How Does a Phone Upgrade Work For MetroPCS

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    There are many popular cell phone service providers, and MetroPCS is one of the most prominent. It is now commonly known as Metro by T-Mobile, as it was purchased a few years ago by T-Mobile. They are more prevalent in some parts of the country than others and have competitive rates on limited and unlimited data plans. If you’re on MetroPCS, there may come a time when you’re ready to upgrade phones. Let’s talk about how you can do this in the easiest and fastest way possible.

    With the upgrade, many customers who want to get a new phone in-store or online within 90 days of purchasing their old phone on an active line of service will have to pay the full recommended retail price. So if you’re looking for a metro upgrade for existing customers through T-Mobile cell phone deals, the new policy carries less risk. This is a disappointing deal for your current customers looking for a cheap sale, especially when new customers get free MetroPCS phones to upgrade phones.

    So how does a phone upgrade work for existing MetroPCS customers and what do they get in return?

    Although current customers can upgrade their MetroPCS phones, they do not get discounted trade-in credits. Plus, they’ll cost $ 25 in addition to the upgrade fee and the unit’s recommended retail price. If the cell phone you are updating is promoted, you can get a discount.

    The price reduction will only apply if you have at least three months of purchase of your previous device. The great thing about MetroPCS is that most new customer offers are now available only to MetroPCS T-Mobile customers. This is an excellent opportunity for existing customers to secure MetroPCS phone deals and receive discounted phone updates.

    There’s no question that MetroPCS is far ahead of its competition with high-quality MetroPCS plans and great device competition. Overall, the company’s selection of flagship and mid-range phones is affordable compared to other carriers’ rates. However, it should include some good price cuts to make upgrades easier for MetroPCS customers.

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    How Does A Phone Upgrade Work For MetroPCS

    Why a Phone Upgrade Work For MetroPCS?

    T-Mobile-owned Metro offers some fantastic monthly rental plans. All plans include unlimited call, text and data. Before upgrading, you should check your requirements. Also, you can always get some additional features on Metro PCS plans, which are affordable and still active.

    In 2018, MetroPCS merged with T-Mobile and all Metro PCS phone users migrated to the company’s LTE network. The merger affected older phone users whose Metro PCS phones could not connect to the latest LTE wireless bands. As a result, it became necessary for older users to upgrade the Metro.

    Effective Ways To Upgrade MetroPCS Phone

    • In the store:

    This means that users must go to the nearest store so that the support staff can update the phone. There is no queue to consider if your phone takes about 10 minutes to update. For this process you may need a debit card and a credit card.

    • Via Online:

    Are you a tech-savvy consumer, how does a phone upgrade to cs MetroPCS work? You can get help through the company’s mobile phone activation website. Note that Carrier currently has a different web address than it did when it was still MetroPCS. After the merger with T-Mobile, the domain name is now Just go to the site where you will see the login message.

    After navigating to their website, the on-screen instructions will guide you through setting up a new customer account. This is a simple process that can take between five and ten minutes. The next step is to choose a cell phone plan after successfully creating an account.

    The above three options will help you inquire about the metro PC smartphone offered, the mobile phone plan and the rates available for your area. You can then proceed to purchase and activate a Metrops device on the plan of your choice, which will automatically qualify you for a phone upgrade every three months.

    • Phone Call:

    This is one of the more traditional ways to upgrade your cell phone to MetroPCS. Customers can join the customer service team at the following numbers; i) 888-8metro8 (888-863-8768); ii) * 611 from your T-Mobile phone. In this way, these sites are very easy to use and are always ready to help their clients.

    Does MetroPCS Offer Free Calls With Activation?

    Everyone wants a free phone and the prepaid operator MetroPCS is their ticket to the deal. At Metro PCS, you’ll get free phones, but this year you’ll also get data, call, and text offers. MetroPCS announces the first phone offering for current and prospective customers, MetroPCS toll-free phones with activation, some of the most popular phone models you will definitely like.

    Recently, MetroPCS announced that it reaches 99% of all US residents. This includes that if you create a MetroPCS toll-free phone with activation, you will get the most reliable network. Note that other cooperative wireless carriers, MetroPCS and T-Mobile, similarly update their promotions and offers for consumers.

    We have the most advanced MetroPCS 2020 phone deals for new and old customers. We hope you enjoy a free cell phone with the best network coverage in the country. Recently, Metro has offered T-Mobile for its new customers to become MetroPCS.

    The great deal is that they give Samsung A10e and LG K51 completely free, and you can take the best. Also, for a specified time, MetroPCS will provide customers with their preference for a brand new phone, with any new activations, updates, or requests for new phone numbers. And also, the customer can select the device of his/her choice in stores

    What Is The Best Plan MetroPCS offers?

    The best MetroPCS plan you can get for the best and most comprehensive services on the web is the $ 60 unlimited plan. There are 28 MetroPCS compatible phones with this plan. It includes unlimited data and slow speeds only happen if you have exceeded 35GB in a month. But your high data speed will resume on your next billing cycle. The plan includes unlimited talk and text in the United States.

    What Can You Get With Most MetroPCS Plans?

    With 4G LTE data, you can enjoy 480p video streaming and store your favourite videos and songs on your 100 GB of Google Cloud Storage with Amazon Prime. The $ 60 unlimited plan also includes 15GB of mobile hotspot data on 4G LTE, which shares your mobile data with connected devices. The Google One plan included with T-Mobile’s $ 60 MetroPCS Unlimited plan will provide you with automatic mobile backup and expert support with more benefits.

    What Are The Additional Features of The MetroPCS Plans?

    If you want to get a family plan on MetroPCS, you will add four additional lines and pay $ 30 per month online. The $ 50 unlimited plan is also another plan that comes with these features. Other unlimited plans from MetroPCS include unlimited plans of $ 30 and $ 40. Enjoy unlimited talk, text and data in the United States, as well as international add-ons and HD add-ons for just $ 10 a month.

    International add-ons give you unlimited talk, text, and data to and from Mexico, including landlines and mobiles for just $ 5 a month. With the $ 5 Canada Unlimited add-on, you get unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico on both landlines and mobile locations, and they only pay you $ 5 a month. Both international add-ons are available with MetroPCS unlimited plans of $ 40, $ 50 and $ 60. Plus, you can get a global voice add-on, which costs just $ 10 a month, so you can make unlimited calls to more than 140 countries and unlimited messaging for select countries.

    Additional features available with all MetroPCS by T-Mobile plans, Wi-Fi calling, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, visual voicemail, and support premium directory Calls arrive Contracted and hidden rates.

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    How Well Does Metro Perform?

    Metro uses the T-Mobile network so that you can expect excellent coverage in urban areas. But third-party benchmarks mentioned that T-Mobile has trouble in rural areas, so if you live or work outside of the city, or if you like spending time near nature, then you should get those signals. There may be problems getting bars. 1, 2

    Coverage issues aside, T-Mobile’s network scores higher when it comes to speeds of 3, 4, 5, but be aware that as a Metro customer, you should compare it to actual customers. From T-Mobile. Slow-motion can be found.

    The metro site says: “During congestion, Metro customers may notice slower speeds compared to T-Mobile customers.” We call it deputation in the industry.

    What Are The Most Common Reasons To Upgrade Phones?

    Probably the most common reason you want to upgrade from one phone to another is if your current device doesn’t work even once it does. The reality is that technology is age. While most phones will last for many years if you treat them slowly, websites take time to load, text, and other signals can signal that it’s time to move on to the new model.

    The second common reason people give for wanting a new phone model is that the most innovative feature is the most exciting new technology. Please think of the buzz that Apple brought up with its Are Siri feature with the iPhone. The move from numeric passwords to facial recognition has also caused quite a stir. Phone makers like Samsung and Apple are always working on the next monumental hit, and that alone may be all the encouragement you need to think about the upgrade.

    Compatible Phones With MetroPCS

    Want to know which Metro PCS phones will give away to new and existing customers? We think you could be. Updating your current device or adding a new line can take these models:

    • Samsung Galaxy On5
    • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
    • LG Aristo
    • LG K7
    • LG 450
    • ZTE Avid Trio
    • ZTE Avid Plus
    • ZTE Cymbal
    • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
    • Alcatel Fierce 4
    • Alcatel Tru
    • Coolpad Catalyst

    How Long Does It Take To Upgrade The Phone With MetroPCS?

    It takes less than a day to update the phone. It all depends on whether you buy the phone from your online store or retailer. If you buy online, the process will be faster as there is one day of shipping and you can activate it through their website. Those who want paper documentation can take almost a full day to complete the process. Visit their website to apply now.

    MetroPCS Customer service

    If you’re looking for world-class customer service, you won’t find it on the subway or at any cell phone company, for that matter.

    The sad reality is that wireless service providers are notorious for poor customer service, and Metro is no exception. Many customers have complained about the lack of service, both in-store and over the phone.

    However, there are four and five-star reviews mixed. So maybe there is hope for Metro customer service after all. Either way, it’s best to be prepared to put in some time (and patience) when visiting the store or calling them.


    MetroPCS is the best telecommunications provider and offers the best phones at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level budget phone or a top-end phone with the best features, you can take advantage of the best Metro PCS compatible phones at deep discounts. MetroPCS plans are also very affordable, and you can choose from a wide range of unlimited plans and family plans, to which you can add a total of four lines. Enjoy T-Mobile MetroPCS services today with these basic and enhanced phones while enjoying unlimited talk, text, and Internet!

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