing this problem. While some of you may have an updated battery controller on your Asus laptop, the updates may not be installed properly.

The best solution to this battery problem would be to remove the battery controller from your Asus laptop. Then install the updated battery driver successfully. Let’s look at all the steps you can take to fix this problem.

  1. Click “Start” when your Asus laptop is on.
  2. Right-click on “My Computer”.
  3. Click “Properties”.
  4. Access the “Hardware” tab.
  5. Select “Device Manager”.
  6. Under “Battery”, right-click on “Battery with Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method”.
  7. Click “Uninstall”. Now, you will not see the battery listed.
  8. To install the updated battery controller, go to the “Action Menu”.
  9. Select “Scan for hardware changes”. The updated battery controller will now appear.

You will not have the problem of not charging the battery of the Asus gaming laptop. With the latest update, the battery controller you installed recently will prevent your system from facing this problem in the future.

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Use the ASUS Battery Status Charge feature

In addition to the above methods, you may want to consider checking the battery health mode. ASUS provides you with the battery charging function and you can use it.

  1. Navigate to the taskbar and select the Show hidden icons option in the lower right corner.
  2. Click the Battery Charging Mode icon.
  3. In the pop-up window, select Full Capacity Mode and click OK to save this change.
  4. Restart your laptop and check if the ASUS battery not charging problem still persists.

What is the scope of professional assistance?

ASUS battery in two ways. The first method is to completely replace the battery, which is the most widely used method. In the first test, the measurement is interpreted in the amperage values and the condition within the LI-ON battery is determined.

From these determinations, it is determined if the change is necessary. The second application deals with solving problems derived from flow charts that are not caused directly by the battery. Sometimes these problems can arise due to the plug or cable not making contact.

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I have discussed the possible methods that can be used to solve that annoying problem where the Asus laptop won’t charge. Hope these solutions help you and you can continue your work. Sometimes the cause of the problem is the same, but the solution does not work on your laptop. Currently, there is a wide range of notebooks on the market. It may have some distinctive features, so it is best to consult a service center if the method is not applicable.

It’s not always sure if the problem is with the battery, the charger plugged in, or the charging port when your laptop isn’t charging. Some internal problems can also cause problems that a normal person cannot identify or solve. You must take your laptop to a technician. This will fix possible problems with the motherboard or battery sensor.

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