Ring Doorbell Button Cracked – ? – This Is How You Fix It

So, your Ring doorbell button is cracked? If this is the case then first thing you should check is if you purchased your Ring doorbell as a standalone device or as a part of Ring X-Line bundle. We are talking about warranty on your Ring doorbell here

Also, a cracked doorbell button should be replaced on priority as it exposes the inner circuit to moisture and can damage the entire device.

Ring Doorbell Button Cracked - ? - This Is How You Fix It 1
My Ring Doorbell Button Cracked Right In The Center

Ring Doorbell Purchased As a Standalone Device – Warranty Claims

A standalone Ring doorbell comes with a one year limited warranty which starts from the original date of retail purchase. To ensure that the warranty is valid and your Ring doorbell is covered, the device should have been purchased from Amazon or authorised resellers. This warranty is also applicable on certified refurbished devices.

This warranty covers any manufacturing defect or defects in materials (like cracked buttons). So, if your Ring doorbell is within the one year limited warranty period, then you can contact Ring community support and in most cases the company provides a replacement or may change the complete setup. This would depend on case to case basis and the model which you have installed.

Ring Doorbell Purchases As a Part Of Ring X – Line Bundle Plan – Warranty Claims

First let’s see which of the Ring products are a part of X – line bundle.

  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Video Doorbell Elite
  • Video Doorbell Elite With Access Controller Pro Celluar
  • Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

All the above models of the Ring video doorbell are a part of X – Line Bundle and are available in the United States.

So if you own any of the above models and also purchased it as a X – Line bundle then you are entitled to the Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan along with a 3 year limited warranty. 

The Ring protect lifetime basic plan includes all the features of Ring Protect Basic Plan and you dont need to pay any monthly or annual subscription charges. You can get in touch with the Ring community support on the link above and get your cracked Ring doorbell button replaced.

The Reason Behind Ring Doorbell Pro Button Crack

A lot of Ring doorbell users have had this same issue wherein after a few months or a year of installation the button is cracked. While I personally haven’t faced the issue yet, but have had examined my Ring Doorbell Pro button and it looks like that the plastic used is not of a very good quality. It cannot withstand the daily UV light (sun exposure) falling on the button or pressing of the button. The company really needs to look into this on priority. The PRO model is an ultra slim design which could be one of the reasons why it’s not sturdy.

So there is nothing which we can do to avoid the button from cracking. It largely depends on how much pressing the button can take from your guests visiting your home.

Does The Ring Doorbell Button Crack Issue Applicable To All Models or Just The Pro?

Well, apart from the PRO model the cracked button problem is not observed in any of the other models. The newer models including the pro version has this issue. Ring is replacing the device for free if you’re on the X – Line bundle or you’re under the one year limited warranty period.

Does The Problem Exists With Other Doorbells Brands Too?

Fourtunately, this is issue is not present in other brands like Eufy, Wise, Nest or Arlo. The buttons on all models from these brands are made of much better quality of plastic. We think that Ring (Amazon) need to relook into the button quality.

Does Ring Warranty Cover Cracked Doorbell Buttons?

We have already covered the warranty terms and conditions on Ring Doorbells in both the cases. A standalone purchase and purchased as a X – Line Bundle. To summarise

  • With any Ring doorbell purchase you get one year limited warranty. This covers any manufacturing or material defects under normal consumer usage. If the button cracks within one year of purchase, just contact Ring support and they should replace it.
  • If you’re on the X – Line bundle package then it comes with a 3 year extended warranty period which works very similar to the Ring protect basic plan and you don’t pay any monthly or annual charges.
  • If your Ring doorbell is out of the one year warranty period and you havent purchased the device as a part of X – Line bundle then you have 3 options to if you wish to have lifetime warranty on Ring products. All the 3 options are either monthly or annual charges and you can check them here. You have the option of choosing from 3 different subscription plan available to you.

How To Replace Your Ring Doorbell Pro Button – DIY Guide

If you love to do things yourself and feel excited about smart home automation, then you can follow our steps below to try changing the button yourself. You may ask, what’s the need of doing it yourself when Ring covers replacement under warranty? Well, the best part of taking this approach is that you can customize the button to your liking. You get to choose the color you want. It hardly costs around $15 and can be purchased on Etsy 

Ring Doorbell Button Cracked - ? - This Is How You Fix It 2
The Blue Ring around the newly replaced button on my Ring Doorbell

It’s easy to get the button replaced under warranty than going with the DIY self replacing option.

Disclaimer:- If your smart Ring doorbell is under warranty then DO NOT follow these steps as it will complete void your warranty. With that being said, it’s fairly easy!

Tools Needed

You only need 3 tools to get started.

  • A Ring doorbell pro screwdriver which comes with the device. It’s a T6 bit screwdriver
  • A spudger kit and
  • A set of small set of electronic screwdrivers

Turn Off The Power and Dismantle The Housing

Turn off the power (fusebox) and unscrew all the screws at the bottom of the faceplate with the orange T6 bit screwdriver which comes along with the device. While removing the screws ensure that you put a white cloth or sheet on the floor so the screws don’t get lost. 

  • Now remove the top center and botton center wall screws.
  • Now before unscrewing the power cables, take a picture so that you know exactly how to put them back.
  • Remove the 4 corner screws and gently pull aprt the 2 covers. One of them may have to be slided down to detach. 
  • Now remove the 2 black screws and 2 silver screws.
  • Pull the speaker cable up vertically and away from the circutory board
  • Now remove the two cables from the white sockets and detach the speaker.
  • Now from the hollow space left as we removed the speaker lift the circuit board till you reach the screws holding the button.
  • Now gently remove the buttons and collect the spring which is attached to it.
  • Remove the faulty one and replace it with the one which you bought from Etsy or a reliable source. Also reinsert the spring too.
  • Just reassemble the entire unit.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Ring Doorbell Button By a Professional Electrician?

As per the Porch’s Report it can cost you anywhere between $100 to $250 to replace the Ring doorbell cracked button.

Is It Worth Getting The Ring Protection Plan?

Well if your Ring doorbell is more than 2 years old and you also have other Ring prodycts installed like the security camera then it might be worth it to go for the Ring Protection Plan PRO which comes with alot of benefits and costs $200 for the enitre year. All the benefits mentioned below:

  1. 180 days video history
  2. Video saving and sharing
  3. Snapshot capture
  4. Person Alerts ( Device is triggered and sends a notification when it spots a person)
  5. Rich Notifications (Without opening the Ring app you can see with a picture preview what triggered the alert)
  6. 10% discount on select products on RIngs offocial website and Amazon.
  7. You can download 50 videos max and at once.
  8. Extended warranties for all devices
  9. 24/7 professional monitoring, plus alot more advantages.


So as we see, Ring doorbell button cracked issue is not that difficult to take care off if you’re under the warranty period or if you have purchased any of the extended warranty plans from Ring.

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