Netflix error code tvq-st-131 is a common error that many Netflix customers have experienced at one point or another.

Usually, this happens because your device is not connected to the Netflix server. The most obvious reason for this error is usually a poor connection or no internet connection.

The error keeps popping up from time to time until I fix it. It is classified as a Netflix connectivity issue.

There are different ways to fix this error depending on various factors.

Since Netflix requires Internet connectivity, the resolution of Netflix code tvq-st-131 will obviously depend on your own Internet settings.

How To Repair Error Codes Netflix Error Code TVQ-ST-131

Some Netflix users encounter the error code TVQ-ST-131 (they never go past the initial login screen) every time they plan to connect to the app. This particular error occurs on multiple platforms and generally points to a network connectivity issue that is preventing your device from accessing the Netflix service.

As obvious as it may seem, many different reasons can contribute to this error code being apparent. Here is a shortlist of possible culprits that could be responsible for this error code:

Server problem

Because it looks like a server, the issue could be the cause of this particular problem. If this scenario applies, you would simply identify the server issue and wait for Netflix to fix the problem as it is beyond your control.

Bad DNS range

Incorrect DNS ranges are also responsible for this apparent error code. Most of the affected users have managed to fix this problem by modifying the default DNS range and changing it to a more stable one provided by Google.

Netflix account closed in limited condition

Based on some affected issues; This particular problem can occur when the user account is not activated although the Netflix application interface shows that it is. In this case, logging out and back in with your account should fix the problem.

Reboot or restart your router

A network incompatibility could also be responsible for this particular error code. Usually, this issue is caused by the dynamic IP assigned by your ISP. in this matter; You should be ready to fix this problem by rebooting or restarting your router.

Streaming is restricted on your network

It is also possible that your network administrator or your ISP is actively blocking your computer from communicating with Netflix. During this case, you would like to urge the party involved to contact you and ask for clarification.

PlayStation 5

  • Make sure your network allows streaming
  • Video streaming is often blocked on public Wi-Fi networks, such as at school, work, or hotels. If you’re on a public network, check if Netflix is ​​allowed.
  • If you’re on a mobile data network or satellite Internet connection, see if you can migrate to a different network.

Restart your home network

  • Your video game console must be turned off or disconnected from the cable.
  • Remove the power cord from your modem for 30 seconds.
  • Wait until a new warning light comes on after connecting your modem. If your router is not connected to your modem, connect it and wait until a new indicator lights up.
  • Restart your game console and try Netflix one more time.

Check DNS settings on Play Station 4

Go to Settings and then select Network Settings. Select Set up the Internet connection. For Wi-Fi users, select Custom and then choose your Wi-Fi network. For Ethernet users, select Custom for the operating mode.

Choose Automatic for IP address settings, then Don’t configure for DHCP hostnames, and then choose Automatic for DNS settings. Select Automatic for MTU to access the proxy server, then select Automatic. Finally, select Test connection to see if the Netflix error code tvq-st-131 is resolved.

Check DNS settings on Play Station 3

Go to Settings and then select Network Settings. Select your Internet connection settings. When the confirmation screen appears, select OK, and then choose Custom.

For Ethernet users, choose a wired connection, for Wi-Fi use a Wireless connection. To enter operational mode, select Auto-Discovery for Ethernet Users, while for Wi-Fi Users, in the WLAN section. Select Enter manually and then press Right on the D-pad to select the IP address setting.

Select Automatic for IP address configuration, then select Do not configure for DHCP hostnames, then choose Automatic for DNS configuration. Select Automatic for MTU. Select Automatic again to access the proxy server, and then select Enable for UPnP. To save your settings, press the x button on your controller. Finally, select Test connection to see if the Netflix error code tvq-st-131 is resolved.

Make sure your network supports streaming

If you have gotten this to no avail, then you should start to consider the fact that you are dealing with some kind of restriction where your network administrator or ISP restricts access to streaming services like Netflix.

This is often the case for work, school, hotels, hospitals, and other types of public networks like Netflix.

If you have the means to do so, check with your network administrator to ensure that streaming services have been intentionally accepted or blocked.


In the current generation, everyone likes to watch movies, web series, animations on Netflix and for this purpose, that is, they like to buy a Netflix subscription by paying a considerable amount for entertainment. The above methods will surely help you to fix the Netflix error.