RAC Portable HD Roku Smart Projector

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    In this epidemic, work conditions and lifestyles have changed. Therefore the use of projectors will play an important role. Projectors can be used at home or in the office. You can watch TV channels, YouTube, Netflix, and even show project reports on the big screen using a projector. Plug it in with surround sound and you’re ready with the home theater system. At work, you can use projectors for presentations, meetings, and conferences.

    When purchasing a projector, you have to take into account some important metrics such as video resolution capability, light bulb brightness, size, price, and other factors. Projectors can cost as little as $ 100 or more.

    RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Projector

    Stream almost anything on thousands of free or paid streaming channels, including hit movies, popular shows, live TV, news, sports, and the RCA 720p Smart ROKU Wi-Fi smart home theater projector. It is designed to easily fit a Roku streaming device on the back, which means it can stream a wireless signal and flat surface anywhere on Netflix, Hulu, and more. After setting up the Roku Streaming Stick in your Roku account, it’s like a Roku player built into your projector. Access more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes to thousands of free or paid streaming channels.

    Easily connect Blu-ray, gaming, or streaming devices via HDMI. Bring high-defense, wide-screen entertainment to your living room or backyard. In terms of brightness, the white light output is 168 lumens, while the white brightness output is 116 lumens. The RCA Portable HD has a fairly compact design. It is 9.2 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and 3.4 inches tall.

    You can get images from a maximum of 30 inches to 150 inches. This makes the projector perfect for soccer games, sporting events, movies, and gaming sessions. You can also pair this projector with a Bluetooth speaker.

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    RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Projector

    Features Of RAC Portable HD Roku Smart Projector

    Portable Design

    The back is designed to fit a roku streaming stick, which means you can stream a wireless signal and a flat surface to Netflix, Hulu, and anywhere.

    Versatile Connectivity

    Equipped with 3 HDMI ports for connecting devices such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or streaming devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast

    Multipurpose Uses

    Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, support for connecting to Bluetooth speakers. Up to 150 “photo size! SuperSize Projection LCD combined with an LED projection lamp provides the vast experience of playing games, movies, and games.

    Long Lasting Lamp:

    Estimated lamp life of 50,000 hours means you won’t have to worry about changing the light for years.

    HD Projector

    In-built 1050p HD projector lumen brightness and instant autofocus capability, Use the HDMI input port to plug in your Chromecast or Firestick dongle and enjoy your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix / Amazon Prime / YouTube. Enjoy wireless screening from your favorite iOS or Android device on a smart projector.

    Bluetooth Streaming

    Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity with your Smartphone for streaming music. Echo comes with noise-canceling microphone and speakers for those enduring group/conference calls.

    Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Connect your Smash device to a 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router for seamless wireless streaming. Pairing with its mobile application.

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    Model Number: RPJ133
    Resolution: 48″
    Contrast Ratio: 4,000:01:00
    Aspect Ratio: 0.6729166666666666
    Inputs: RF Input, VGA Input, 3 HDMI Input, PC Audio, AV Audio/Video, Optical Out, and Headphone Input
    Includes: Projector, Remote Control, Roku Stick, and Manual
    Item DImensions: 0.1849″ x 11.5″ x 11″
    Item Weight: 5.16 lbs.
    UPC: 058465813239

    What Is a Smart Projector?

    So what is a smart projector anyway? A smart projector is typically a portable device that combines the latest display technologies with integrated smart functionality. The latest generation will connect to your mobile devices, home networks, and content services for a seamless viewing experience. And you’ll be amazed at what the right projector will do for your viewing experience.

    Read on to find out why smart projectors are growing. Or take a look at the RCA RPJ-133 720p smart projector as an example of the next generation of smart projectors.

    Smart projectors make your life easier in many ways. They are portable enough for outdoor parties. They are transmitted directly from your phone. New technology allows them to shine continuously instead of diminishing over time.

    Smart projectors are capable of doing what a smart TV can do but on a much larger screen. These projectors are defined by their portable design, lampless technology, voice control, application integration, and streaming functionality.

    Many projectors claim ‘smart projectors’. But, ‘smart’ simply means a built-in computer. Therefore, it is important to know what to consider when buying a smart projector. By considering how you are going to use it, you will get the right mix of features.

    Features Of A Good Smart Projector

    Portable Design

    Smart projectors achieve a very small form factor. The smallest weight as a pound, and can even fit in your pocket. Home entertainment projectors are very large but still provide a portable design.

    Think about the conditions for which you will use your projector. Be sure to find a projector that fits that function. Are you carrying your smart projector? Consider how well the projector achieves a portable design. Does it come with a carry handle? Or, can it be converted into a container ready to travel?

    If your projector is going to sit at your coffee table, make sure it is “short shot”. Do you want to use it outside? Make sure it has enough light to work. After knowing how you are going to use the projector, buying well makes a big difference.

    LED Light Source

    Smart LED projectors come with the latest DLP projector technology. This technology provides a much longer lifespan, making it a better investment.

    Traditional light bulbs dim over time. Smart projectors are still fantastic. Second-generation LED floodlights are now available, combining dual red, green, and blue light sources to increase color saturation and brightness.

    “Lameless” is what you should be looking for. This means that you no longer have to depend on light bulbs, which need to be replaced over time. Bulbs dim over time, while LED light sources glow continuously throughout their lifetime.

    LED technology prevents projector problems, allowing smart projectors to glow for up to 50,000 hours. LED light sources work much cooler than bulb based light sources (meaningless fan noise).

    They are also ecological. Lampless means that there is no need for a glass bulb, which means there is no mercury.


    Lumens measures the light output of a projector. Smart projectors typically use LED light sources. Thus, smart projectors will often refer to LED lumens. Look at the whitepaper attached to the difference between the ANSI lumen and the LED lumen.


    If you like streaming checks a smart projector that plugs directly into your phone or laptop. If the projector mentions Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then you’re in luck. Make sure the technologies between the two devices connect. Some smart projectors take this one step further. They allow you to turn your Smartphone into a remote control.

    Final Thoughts On RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Projector

    Smart projectors are undoubtedly a source of endless entertainment opportunities and you can enjoy it without spending a lot of money. Roku smart projector is a great streaming device. Therefore, the best class features exist on a single device. Depending on usage, you can divide these tools into more meaningful categories; can be used for commercial uses, home theater, gaming and many more. to introduce multimedia and games, the user definitely needs a product that transmits the image to widescreen formats. You can read reviews on various smart business and consumer projectors that are released to the market every year and evaluate the features. However, choosing the right projector depends on the features you need.

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